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IT Product Development Agency in India

The IT industry sees thousands of new products launched every year. Only a few sustain. We help you create those sustainable products. We have worked with clients across the globe to create life-changing software products across multiple verticals. Our clientele involves enterprise companies, small-medium level businesses, budding startups and individual entrepreneurs.

Our services involve delivering end to end software products on web and mobile platforms. We aim to not just be your development team but also your consultant as well. Our industry-expert analyst team has a diverse knowledge of various industries and can help you shape your product in manner acceptable by the audience. A software product's lifecycle involves constantly innovating, keeping in pace with the modern times, adapting new technologies, maintaining time & cost margin and always keeping your customer’s satisfaction on top. This is where Kanhasoft will serve you the best.

If you have a product idea, we will request you to share the idea with us and we will help you to make it a product. Contact Us Now.

Product Development Services

Our IT Product Development Services


We help our clients to create a prototype or an MVP of their idea before they actually embark into investing everything. A prototype will help them gauge the overall feasibility of their idea and know what to change before moving to full phased development. This includes clickable wireframes, requirements scoping, feasibility study and User Interface development.


Get industry-expert consultation to strategize your software objectives and plan your operations. Our analysts have years of experience working in diverse domains to understand the processes, market sentiments and tricks & trades of the domain. We will ensure that your product will never fail operationally to reach & satisfy the desired audience.

Product Development

Product planning, defining specification documents, feasibility study, UI/UX strategies, database architecture, database design, testing, quality assurance and product documentation. All these when executed with proper strategies, decide the fate of a software product.

Product Maintenance

A product requires a lot of attention even after it is released to the market. That’s when we get the true customer feedback. We provide post deployment support services, bug fixing, service request handling, maintaining stable releases, product enhancement and round the clock system administration services to ensure that your product always stays online & your users onboard.

Our Solutions

SaaS based Solutions

Kanhasoft have had the opportunity to develop quite a few SaaS based solutions for individuals, startups, small-scale and enterprise Agencies. We have diverse domain knowledge and have helped our clients shape their product to benefit their users. We understand the complexity involved in a SaaS based solution and have made it our forte. Our solutions are being used extensively with thousands and millions of users’ subscription.

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have reached a new acceptance level by the mass audience as well as by product owners. Many clients now prefer with “mobile-first” strategy, which provides them an easy & quick entry to the market. You are missing out a good chunk of potential users if you have not planned your mobile strategy. Our expert team of developers & analysts will help you define the best strategy to approach your mobile audience. We have successfully developed & deployed mobile apps for Google’s Android & Apple’s iOS platform and are being extensively used. Couple this with your SaaS solution and you have the competitive edge.

CRM & Enterprise Applications

Enterprise application development has been Kanhasoft’s forte. We have served many industries and seen a lot of business workflows which makes a numero uno choice for applications which addresses business flows. Applications like CRM, ERP, inventory/stock management, Order management, PO/Invoicing tools, workflow applications, etc. are areas in which we have mastered and have been developed with various workflows. Contact us now to get your business application developed.

Benefits Of Working With Us

  • Handpicked industry level expert resources
  • Client focused leadership & approach
  • Transparent engagement models – limited budget & evolving scope
  • State of the art infrastructure with latest technologies
  • Strong proficiency in custom web applications
  • Complete transparency in workflow & commercials
  • Competitive rates with no compromise on quality
  • Attractive partnership or long term association benefits

Hire Developer

  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 100% Confidentiality Assured

    (Strict NDA Terms)

  • 100% Customer Experience
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We are here to build your software project and help you succeed & grow your business.


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