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Hire CodeIgniter Programmers in India

Undoubtedly, CodeIgniter is one of the most dynamic and robust PHP frameworks for creating highly scalable and secure web applications in no time. This framework is so popular among the developers, that you can easily find the pool of experienced CodeIgniter programmers in India as well as across the world to develop a web app with any complexity and challenges. But, if you are planning to hire CodeIgniter developers in India, then no one can compete with the quality of work, affordability, and dedication that we can offer. Also, when it comes to transparency, we have tracker apps (Time Doctor) that will offer complete transparency and peace of mind to our clients that their hired resources are dedicatedly working on their projects.

The team of CodeIgniter developers at Kanhasoft holds expertise in working with a business with any domain and any size. We can swiftly develop a web application based on business context and priorities. Also, our team of CodeIgniter programmers in India can assist you with out-of-the-box requirements such as migration and integration services. We are a top-rated web development company in India having an expert team of CodeIgniter developers and provides services for custom websites, dynamic web solutions, database-oriented web applications, and complex enterprise applications.

CodeIgniter programmers in India

Hire CodeIgniter Developers in India for:

  • Bespoke Business Web Applications

    Own a personalized business application that is solely designed and developed keeping your business requirements in mind.

  • SaaS-based Solutions

    We provide end-to-end SaaS-based app design and Software development solutions that can efficiently address the problem of the mass.

  • Legacy Application Re-development & Maintenance

    Timely maintenance and upgrade of your existing application are extremely important for optimum functioning. Contact our team for app re-development and maintenance.

  • Develop customized responsive web application

    We develop responsive web app with flexible layouts that easily adapt to the screen size and offer the best browsing experience to your clients.

Our CodeIgniter Developer's Expertise

Light Weight

Our developers create faster applications with the help of a lightweight PHP framework, which enhances the performance & flexibility in the simplest programming structure possible.


With the help of the HMVC extension, our developers create modular applications in the CodeIgniter framework to gain flexibility. Also, which can split the project into sections that could be built in parallel between multiple developers after completing module designing. Which reduces the development time.


CodeIgniter’s ease of customizability allows our expert developers to build high-performing apps as per the business needs. It also fixes instant errors and configures the files in a simplified form, Which provides promising web development services.


Hooks in CodeIgniter allow executing and script with the particular path in the execution process without a need to modify core files. It helps developers to specify the script path in the hook to run a code every time after the controlled constructor is loaded. It saves a lot of time for developers and fastens the development process.


Helper in CodeIgniter helps the developers with different tasks and functions aiming towards a particular role. It helps to perform text formatting routines, create form elements, set and read cookies, creating URL links. This feature helps in developing s error-free & seamless apps in less time.

Default cart systems

The default cart system allows developers to build shopping carts in PHP. With CodeIgniter application development, your application can get easily integrated with the cart class to develop a shopping cart in an E-commerce application.

Template support

CodeIgniter provides a template engine class through which you can specify your template in your application. This feature is very useful at it allows developers to apply stationery templates to your application.


The security class of CodeIgniter looks after your application, which enables a developer to create a secure website. CodeIgniter documentation follows easy steps and enables a developer to create guarded applications.

Active records Queries

CodeIgniter provide active record query through which you can retrieve, add, & update information in your database easily. It provides support through query builder for your database with which you can search for the information you wish to view from a large table of databases.

Create Your Dream Team: Why Hire CodeIgniter Programmer in India from Kanhasoft?

  • Flexible Engagement Models

    We have the most flexible and budget-friendly engagement models to meet your requirements without breaking your bank account.

  • Build Your Own Team

    At Kanhasoft, you will have the privilege and flexibility to choose the team of your choice. hire the developers as per your requirements and budget.

  • Transparency at All Levels

    We believe in transparency at every level of development; thus, we have set different communication mediums to keep you updated on the project status.

  • Complete Control

    You will have complete control over your team of developers and designers. Assign them the task based on your priority and convenience.

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CodeIgniter Web Development in India Our Work

Service CRM System

Service CRM System tool is for the executives' services industry, that allows access to company officials and service executives. Companies that offer executive documentation services like human resources, financial services, licensing, and insurance management can use this solution to track their operations. When documents are uploaded for any service, the admin receives an instant notification, can review the document, and share his comments. Companies can also review their freelancer/staff who performs the services.

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Project Management System for Translation Industry

This is a custom Project management and an ERP tool for a translation company. The application aligns with the major operations of the company and allows user to manage their staff, freelancers, clients, projects, jobs, invoicing and detail reporting. Admin can assign project to a freelancer and can track the progress of the project along with its tasks. A knowledge base is provided for the users for company updates and other activities.

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Investment Listing Portal

This is a public platform to showcase investment opportunities to general users. Admin can create entries from the backend with detailed information, documents & supplier details. These records can be viewed by registered users with various filters to narrow down the search results. Users can add any opportunity to the watchlist and can also contact a supplier directly from the platform.

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School Reporting System

A compact School Reporting & Management system for small to medium educational institutes, providing all the basic features required for institute operations. This is developed on SaaS-based architecture so multiple institutes can register and use the system on their preferred subdomain. Allows management of students, register attendance, staff, grades, results, auto-notification of student attendance, and generation of various reports

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Our Work Methodology




Sprint Planning,
SRS Documents,


System Design,


Unit Testing,





How much does it cost to hire developers who use CodeIgniter?

How does the risk-free test operate?

You can test out our CodeIgniter developers' abilities for free during our trial period. Before making a commitment, this trial enables you to determine their fit for your project.

How is hiring process transparency maintained?

The Time Doctor activities tracking tool upholds transparency. By providing real-time insights into developers' work activities, this technology makes effective progress monitoring possible.

Can I employ a CodeIgniter developer with experience creating RESTful APIs?

Without a doubt, we have CodeIgniter engineers skilled in creating RESTful APIs for smooth data communication.

Do your CodeIgniter programmers have any experience with database optimisation methods?

The efficient storage and retrieval of data for your applications is guaranteed by the expertise of our CodeIgniter developers in database optimisation.

Can I employ a CodeIgniter developer with knowledge of frontend integrations that utilise contemporary tools?

Yes, we can put you in touch with CodeIgniter developers who are excellent at combining frontend technologies to provide a complete solution.

Do your CodeIgniter developers have scalable application development experience?

Your project will be able to handle growth and increasing user activity thanks to our CodeIgniter experts' experience creating scalable applications.

Can you help me convert my current application to the CodeIgniter framework?

Without a doubt, our CodeIgniter engineers can help you migrate your current application to the CodeIgniter framework and take use of all of its features and advantages.

Are the CodeIgniter developers on your team familiar with security procedures that guard against vulnerabilities?

Yes, our CodeIgniter developers adhere to security best practises to guard against flaws and guarantee the security of your apps.

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