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Marketplace & Social Media For Bike Rider

React JS, Node JS, MongoDB, GraphQL API

SAAS-Based Soil Pollutant Management System

Node JS, React JS, MongoDB, Mapbox, react-three fiber, GraphQL API

Nfluence Social Media Marketplace App

React Native, Twilio SMS, Stripe Payment, Firebase Chat

Kanhasoft CRM

GraphQL, Native iOS, Native Android, Google SSO, FCM, Deeplink

E-learning platform for Children

Node JS, React js, PostgreSQL, PayPal, Stripe, videocipher, GraphQL API

Patient True Talk for Medical Industry

HIPAA, iOS, Android, Swift, Kotlin, Chat, FCM

Booking System for Dental Clinic


Archief for Booking Management System

DigitalSign, Tablet application, React native, Google Maps, HelloSign

Shift Booking Management System For Healthcare Industry

Laravel, React js, MySQL, Paypal, RESTfull API

Nternow for Real Estate Industry

Native iOS, Native Android, Swift, Java, Barcode Scanner, FCM, Google Map, Custom Annotation, Hockey SDK, Hardware integration, Analytics

Proofing Solution for Advertisement Industry

Laravel, MySQL, React JS, Stripe, Firebase

ShasChabura for Learning Utility

Firebase Database, Pusher, Customize calendar, Google Ads, React Native, AWS S3

Hospital Management System

React Native, CLI, Rest API, Push notifications, FCM, Firebase

Scheduling Application for Cleaning Services

Laravel, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, Stripe

Arcade CRM Software

CRM / PHP, Slim framework, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, Twilio

iDrive CRM Software

CRM / Node JS, React.JS, Python/Django, Postgresql, GraphQL

Storage Space CRM & Marketplace

Marketplace, CRM / PHP, AngularJS, SaaS

Restaurant Wait Times

Travel, Social / Android, iOS, Google Maps API

EasyComplex Building Management System

CRM / PHP, AngularJS, Paygate Payment API, SaaS

Bargain Grocer

Shopping / Android, Barcode Scanner

Worldee iphone Application

Travel Application / iOS, Swift, Xcode

Dating & Matchmaking Platform

Dating / PHP, AngularJS, Stripe API, Firebase API

Storage Space CRM & Marketplace Mobile

Marketplace, CRM / Android, iOS, Firebase API

E-Pips School Reporting System

Report Tool, CRM / PHP, MySQL, SaaS

Nighter App

Social / iOS, Firebase

Illuminappi Chat

Chatting / iOS, XMPP

Lead Tracking System

CRM / PHP, HighCharts Library

Project Management System

Project Management / PHP, AngularJS

Investment Portal

Listing Portal / PHP, AngularJS, HighCharts

Project Management & CRM System

Project Management, CRM / Laravel MVC, MySQL, Twilio API, SaaS

Patient Networking Portal

Social / Node.JS, ReactJS, MySQL

Inventory Management System

Stock keeping / PHP, MySQL

School ERP System

ERP / Laravel, MS SQL, HighCharts, Crystal Reports

Custom Survey Tool

Survey Tool / Laravel, MySQL, HighCharts, SaaS

Complaint Management System

Workflow / PHP, MySQL

Magento Ecommerce Cigar Store

Shopping / Magento

Service CRM System

CRM / PHP, MySQL, Stripe API, Firebase API, SaaS

Project Listing Portal

Listing Portal / PHP, AngularJS, Stripe API

Medical Marketplace Platform

Marketplace / PHP, AngularJS

Lead Tracking & CRM Tool

CRM / PHP, AngularJS, MySQL

Patient Medical Tracking System

Medical / Laravel MVC, MS SQL, HighCharts

Custom Survey Tool

Survey Tool / Laravel MVC, MySQL, HighCharts

ERP Solution for Apparel Manufacturing

CRM / MySQL,Angular JS,Google cloud,Yii2


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