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Hire Remote Development Team to Success Your Dream Project!

Hiring an offshore development team is one of the most favored cost-saving software development schemes. You can hire software Developers from Kanhasoft to build your own dedicated software development team across any technology stack, who will dedicatedly work for your projects only. Kanhasoft is a web and app development company having teams of developers with extensive knowledge of all the latest technologies. For years, we are one of the leading providers of skilled developers to various clients who have now partnered with us for multiple developers & development teams. To hire remote developers/Teams from Kanhasoft in your budget, contact us today!

Kanhasoft has one of the most transparent hiring policies for dedicated software developers/team, and this ensures that you as a client receive the best available developers from our pool. You can hire remote developers/teams from Kanhasoft on a full-time, part-time, and ad-hoc hourly basis. We also offer a project manager and analyst alongside a developer to assist in enhanced and complex requirement analysis, feasibility study, and overall project management. You can handpick the team of developers to work for you on the technology of your choice. Also, we are highly affordable compared to other offshore software development companies.

Hire Programmers in India

Hire Dedicated Software Developers Team

Our dedicated software developers, engineers and team, ready to bring your projects to life.

Frontend Developers

Kanhasoft provides 5+ years skilled frontend developer to full-fill your scalable project needs. Our frontend developers are experts in React.js, Angular, and JavaScript, and will create an engaging user experience that goes beyond your expectations.

Backend Developers

By hire our back-end development team, you can build a scalable and robust backend framework for your application. Our skilled back-end developers are proficient in popular frameworks like Python/Django, Node.js, Laravel, PHP and more.

Full Stack Developers

Searching assistance to handle both the front end and back-end developers/team of your application? Require a developer capable of handling all software development needs efficiently? Kanhasoft full stack developers, who possess the skills to manage front end and back-end software development flawlessly, ensuring perfection and dedication.

Mobile App Developers

Whether you're building a business mobile app or seeking help with feature-rich products, our skilled mobile app developers/team are here to assist you. Benefit from the unmatched expertise of our cross-platform and react native developers to create interactive and user-friendly mobile apps tailored to your business.

Web App Developers

Our skilled web app developers/team have the ability to create scalable web applications from scratch. From conceptualization to deployment, they can handle every task flawlessly.


Our DevOps team helps you in software development architecture to build your successful product. DevOps services play a crucial role in streamlining software development and operations processes for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Case Studies

Our Commitment to You

Minimum Experience of 4+ Years

Our team comprises highly skilled individuals, each with a minimum experience of 4+ years. Benefit from their extensive expertise and industry knowledge to achieve outstanding results.

Flexible Hiring Models

We offer flexible hiring models tailored to your needs, ensuring maximum agility in scaling your team. Choose from options like full-time, part-time, or project-based engagements to achieve optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Also, client will have option to hire developer individual or with QA or with team lead or hire full fledge team.

Flexible Timings

We understand the importance of flexibility in today’s dynamic work environment. With our flexible timings, we allow to client adjust work timing/hours of hired team to maximum possible overlap with client working hours.

Back Up Arrangement and Continuous Support

With our comprehensive back-up arrangement, your business stays protected from disruptions, ensuring seamless operations even during unexpected events. Our team is committed to delivering continuous support, offering timely assistance and guidance to address any concerns and keep your operations running smoothly.

Total Involvement and Control on Your Hired Team

Experience total involvement and control over your hired team, allowing you to drive the direction and pace of your projects. Benefit from transparent communication, regular updates, and collaborative decision-making to ensure alignment with your business objectives and achieve desired outcomes.

Get Expert Developers for Multiple Technologies

Gain access to a pool of expert developers proficient in a wide range of technologies. Whether you need specialists in web development, mobile apps, or other domains, we have the expertise to match your requirements and deliver exceptional results.

Adherence To Deadlines

Meeting deadlines is our top priority. Our team is committed to delivering projects on time, ensuring efficient project management, effective communication, and proactive planning to meet your business objectives within the agreed-upon timelines.

Complete transparency

We will give you a complete picture of our dedicated developers and their qualifications, past project experience, domain and tech skill expertise and all. We will provide detailed reports to keep you informed at all times. Also, you can capture developers’ screen and activity from “Time Doctor” tracker to monitor all the activities and Screenshots, idle time etc.

Secure Non-disclosure

We make sure our developers strictly follow client confidentiality agreements. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any breaches of these agreements.

Client-first Approach

When we acquire new client, our main aim is always to establish long term symbiotic business relationship by providing high quality service. If we help client make their project success, we know, we will have more work as enhancement and support.

Clear Communication

When working remotely, it's important to have easy and open communication. Our teams will make sure to keep communication lines open and accessible, regardless of time zones, to ensure effective collaboration.

Ironclad Security

Protecting your data is our main concern. We use advanced physical and digital security measures and strictly adhere to legal and compliant practices to keep your information safe.

Complete trust and high Ethics

Developer who appeared in interview will work for you and we assure you for no extra unethical hours logged

Hire Remote Developer's Engagement Models

Hire Dedicated Developers from Kanhasoft Like Individual Freelancers

Finding the right developer for your software development project can be a time-consuming task. That's where Kanhasoft comes in. Our remote developers have extensive experience in a wide range of technologies, and work exclusively on your project to deliver customized solutions that meet your needs. Like individual freelancers, our dedicated developers are flexible and can work with you to ensure that your project is delivered on time and within budget.

When you hire a remote developer from Kanhasoft, you can expect a level of commitment and quality that is higher than individual freelancer developer. Our developers work exclusively on your project and are dedicated to delivering high-quality results. Also, with our flexible hiring options, you can hire our remote developers on a full-time, part-time, or hourly basis, depending on your needs and our developers work directly with clients on a daily basis, ensuring no agency intervention comes between you and your remote developer.

Trust Kanhasoft to provide you with dedicated developers that are more expert than individual freelancers developers and yet you will get all the facilities that you expect from agency such as

  • Faster Replacement, If Needed.
  • Full-confidence.
  • Accountability.
  • Transparency.
  • Performance Guarantee

We collaborate closely with our clients to comprehend their unique requirements and provide tailor-made solutions. Our team of developers is dedicated to delivering customized solutions that precisely meet our clients' needs. With our Agile development methodology, we ensure that our developers work efficiently and collaboratively to deliver your project on time and within budget.

Contact us today and let us show you how our remote developers can benefit your business.


Hire Remote Developer with Team Leads

When it comes to software development projects, having a team lead can make all the difference, you can hire developers with team leads to ensure that your project is successful. Our team leads/Project Managers have years of experience in leading development teams and have the skills and expertise to ensure that your project is delivered on time and within budget. Also, our developers work collaboratively with our team leads to ensure that your project is completed to your exact specifications.

Take your software development project to the next level with developers and team leads/Project Managers from Kanhasoft. Our team leads/Project Managers provide the necessary guidance and support to our developers, ensuring that they are working efficiently and effectively to deliver your project on time. We understand the challenges that come with software development, and our team leads/Project Managers are experienced to anticipate and address any issues that may arise during the development process and our dedicated project manager is your trusted partner, assisting you every step of the way. They understand your requirements, create tasks and stories, and assign them to developers. With their expertise, they ensure timely completion of your project, giving you peace of mind.

We offer the option to hire remote developers with team leads/Project Managers to ensure the success of your project. Our team leads are experienced in managing development teams and are experts in a wide range of technologies. They work closely with our developers to ensure that the project is being completed according to your specifications, while also providing ongoing support and guidance to ensure that everything is on track.


Hire Remote Team

When you hire a team from Kanhasoft, you're getting a group of experts who are dedicated to delivering high-quality results. Our agile development methodology ensures that our team members work efficiently and collaboratively to ensure success. We provide a range of development services, including software development, mobile app development, and web development, among others like ERP, CRM and Marketplace. Our teams have extensive experience in a variety of technologies, and work closely with our clients to ensure that their specific needs are met.

With a team from Kanhasoft, you can expect a high level of expertise and professionalism. Our teams are trained to work efficiently and collaboratively, ensuring that your projects are completed on time and within budget. Our extensive experience in a wide range of technologies enables us to provide solutions that are efficient and effective.

Also, you can capture developers’ screen and activity from “Time Doctor” to monitor all the activities and screenshots/videos of their activities. That we are currently using for our existing clients.

We know that every project is unique. Our teams are flexible and adaptable, and can work with you to provide a customized solution that meets your specific needs. With experience in a wide range of technologies, our remote teams are well-suited to handle a variety of development challenges.


The Key Advantages of Hiring Remote Developers from Kanhasoft

Equate Matching of Developer Requirement:

Hiring a developer from the right agency allows for quick and efficient hiring. Kanhasoft will present you with profiles of the most suitable developers from our talent pool, saving you time and effort in the hiring process. When we select a developer for you, we take into consideration even the smallest details before choosing their profile, rather than solely focusing on their technical expertise. We focus on various aspects including experience, project domain, tech stacks, communication skills, project understanding, server knowledge, deployment expertise, and more. By considering all these factors, we ensure that you will receive the most suitable profile for your needs.

Easy Hiring Process:

When engaging with Kanhasoft, you can expect a high level of professionalism and a respect for your time. They understand the value of your time and take the initiative to comprehend your requirements thoroughly. As a result, Kanhasoft offer you a selection of interview slots that align with your availability. This streamlined approach enables you to conveniently conduct interviews with the developers, facilitating a smooth and efficient hiring process.

Direct Work with Developers:

When you hire a developer from Kanhasoft, we provide you with complete freedom to work directly with the developer, similar to working with a freelancer. The agency will not interfere unless needed. You can have direct communication and collaboration with the developer. Also, you can expect complete Transparency through Developer Tracking Application, Daily Work Progress Reports for Enhanced Project Visibility.

Scalability Based on Project Requirements:

As agency Kanhasoft can easily scale up or down based on your project requirements. If you need additional resources or expertise during different project phases, agencies can quickly allocate the necessary personnel to ensure efficient progress. This scalability can be particularly beneficial for large or complex projects.

Continuity and Support in Unexpected Situations:

In the event of unexpected situations where a developer is unavailable or unresponsive, hiring from Kanhasoft ensures that we have multiple responsible individuals available to provide prompt responses and assistance. This ensures continuity and allows for effective communication and problem-solving even if the primary developer is temporarily unavailable.

Comprehensive Testing and QA Support:

When hiring developers from Kanhasoft, we can provide added value by allocating a dedicated QA person. This ensures that each release undergoes thorough testing, not just by the developer but also by the QA professionals. This comprehensive testing approach leads to improved quality and helps identify and address potential issues or bugs before they reach the final product.

Replacement Developer without Knowledge Transfer Charges:

Kanhasoft always take responsibility for providing a replacement developer of the same level without KT charges in case of unexpected situations. We also allow you to conduct technical interviews to assess the skills of the replacement.

Commitment to Confidentiality and Legal Protection:

Agency's Commitment to Confidentiality and Legal Protection.

High-Quality Work with Modern Development Tools and Process:

With Kanhasoft developers, you can anticipate receiving high-quality work at a competitive rate. Kanhasoft often have established processes and experienced professionals who can deliver top-notch results for your project. Our developers excel in modern tools and agile methodologies like Agile, Scrum, Jira, Slack, CI/CD, Docker, and Kubernetes for efficient project management, communication, and deployment.

Long-Term Association and Flexibility:

One of the main advantages is that you can establish a long-term association with our developers. Furthermore, if necessary, we can arrange for them to work at the client's location. Many of our developers have been associated with us for a significant period because we offer the highest industry salaries and provide comprehensive mental and family support.

Experience with Europe and US Clients:

We mainly work with Europe and US based clients so our developers have extensive experience about time overlapping, cultural alignment, communication, understanding, and etc.

Dedicated Resource Hiring Model Parameters

  • Parameters
  • Duration (monthly)
  • Rate
  • Updates
  • Hiring Period (Min)
  • Communication
  • Methodology
  • Experience Level
  • Billing
  • Full Time Hiring
  • 170 hrs

    a month

  • Daily work updates
  • 1 month (Special rates for more than 3 months)
  • Skype, Email, Phone, Chat, Slack
  • Agile
  • 4 to 7 years
  • Monthly
  • Part Time Hiring
  • 80-100 hrs

    a month

  • Daily work updates
  • 1 month (Special rates for more than 3 months)
  • Skype, Email, Phone, Chat, Slack
  • Agile
  • 4 to 7 years
  • Monthly
  • Hourly based Hiring
  • As per required hours
  • Daily work updates
  • 30 hours
  • Skype, Email, Phone, Chat, Slack
  • Agile
  • 4 to 7 years
  • At 40 hours gap

Note: we provide 8 hours free evaluation period.

Save up to 50% on Development, Maintenance, Support Cost

No Payment required info

Process of Hiring

  • Inquiry

    You let us know about your needs, wants, a brief idea about what you wish to accomplish,
    time period and other details.

  • Screening

    Based on the initial inquiry, we will evaluate your requirements and will shortlist
    the best resources for you for further evaluation like technical interview, practical test, etc.

  • Finalization

    Client can choose any number of required resources and finalize the duration,
    rates & the process of working.

  • Get Started

    Resource will be available for communication on Skype, slack or any other preferred channel.
    You will receive daily/periodic work updates.

  • Manage

    Client will have full control on the assigned resources, managing their tasks and
    handling communication.

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Why should I hire remote developers/teams from Kanhasoft?

How does the hiring process work for dedicated developers/teams at Kanhasoft?

Kanhasoft has a transparent hiring policy for dedicated software developers/teams. We offer full-time, part-time, and hourly hiring options. You can handpick the developers/team members of your choice based on their expertise and work directly with them on your preferred technology stack.

What is the dedicated development model?

The dedicated development model is a software development approach where you hire a remote team of developers who work exclusively on your project. In this model, the team becomes an extension of your in-house team, dedicated to your project's success. They follow your project's goals, timelines, and requirements, providing focused attention and delivering customized solutions.

Can I get assistance with both front-end and back-end development by hiring remote developers/teams from Kanhasoft?

Yes! Kanhasoft provides remote front-end developers, back-end developers, full-stack developers, mobile app developers, and web app developers. Our experts can handle various software development needs efficiently, ensuring perfection and dedication.

What technologies do your dedicated developers specialize in?

Our dedicated developers are skilled in a wide range of technologies. We have expertise in front-end technologies like React.js, Angular, and JavaScript. For back-end development, we are proficient in frameworks such as Python/Django, Node.js, Laravel, PHP. For mobile app Development technologies such as React Native, Native iOS, Native Android and more.

How can Kanhasoft DevOps services benefit my software development process?

Kanhasoft DevOps services play a crucial role in streamlining software development and operations. We help standardize, automate, and orchestrate development and operational tasks, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity throughout the software development lifecycle.

Can I hire remote developers with team leads/project managers from Kanhasoft?

Yes, you have the option to hire remote developers with team leads/project managers from Kanhasoft. Our experienced team leads/project managers provide guidance, support, and ensure that your project is completed on time and according to your specifications.

How does Kanhasoft ensure transparency when hiring dedicated developers/teams?

Kanhasoft ensures complete transparency in the dedicated developer/team hiring model. We utilize tools like "Time Doctor" to measure time and activities, allowing clients to monitor screen activities of allocated developers/teams. In addition, our developers/teams are always available for daily/weekly stand-up calls. We empower clients by granting full authority and direct communication with the developers/teams, ensuring a seamless and transparent collaboration process.

Can I hire a remote team from Kanhasoft for my software development project?

Yes, Kanhasoft offers the option to hire a remote team. Our teams comprise experts in various technologies who work collaboratively to deliver high-quality results. We provide a range of development services, including software development, mobile app development, web development, ERP, CRM, and Marketplace development.

How does Kanhasoft ensure communication and collaboration throughout the project?

Kanhasoft emphasizes clear and continuous communication with clients. Our developers and team lead/project managers work closely with you, ensuring your requirements are understood and tasks are managed efficiently. We also provide a dedicated project manager who assists in requirement analysis, feasibility study, and overall project management.

How can I get started with hiring dedicated developers/teams from Kanhasoft?

To hire remote developers/teams from Kanhasoft and discuss your requirements, please contact us today. Schedule an interview with our developers, team leads, or teams, and let us show you how our dedicated development services can benefit your business.

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