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About Complaint Management system

Developed for a compliance company, this is a custom-rule Complaint Management system. It allows the company admin to define custom escalation rules for every type of complaints. Users can manage records of the customers and create a complaint based on the customer-inputs. Based on the rules, the complaint is automatically escalated based on the parameters. Various graphical reports are generated to track the performance.


  • SAAS based application, can be used by multiple companies to manage complaints
  • User Management - Level 1, level 2, Level 3
  • Level wise rights like only view, edit or delete
  • Create complaint, Set priority
  • Set up escalation rules for complaints
  • Generate user defined reports with graphs & charts
  • User Dashboard, View assigned complaint , add comments
  • Manage complaint status, add notes, add document, audio, video etc

corePHP MySQL HighCharts Compliance

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