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Custom Software Development Services

Tailored software solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.

With over 350+ IT projects and experience in 25+ industries, Kanhasoft creates strong software solutions for businesses of any size. We do it fast, paying close attention to quality, return on investment (ROI), and your users.

  • Custom Enterprise Application Development
  • Custom Software Product Development
  • Custom Mobile App Development
  • Custom Web Application Development
  • Software Enhancement and Modernization

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Why Choose Kanhasoft for Custom Software Development Services?

We specialize in crafting tailored software solutions for web and mobile platforms as a dedicated custom software development company. Our proficient in-house development teams work collaboratively to conceptualize, create, deploy, and maintain software that aligns seamlessly with specific requirements.

Navigating through a meticulous software development cycle, we commence with comprehensive requirements gathering, followed by ideation and the meticulous architecture of systems that facilitate iterative releases. Our development process emphasizes the creation of clean and testable code, complemented by a rigorous quality testing phase.

What sets our custom software development services apart is the production of scalable and robust software products. We prioritize quality engineering, employ innovative approaches to modernize applications, and steadfastly adhere to agile and CI/CD principles throughout the entire product development life cycle.

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Custom Software Development Offerings

Application Development Services

Improve your business performance with personalized software designed to match your goals and requirements.

System Integration Services

We customize and integrate software by teaming up with modern platforms through our tech partnerships.

Dashboards, and BI Services

Make your business more efficient by ensuring systems communicate effectively and delivering the right information to the right people.

Legacy Modernization & Application Migration

We help update your IT by offering services like moving to the cloud, reviewing technical structures, and refining applications.

ERP & CRM Application Development Services

We specialize in crafting tailored ERP & CRM solutions to meet your unique business requirements, enhancing efficiency and customer engagement.

Real-time Applications Development Services

Use advanced technologies such as monitoring sensor data and stream processing to receive immediate responses from real-time data.

Types of Custom Software Development Services We Provide

Enterprise Software Development

Transform your business with our bespoke enterprise software development solutions. Our seasoned developers craft tailored applications to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and boost productivity. Whether you need a robust CRM, ERP, Marketplace or custom software, we deliver scalable solutions that align perfectly with your organizational goals.

Elevate your business efficiency and stay ahead of the curve with our innovative enterprise software development services, designed to empower your company for sustainable growth and success.

  • Enterprise Process Management Software (ERPs)
  • Customer Relationship Management Software (CRMs)
  • Human Resources Management Software (HRMs)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Marketplace Software
  • Asset Management Software
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Enterprise Software Development

Industrial Software Development

Revolutionize your business with cutting-edge industrial software development. Our expert team leverages the latest technologies to create tailored solutions that enhance efficiency, optimize processes, and drive innovation.

From automation to data analytics, we deliver robust software that aligns seamlessly with your industrial needs. Stay ahead in the competitive landscape with our reliable and scalable industrial software solutions, designed to empower your operations and unlock new possibilities for growth and success.

  • Financial software
  • Legal department dashboards
  • Business intelligence systems
  • Logistics industry analytics tools
  • Law firm KPI tools
  • Market research software
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Industrial Software Development

Software Development for Specialized Services

Discover tailored software solutions for your specialized services. Our dedicated team designs and develops custom applications that cater to the unique needs of your industry. From healthcare to finance, logistics to education, we provide innovative software that optimizes processes, increases efficiency, and ensures compliance.

Elevate your specialized services with cutting-edge technology, designed to meet the demands of your niche. Unlock new possibilities and enhance your service delivery with our specialized software solutions.

  • Accounting software
  • Payroll management
  • Asset management software
  • Database software
  • Pharmaceutical inventory and billing systems
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Software Development for Specialized Services

Customer-centric Applications Development

Revolutionize your customer experience with our customer-centric applications development. We prioritize user needs and preferences to create bespoke applications that resonate with your audience.

Our expert developers focus on intuitive design, seamless functionality, and personalized features to ensure customer satisfaction. From user-friendly interfaces to responsive performance, our applications are crafted to enhance engagement and loyalty. Elevate your brand with customer-centric solutions that prioritize user experience and contribute to lasting relationships with your audience.

  • Social media apps
  • eCommerce apps
  • Mobile net banking apps
  • Patient and healthcare apps
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Customer-centric Applications Development

Clutch: What People Are Saying

Our Upwork Track Record

Our Selected Custom Software Projects

An end-to-end SaaS based Project Management & Custom CRM system for any product & service company. Any company admin can create their organization account and a separate sub-domain is automatically created for them to access. Various modules include customer database, project management, quotation/work order/PO management, task scheduling, reminders, invoicing, reporting & communication module.

Project Management CRM System
Project Management CRM System
Project Management CRM System

A SaaS based ERP tool and a Marketplace platform developed for one of the leading real estate property company in South Africa. The marketplace platform allows general users to book space/units on rent from companies registered on the platform. The architecture of this system is on SOA with multi-tenancy. The main aim of this solution is to provide a common platform for tenants and storage companies for business.

CRM & Marketplace Application for Storage Industry
CRM & Marketplace Application for Storage Industry
CRM & Marketplace Application for Storage Industry

A CRM & service management tool for executive services industry, which allows access to company officials and service executives. Companies who offer executive documentation services like human resource, financial services, licensing and insurance management can use this solution to track their operations. When documents are uploaded for any service, the admin receives an instant notification, can review the document and share his comments. Companies can also review their freelancer/staff who performs the services.

Service CRM system
Service CRM system
Service CRM system

A compact yet intuitive lead tracking system developed for a Real Estate mogul in North America. This system allows user to create a lead, track their progress, create reminders and add follow up details. Users can manage the status of the leads. The admin has access to some highly graph-oriented reports to track staff performance.

Lead Tracking System
Lead Tracking System
Lead Tracking System

A comprehensive SaaS based Building & Condo management system for South African region. This tool allows a property owner to register and manage their property operations like contact management, building facility bookings, news & updates, building document repository, conducting online meetings and much more. Building owners can conduct online meetings and also accept votes from the members with implementation of quorum rules.


iDrive is the best custom CRM solution that improves visibility into all your activity and helps you develop a trustworthy relationship with your clients. Also, it provides a centralized platform for the sales team to manage customer interaction prioritize activities as per the needs, which enhances customer experience. It offers real-time collaboration with flexible, Kanban view in your project management software CRM system that is customizable and integrated with google workspace. iDrive offers seamless task automation, email templates, calendars, reports, leads, opportunities, and more. It has also mobile apps and chorme extension available.

iDrive CRM Solution
iDrive CRM Solution
iDrive CRM Solution

Arcade CRM provides cloud-based custom CRM solutions. It features seamless integration with Gmail and offers a unified user experience directly from Gmail. Our Arcade CRM allows a rich contact, leads, tasks, events, discussion board, and document management. Moreover, it provides Twilio integration for browser callings, interactive dashboards & intuitive reports. Our custom CRM development solutions assure your businesses with improved functionality, reduced costs & increased operational efficiency. We help businesses to streamline customer-centric processes & boost profitability.

Arcade CRM Solution
Arcade CRM Solution
Arcade CRM Solution

Our Array of Technology Stacks

Empowering Your Vision with Our Various Technology Stacks!


Python / Django















React Native Software Development

React Native

Flutter Software Development


iOS Software Development


Android Software Development


How to get started?

At Kanhasoft, our team comprises committed and passionate IT professionals who are more than happy to address any inquiries you may have.

Share Your Project DetailsShare Your Project Details

Our experienced technology consultants will assist you in defining your goals, see if we're a good match for your project, and talk about the budget and timeline.

Receive a Quotation OR Hire Remote DevelopersReceive a Quotation OR Hire Remote Developers

Once you've decided on your project requirements, we'll offer a quote for the job. We're confident in our ability to meet deadlines and deliver the best value for your project and budget. Also, we can assign dedicated developer if the scope of work is not clear.

Meet Your Development TeamMeet Your Development Team

When you give the green light, we'll assign a project manager and developers to handle your project. Kanhasoft takes pride in being transparent, maintaining good communication, and offering excellent customer service.

Initiate the ProjectInitiate the Project

We'll stay in touch, providing regular updates on your project and presenting a final report.

Successful DeliverySuccessful Delivery

Congratulations, you've reached the finish line! We'll be there every step of the way, assisting you in implementing your customized software and offering support after the launch.

How We Do It

Know Your Business

Share your needs, what functions you want, and how your business operates. We can create software solutions that can easily grow with your business.

Know Your Business

Talk in Detail

We start by having a deep talk about what you want now and in the future for your project.

Teamwork with Scrum

At Kanhasoft, we like using the Scrum framework. It means we all work together to solve problems and be creative. Each project has a scrum master who connects the development team and the client. This keeps everything clear and smooth.

Check Requirements

Check Requirements

Our engineers will look into any extra needs and your existing code if you have one. We want to know your goals and understand your current software to make the project successful. This also helps the development stage go well.

Make a Plan

Make a Plan

By the end of this step, Kanhasoft and you work together to plan the development. It fits your goals, timeline, and budget.

Protect Your Ideas

Protect Your Ideas

In a world where thinking is powerful, protecting your ideas is crucial for any business. Kanhasoft knows this and makes sure all your information and business processes are safe and well-guarded.

Software Architecture

Many developers sometimes forget about software architecture and design, and that can slow down how fast an application is made and how well it works. On the other hand, some projects spend too much time planning everything at the beginning, making things more complicated and delaying feedback that could come naturally as the project is built.

We take a practical approach to architecture and design problems. We focus on the most important parts first- and spend-time planning those. Then, we deal with the other details later, after we finish the more critical parts of building the project.

Microservice Architecture

Microservice architecture is a way of building software where different parts of the application work independently. Each part, or service, can be created and used on its own. This method allows for separate development of important tasks in business.

Layered Architecture

Depending on what your business does, Kanhasoft Software can help you set up different layers in your software that suit your needs. We're good at organizing multi-layered applications, making sure they can handle lots of users, and keeping them quick and reliable for users.

Onion Architecture

Onion architecture is a way of designing software where the system is built around a few big parts, and each part depends on the one closer to the center.

Custom Software Architecture
Custom Software Project Management

Project Management

To fix any problem that comes up during making custom software, we have a project manager or scrum master right from the start. They will be your main person to talk to and work with you throughout the project.

We like to split the project into different parts called iterations. Doing things this way has these benefits:


We finish things on time and within the budget. By doing things often, you can keep an eye on how the project is going, making it clear and easy to understand.

Being Trustworthy

Every time we finish something, we talk about it to make sure everything we agreed on is done the right way.

Getting Things Out Quickly

Whenever we finish something, you can start using it right away, and it might have some of the things you expected. We suggest using Scrum for your custom application project because, from what we've seen, it's the best way to make really good software.

Advantages of Custom Software Development

Creative Design

Creative Design

Our team knows how to make unique design elements for your software. At Kanhasoft Research, we make sure to create an excellent look and feel for your software right from the start, not as an afterthought.

Quick Launch

Quick Launch

We use a fast way of working called agile development, and our experts can change the plan quickly if needed. If you're not ready for a full release, we also offer a simple version or a basic version that can go live in just a few weeks.



Our proven methods keep the cost of our custom application services lower than many other companies. We can adapt to any needs, and our process makes sure you get a good product that meets your requirements.



We can work with you all the way through the development process, giving you expert advice and support. This makes sure that your custom software fits your needs now and in the future.

Good Performance

Good Performance

Our custom software is made to work better than a lot of other options out there. We only use well-known technologies that work well in different situations.

Creative Custom Software Design

Extra Safety

When you work with Kanhasoft, a dedicated team of experts makes sure your software is made to work well and is protected from potential risks. You can trust that your business data and assets are safe all the time.

Industries We’ve Served

For years, we have been the best custom software development company in India, and for all those years, we have served clients belonging to different industries and domains.

Industries Served for web and mobile app development

Success Stories:

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say!

Chris Nan

Kanhasoft completed the all of the project specifications within the designated timeline and internal personnel are happy with the quality. The team’s prompt communication and level of past experience in the industry helped them deliver a product that surpassed all expectations.

Chris Abra

Technology Manager, Passion Sports

Kanhasoft delivered a high-quality website and met all expectations. A detailed QA style ensured accuracy during the process and Kanhasoft provided value and a good working relationship. Advocacy groups are impressed by demonstrations and users are pleased.

Dan Engel

CEO, Patient True Talk
Anupam Pandey

I cannot say enough good things about KahnaSoft. They did excellent work and working with them was easy. They greatly exceeded our expectations and I highly recommend them!

Ken Ravazzolo- President

DME data solutions
Siyan Zhao

Manoj and his team has been responsive, diligent and provided a great value-added solution. This team is very professional, and highly skilled in their field of expertise...

Rehan Afzal

United States

Kanhasoft delivers! Not only do they follow your specifications, they add functionality and features you don't even think about. They were able to deliver a very complex...

Alwyn Pretorious

John Green

They did a great job! I am looking forward to working with them in the future.

Royal Hartwig

President, The Royal real estate family

Kanhasoft performed a great work and delivered an excellent outcome for our project. The teams subject matter expertise is excellent...

Silvano Brocca

Royal Eagle Security Services

Would highly recommend to any future company to partnership with Kanhasoft. They are professional, and highly skilled in their field of expertise...

Aritz R.

Carecloud S.A.S

Custom Software Development: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Choosing custom software is a good idea because off-the-shelf and free tools might not fit your business perfectly. They might not support specific integrations, and they can be limited or expensive in the long run. At Kanhasoft, we look at the financial side of custom software for each case and discuss options with the people involved.
The cost of custom software depends on how big and complex your project is. It's affected by things like:
  • The type of software and how many platforms it works on (web, mobile, desktop).
  • How many features the software has and how complex they are.
  • The uniqueness and complexity of the software design.
  • How many and how complex the integrations with other software are.
  • What the infrastructure requirements are (availability, performance, security, and scalability).
  • You can ask Kanhasoft to calculate the cost of your project for free.
It depends on whether you have a team in-house. If not, you need to put together a team or hire a company to do the whole project. If you have a team but need extra skills, go for a team augmentation model.
You don't need to worry about it because your software development company will help decide the best way. But if you want to know, at Kanhasoft, we use Agile (Scrum, Kanban, XP) for fast releases and changes. If you need predictable budgets or have to follow certain rules, we use Waterfall. And for a mix of flexibility and predictability, we use the Iterative model.
Kanhasoft is a trusted software development company with a team of proactive experts focused on bringing real business value. We make our customers happy – 62% of our revenue comes from customers we've served for more than 2 years.