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About Custom Survey Tool

A SaaS based Custom Survey tool that allows an organization to create custom survey forms and assign them to their staff users. Various question types are available to create a form like open text, radio button, single/multi select checkboxes, file upload, date format and matrix question. Survey forms can be assigned to a staff who will be conducting the survey. Detailed report analysis is available after survey is filled along with instant notification on any answer within a survey.


  • Users can view survey assigned to them from web UI on the mobile device
  • Can take survey- one question after another
  • Total of 12 question types can be display
  • Online/offline app- user can use app without internet
  • The survey result will be saved in local DB and on availability of the internet, it will sync data to the central server
  • Users can leave survey incomplete and can complete it next time whenever get some time
  • Users can directly jump to next or any question
  • Use can see survey progress bar in percentage

Laravel MySQL JavaScript Bootstrap Custom Survey

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