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Soil Application

SAAS-Based Soil Pollutant Management System


About SAAS-Based Soil Pollutant Management System

This is a SAAS-based web & mobile application for the soil industry where users can manage soil pollutant and generate different kinds of reports. Users can create a project and inside it, they can create campaigns, probing, and samples. The core part is pollutant analysis where users can import samples lab analysis result and compare it with standard disposal. The system provides great visualization for your soil data. This is a complete digital solution for the soil industry.


  • SAAS based complex structure
  • Different license management modules
  • Import and export data in excel format
  • Various types of reports
  • 3D graph view with React-three fiber
  • Role and license based access and rights
  • Used Mapbox for mapping view
  • Invoice management module
  • Attractive and user friendly data visualization tool
  • node
  • react
  • mongoDB
  • mapbox
  • GraphQl

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Soil Pollutant Application Pages

Soil Pollutant Application
Soil Pollutant Application
Soil Pollutant Application
Soil Pollutant Application
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Bike Rider Application

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