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Mobile Application Development Company in India

We offer custom enterprise & commercial apps development services for the popular platforms iOS and Android

  • 100% Money-back guarantee
  • 98% client satisfaction
  • Strict Follow of NDA & Privacy Policy
  • 90 days free support/warranty
  • Flexible engagement model
  • On Time Project Delivery

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Mobile app development
agency in India

Over the recent years, the demand of high-end mobile apps for businesses and organizations has escalated quickly. If you don’t want to lag in this race to achieve technological advancements, Kanhasoft can offer you a brilliant solution. As one of the leading mobile application development companies in India, Kanhasoft has a team of experienced mobile app developers in India who can build creatively designed, scalable applications for your organization. From iOS application development to android application development, we guarantee to offer a mobile app that will give your business a much-needed boost.

Our team of mobile app developers in India has experience of working with clients from all around the globe and can assist you in creating powerful, customized applications for Android or iOS. Using the latest tools and technologies, the app developers at Kanhasoft can build apps tailored specifically to meet your business needs. We design and deliver smart apps that would not only help you stay ahead of your competition, but also enhance and streamline the operational efficiency of your organization, allowing you to reach new heights that you have always dreamed about. From native app development to cross-platform app development, we assure you to offer the best app development solution for your business niche.


Hire Mobile App Developers in India for


Android App Development in India

When it comes to professional android app development, at Kanhasoft, we have the team of most talented android app developers under one roof with in-depth industry experience.

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iOS App Development in India

Being the top-rated iPhone app development company in India, Kanhasoft has some of the most experienced iOS app developers who can develop an app for any business with any complexity.

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Cross-platform App Development in India

Our Cross-platform app development allows your customer to use your mobile app regardless of the platform they prefer to use. Own a single mobile app for multiple platforms.

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Type of Mobile Application Services

Custom iOS and Android apps development

Custom iOS and Android apps development

We provide custom android and iOS application development services to develop a robust and high-quality application that is in sync with your business goals and objectives.

Enterprise and Utility native apps development

Enterprise and Utility native apps development

Our developers build user-friendly and feature-rich utility native apps for your businesses to grow globally. We also provide you with customized mobile solutions to drive your operations through enterprise mobile apps.

Native and cross-platform solutions

Native and cross-platform solutions

We help you reap the benefits for your business through the power of react native, Xamarin, and flutter to develop applications for multiple platforms while working with the same codebase.

Second platform app development

Second platform app development

We effectively and efficiently develop robust, secure, and scalable mobile applications through second platform app development.

UI/UX design

UI/UX design

We provide a delightful user experience with UX/UI design services. Our expert mobile app developers create flexible, scalable, responsive & user-friendly applications for all platforms.

Consulting and prototyping

Consulting and prototyping

We provide your businesses with reliable consulting with functional know-how, resources, and domain expertise. Our team understands your needs, research, and makes strategies to design and develop intuitive web application experiences that enhance your business value and ROI.

Automated QA and testing

Automated QA and testing

We provide efficient QA and testing services that ensure your web application is error-free and functioning smoothly for a better end-user experience.

Power management, notification, and geofencing

Power management, notification, and geofencing

Our expert app developers help your business reaches wider audiences using targeted marketing action using geofencing. Our power management services take care of your application effectively. which includes data management, governance, deployment, and more.

Embedded Android & AOSP customizations

Embedded Android & AOSP customizations

Our developers swiftly switch to embedded android as it is based on a modified Cenix kernel. It has numerous features added to it like power management and features like WakeLocks, Early Suspend. We build AOSP customization to optimize business prospects and exceed customer expectations through integrating android into OEM services.

Maintenance and post-warranty support

Maintenance and post-warranty support

We provide the best support and maintenance services for all types of applications. we ensure that your apps are highly reliable, available, and meet evolving business needs

Expand Your Business We Create Apps for



We believe that any individual can leave their mark on the internet and we always help such venturers achieve their goals. We can come up with fresh ideas, prototypes, and MVPs to allow such individuals to kick start their online presence through one of the best mobile app development companies.



With our startup app development services, we are committed to help startups launch, build, and grow their awesome ideas on the web or mobile platforms. A startup always requires a fresh outlook on their idea. Kanhasoft not only takes a deep analysis of their project but also suggests ideas and ways to improve the first impression.

Small Business

Small Business

Our small business app development services are meant to help small businesses automate all their business operations, expanding their market, and maximizing opportunities. Business automation and operation streamlining is very important for small businesses to ensure their growth and Kanhasoft excels in such areas.



Our fruitful experience with various largescale businesses has helped us garner rich expertise with enterprise-level mobile app development. Be it migrating from legacy systems to enabling the benefits of mobile or alternate platforms, we have provided enterprises with the required app solutions.

List of tools & technologies which we are using for Mobile application development


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Our selected work Portfolio

Nternow for Real Estate Industry

Our patented On-Demand Access Service for real estate gives driving-by homebuyers and future tenants the convenience of instant, independent property touring, yet keeps the property secure. Your properties can be shown off even if your agents are busy with other customers or on their days off!

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CRM Software for Lead and Project Management

Patient True Talk for Medical Industry

Patient True Talk is a Social networking platform specially dedicated to cancer patients, cancer survivors, and their caregivers who face challenges in this cancer world. It works as a communication channel between patients where they can search for each other with the same diagnosis or who have followed treatment protocols being recommended to them and get connected. It is a platform created to help cancer patients across the world to share their experiences, and to exchange the inquiries and information they might have.

Learn More Patient True Talk for Medical Industry
Patient True Talk for Medical Industry

Nfluence Social Media Marketplace App

This is a highly- scalable mobile app solution for Influencers and brands. Influencers can create their account on the marketplace and can attach their various social media such as Instagram, YouTube TikTok, etc. Brands can search for the influences for various marketing purposes inside the marketplace using various filters and can directly contact the particular Influencer. Influencers and Brands can communicate over the app and start dealing with some Market place options like 24 Hours stories, posts, and videos. Nfluence has an option in the back office to verify all information such as whether work is done as per the contract or not by the influencer.

Learn More Nfluence Social Media Marketplace App
Nfluence Social Media Marketplace App

ShasChabura Application for Learning Utility

Shas Chabura app contains a holy book named “Talmud”. It is the book of Jewish Law, which is considered one of the most challenging religious texts in the world. The app is developed for the people of Jewish. It lets them follow their schedule of learning each chapter of Talmud every day with some, Amud at their fingertips with the easy and useful features of this app.

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Shas Chabura app contains a holy book named App

Our Commitment and Benefits of Mobile Applications Development

Our Commitment

  • Experienced Mobile App Developers
  • Growth in Online Business
  • Improve Sales Via Mobile Apps
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Profound Knowledge of Frameworks and Technologies
  • High Quality App Development Process
  • Time Bound Delivery
  • Cost Effective Services


  • Highly trained developers and engineers
  • No compromises on the quality
  • Established work processes and documented workflow
  • Cost effective rates
  • Timely delivery
  • Global Standard Ethics and Conventions
  • Unparalleled Leadership
  • Experienced teams
  • Seamless communication with clients

Which methodology we use for Mobile application development?

Agile methodology is directly based on trusting employees and teams to directly work with clients to understand the desired business objectives and provide solutions in a faster and in an improved way. It avoids the risk of spending months on a process that ultimately fails because of some minute mistakes at an early phase. Therefore, it is a more trusted and loved methodology, some of the reasons to adopt this methodology are-


It is faster and smaller in process.


Provides flexible communication & collaboration that ensures the process carries out smoothly and in line even when condition changes.


It involves feedback in its process by which the agile team gets the feedback of clients, tracks the success and speed of the development process consistently.


Agile teams are considered self-organizing. They don’t need to adhere to the rules of management intended to develop the desired results. They understand the objectives and build the product according to their ideas.


Participants collaborate and adjust the process consistently by following the “keep it simple” principle.

How you can send your requirement to Mobile application development company?

Write about your design requirements

Here you can mention your expectation regarding designs in an application, how should be a layout if you have any. You can mention it in your requirements.

Write specific brand guidelines or provide them to the agency.

By doing this you can reduce the chances of error in the development process. You can provide brand guidelines to development companies such as brand logo, color contrast, font style, layout colors, image style, etc.

Mention the time frame

Mention the deadline for an assigned task in a web development project. It ensures timely delivery of the project.

Image and text outlet

You can provide image and text outlets if any. A web designer cannot proceed further if they don’t have needed material in hand. You can provide original content & authorized images to them.

Web design samples

You can provide web design samples in case if you need redesigning or are developing as a previous promotional campaign then you must hand over the previous design samples.

The goal behind developing an app

You can mention the objectives you want to accomplish through the development of the application.

Write specific brand guidelines

To lower the chances of errors, it is necessary to provide a detailed guideline to the company like the brand logo, color contrast, image styles, layout colors, font style, etc.

Discuss present issues

You can mention the present issues or problems you want to tackle by developing an app, writing about present business conditions.

Product vision statement

Here you can include any product vision statement that you want to input into your business application.

Product core functionality

Mention the project’s core functionality you want to integrate into the application.


The features you want to include in your app can also be mentioned in your requirements.

  • Write about your business industry
  • Write about your business working flow
  • Write where you want to fit this application to make your business easy
  • Share reference applications or competitor if any


To find the best mobile app development company in India, then you have to go through the following criteria –

  • It should have 5 to 10 years of industry experience.
  • It should have completed 100+ apps
  • A company with more than 20+ in-house mobile app developers with carrying minimum experience of 3 years.
Yes, because we believe in accomplishing the client's operational requirements. We strive for excellent results. Therefore, we are glad to sign an NDA.
The cost of mobile app development is considerably budget-friendly in India compared to other countries, as we have a vast pool of talent in the field of IT. We provide high-quality and cost-effective solutions. Cost depends on various factors such as app complexity, number of developers, project size, developer experience, etc. We will provide you with an estimated cost after getting your requirements.
Everything depends on business needs. If you plan for long-term development and need a smooth user experience with quality performance and responsiveness then native is the option. Cross is best when you want an app for a game or entertainment niche, where you can get a huge audience and user base.