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CodeIgniter Application Developers in India

CodeIgniter is one of the most popular and trusted open-source frameworks to develop user-friendly, simplistic APIs to interconnect with the API of existing web applications and widely used web services. Based on the MVC development pattern, this powerful open-source PHP framework is much faster than other PHP frameworks. If your business needs a full-featured web application in a limited time frame, then CodeIgniter is the option you have and Kanhasoft is the CodeIgniter development company in India that can help.

With the help of this feature-rich and robust framework, the team of CodeIgniter application developers in India at Kanhasoft can develop highly personalized web applications designed to meet the unique requirements of our clients. With its ability to add abundant useful features to PHP web applications, CodeIgniter development is among Kanhasoft’s most sought-after services. We can build high-end dynamic websites and applications for any business with any complexity.

CodeIgniter application developers in India

Looking for a CodeIgniter Development Company in India? Why Choose Us

With years of hard work and expertise in utilizing the latest technologies for web development, Kanhasoft has managed to establish a respectable reputation as a leading web development company in India. When it comes to professional web and app development, we have a complete menu of cost-effective services to meet your requirements. We offer industry-specific web and app solutions including CodeIgniter application development while staying extremely affordable. With the team of the most talented CodeIgniter developers, we are a full-scale CodeIgniter development company that offers CodeIgniter web development, CodeIgniter plugin and module development, Third-party API integration to CodeIgniter upgrade and maintenance services at the best prices.

Kanhasoft offers bespoke and highly scalable web app development services using CodeIgniter. Our services include integration and customization of existing web applications using CodeIgniter, development of custom CodeIgniter API, and addition of features to PHP web applications to meet the client’s requirements, among others. At Kanhasoft, we have a team of highly experienced and certified CodeIgniter developers/coders who hold expertise in building web solutions using the latest technologies and the best industry practices.

Being the top-rated web development company in India with a proven track record, we have flexible hiring modules that allow you to hire CodeIgniter application developers who would definitely surpass your expectations. To discuss your requirements, contact us for a free consultation, today!

CodeIgniter Application Development Services

CodeIgniter web app development

Our team at Kanhasoft carries extensive experience in developing future-ready CodeIgniter web applications using agile methodology. Which allows us to develop success-driven web applications for all types and sizes of businesses.

CodeIgniter CMS development

Our CodeIgniter development company in India builds efficient CMS and customizes it as per your needs. Which provides you with strong functionality streams.

Corporate app development

Our corporate app development services provide your business with next-gen applications that maximize your business agility & efficiency with cutting-edge CodeIgniter application development solutions.

CodeIgniter customization services

Kanhasoft’s expert CodeIgniter team are well-versed in developing reliable & high-performing application with the powerful attributes of the CodeIgniter framework. We develop the customized application as per the requirements of the business.

CodeIgniter application migration

Our experienced developers ensure smooth & hassle-free migration to bring out the best results for clients. We provide a quick and robust solution with our expertise.

Upgradation services

Kanhasoft provides efficient, secure & reliable CodeIgniter upgradation services to ensure the applications run on the upgraded platform versions. It also helps the application to perform seamlessly with periodic modification of plugins.

Module and plugin development

Our developers are qualified at building an effective web application for your businesses by customizing & modifying them with relevant module and plugin development.

Our CodeIgniter App Development Expertise

Light Weight

Our developers create faster applications with the help of a lightweight PHP framework, which enhances the performance & flexibility in the simplest programming structure possible.


With the help of the HMVC extension, our developers create modular applications in the CodeIgniter framework to gain flexibility. Also, which can split the project into sections that could be built in parallel between multiple developers after completing module designing. Which reduces the development time.


CodeIgniter’s ease of customizability allows our expert developers to build high-performing apps as per the business needs. It also fixes instant errors and configures the files in a simplified form, Which provides promising web development services.


Hooks in CodeIgniter allow executing and script with the particular path in the execution process without a need to modify core files. It helps developers to specify the script path in the hook to run a code every time after the controlled constructor is loaded. It saves a lot of time for developers and fastens the development process.


Helper in CodeIgniter helps the developers with different tasks and functions aiming towards a particular role. It helps to perform text formatting routines, create form elements, set and read cookies, creating URL links. This feature helps in developing s error-free & seamless apps in less time.

Default cart systems

The default cart system allows developers to build shopping carts in PHP. With CodeIgniter application development, your application can get easily integrated with the cart class to develop a shopping cart in an E-commerce application.

Template support

CodeIgniter provides a template engine class through which you can specify your template in your application. This feature is very useful at it allows developers to apply stationery templates to your application.


The security class of CodeIgniter looks after your application, which enables a developer to create a secure website. CodeIgniter documentation follows easy steps and enables a developer to create guarded applications.

Active records Queries

CodeIgniter provide active record query through which you can retrieve, add, & update information in your database easily. It provides support through query builder for your database with which you can search for the information you wish to view from a large table of databases.

How to Hire a CodeIgniter App Development Team?

Kanhasoft company in India carries the talented CodeIgniter developers for hire. Partner with us to achieve your business goals in a short period. Hire CodeIgniter developers by following these steps –

You can drop an inquiry

Start with dropping an inquiry with the form fill up. Our team will schedule a free consultation session with you and your preferred mode of communication

Select a team

After discussing your specific requirements for the project and hiring a CodeIgniter developer in a consultation session. We provide you with our pool of skilled CodeIgniter candidates along with a quote.

Select a hiring model

After interviewing and choosing the right offshore CodeIgniter developer, choose a suitable hiring model as per your requirements.

Team onboarding

Kickstart the project by onboarding the team of certified CodeIgniter developers and assigning tasks. We follow agile methodology and provide a report on the progress of your project at every step.

Project delivery

Stay connected with remote developers over a preferred mode of communication like skype calls, receive regular updates, and a final product within a pre-decided timeline

CodeIgniter Web Development Our Work

Service CRM System

This service CRM system was designed and developed for the executive services industry, which allows access to company officials and service executives. This made-to-order CRM system can be used by companies and businesses that offer services related to financial services, human resources, licensing, and insurance management to professionally track their operations. When documents are uploaded for any service, the admin receives an instant notification that can later review the document and share his comments and feedback for the same. Companies can also review their freelancer/staff that performs the services.

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Project Management System for Translation Industry

It is a project management system and ERP tool developed for a translation company. The app is designed and developed to bring inline the major operations of the company and allow users to administrate their employees, freelancers, projects, clients, jobs, etc. This application also allows admin to assign a project to a freelancer and can track the progress of the project along with its tasks. This unique system is designed and developed to keep users informed about the company’s activities and other necessary updates.

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Investment Listing Portal

The Investment Listing portal is a kind of public/open stage to showcase investment options to normal users. Admin can create entries from the backend with detailed information, documents & supplier details. A registered user can see all the records using the filters to trim down the search results. Moreover, registered users can easily add an opportunity to the watch list and can also connect with a supplier directly using the platform.

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School Reporting System

A compact School Reporting & Management system for small to medium educational institutes, providing all the basic features required for institute operations. This is developed on SaaS-based architecture so multiple institutes can register and use the system on their preferred subdomain. This custom-made school reporting system facilitates easy management of students, staff, student grades and attendances, report generation to name a few. It offers a detailed profile view of a student with a graphical representation of data.

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Key benefits of choosing CodeIgniter for your application development

  • CodeIgniter provides structured and scalable applications for your businesses.
  • It provides lightweight applications that are easily downloadable.
  • CodeIgniter is easy and simple to implement as it encourages MVC but does not force to implement.
  • Its built-in protection against CSRF & XSS attacks provides robust security and offers security on its applications.
  • It does not require configuration as the models are ready in the model folder.
  • No downtime – as it manages errors quickly and smoothly and applications are less exposed to snags and bugs.
  • CodeIgniter’s built-in libraries provide quick & easy application development.
  • CodeIgniter is cost-effective and provides high-performance apps.
  • It provides customized solutions that maximize user experience.
  • CodeIgniter provides hassle-free migration with high-quality results.

Hire CodeIgniter Developer

  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 100% Confidentiality Assured

    (Strict NDA Terms)

  • 100% Customer Experience
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Why should we go for the CodeIgniter development services?

CodeIgniter is an open-source framework that delivers fast software development solutions. It provides feature-rich and dynamic applications with PHP. You get various benefits such as MVC architecture, high performance, and in-built extensive themes.

How much time does it take to build a web app?

The timeframe can be estimated based on the advanced features, functionalities, and customization requirements that are to be included in the development process.

Why should we choose Kanhasoft for CodeIgniter development services?

We are a leading web and mobile app development company in India. we carry 10+ years of experience in serving the industry with our reliable and cost-effective services. our developers carry extensive experience & expertise in their respected domains. In addition, we keep all your information & details fully confidential and provide timely delivery of your project.

How do you ensure the quality of CodeIgniter web app development?

Being a renowned CodeIgniter development company in India. we strive for excellent work with our reliable and high-quality solutions. After signing an NDA with us, your project will be passed through several stages, development, design quality testing, assurance, easy deployment. Thus, ensures the best results for you.

What are the features of CodeIgniter?

  • It provides email sending class
  • Session management
  • MVC based system
  • Form and data validation
  • Security & XSS filtering
  • Query builder database support
  • Feature-rich database classes with multiplatform support.

Our Work Methodology




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SRS Documents,


System Design,


Unit Testing,




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