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Hire Laravel Programmers in India

Laravel is an open-source PHP web framework with interactive, Dynamic syntax that makes the development process quick by easing the regular tasks used in most web projects. Laravel development provides various benefits like security, Powerful authentication, high performance, and more. You can hire Laravel Developers in India to reap all these benefits effectively from our developers at kanhasoft. Our talented Laravel programmers in India work dedicatedly to keep clients satisfied with high-quality services, competitive pricing and follow best practices of Laravel development.

Kanhasoft is the leading Laravel App Development Company in India providing, excellent software solutions to its offshore clients. We offer flexible models to adjust the team size for your project with domain expertise and experienced technical developers. Our remote Laravel developers in India work as per your development requirements at affordable prices, offering a quick turnaround time. Hire Laravel programmers in India with years of professional experience in developing projects with PHP frameworks that offer high scalability and cost-saving of up to 50%. We have experience & expertise in building custom web applications as per the latest trends in technologies to align with your enterprise requirements. we believe in transparency at every step of development. For this purpose, we have an app named “Time Doctor” that offers complete transparency of our works and assure our clients about developers working status.

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Hire Laravel Developers in India for:

  • Bespoke Business Web Applications

    Our expert Laravel developers will effectively build advanced level web applications along with customized feature-packed software with the latest technological trends and tools.

  • SaaS-based Solutions

    Kanhasoft provides a wide range of saas development services at cost-effective rates to help you grow your business to new heights.

  • Legacy application re-development and maintenance

    Seamlessly redevelop your existing Laravel application to the latest Laravel version that leads to increased app capabilities & user engagement.

  • Develop customized responsive web applications

    Our developers are experienced and skilled in setting up a high-performing web application that enhances customer attentiveness, user activity & eventually increases sales profit.

Our Laravel Developer's Expertise

Database Migration System

Migration works as of version control for your databases. our developers at Kanhasoft ensure your application with the seamless database migration.

Restful APIs

Our expert developers efficiently use the restful APIs of this PHP framework to develop a single interface between your data and client.

MVC Structure

The MVC structure represents the blueprint of any data. It makes things quick and straightforward. It provides a user-friendly atmosphere, gains attraction, and creates SEO strategy smoothly. Also, it saves time and offers speedy services.

Eloquent Queries

Laravel has eloquent ( an object-relational mapper) that smoothly interacts with your database. It helps developers to insert, update, & delete records from the table. Also, it retrieves records from the table.

Relation Ships

Relationship eases the development process. An eloquent relationship is an important feature in Laravel. It allows the developer to relate the tables in a very simple format.

Database Management Skills

Our developers carry the necessary skills to manage the database by organizing data. It makes it easier for the end-users to share it across the company.

Blade Templates

The blade is a powerful template engine & makes the syntax writing simple. Through blade template, our developers create the master template, which can be extended by other files. It is also used for displaying data and ternary operators.

Laravel Routing

The Laravel routing accepts a URI and closure. Also, it possesses a very interactive method of defining routes without complicated routing configuration files.

Security / Middleware / Guard

It provides a convenient mechanism for analyzing and filtering HTTP requests in your application. It is used to verify the authentication of users.

Create your Dream Team: Why Hire Laravel Programmer in India from Kanhasoft?

  • Flexible Engagement options

    We provide the most flexible engagement model that is cost-effective, easily adaptable, and client-friendly.

  • Build your own team

    You can build your team of remote developers from our in-house pool of expert developers according to your project requirements and budget. We have developers with in-depth knowledge and expertise in all domains and industries.

  • Transparency at all levels

    The security of your project and its confidentiality is our utmost priority. Our team follows transparency at every step of your project development. Also, we have several modes of communication to keep you updated with the project information.

  • Complete Control

    At kanhasoft, You will have space to assign the tasks as per your priority and convenience to our developers. You will have complete control over them.

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Laravel Web Development in India Our work

Storage Space CRM & Marketplace

A SaaS based ERP tool and a Marketplace platform developed for one of the leading real estate property company in South Africa. The marketplace platform allows general users to book space/units on rent from companies registered on the platform. The architecture of this system is on SOA with multi-tenancy. The main aim of this solution is to provide a common platform for tenants and storage companies for business.

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Dating & Matchmaking Platform

A social networking and matchmaking platform for Norway. The platform helps people find their best match based on their partner preferences. For each registered user, there is a matchmaker assigned by admin. The system has an inbuilt algorithm which automatically suggests the best match for a user based on their preferences. Real time chatting enables users to get to know each other and they can also request for a date. This is a subscription based site with 3 plans to choose from and ad-hoc services.

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Project Management Sytem for Translation Industry

This is a custom Project management and an ERP tool for a translation company. The application aligns with the major operations of the company and allows user to manage their staff, freelancers, clients, projects, jobs, invoicing and detail reporting. Admin can assign project to a freelancer and can track the progress of the project along with its tasks. A knowledge base is provided for the users for company updates and other activities.

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Service CRM system

A CRM & service management tool for executive services industry, which allows access to company officials and service executives. Companies who offer executive documentation services like human resource, financial services, licensing and insurance management can use this solution to track their operations. When documents are uploaded for any service, the admin receives an instant notification, can review the document and share his comments. Companies can also review their freelancer/staff who performs the services.

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Marketplace Platform for Medical

A SaaS based Amazon Seller tool for automatic email campaigner, negative review tracker and data analytics for Amazon platform. This platform is available on a subscription basis and allows sellers to setup email campaigns for specific events of their orders. The system also has a comprehensive sales data analytics module which provides drill down reports & metrics of seller’s Amazon store.

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Unit Testing,





What factors should I consider while choosing a Laravel developer for my project?

How can I make sure the data about my project is secure?

Priority one is security. Only you and the Laravel developer you hire have access to your project data and sensitive information.

For my project, do you offer NDA and IP protection?

Rest confident that you will own your project entirely. It consists of NDAs, copyright, source code, intellectual property rights, private letters, further memoranda of understanding, etc.

With developers, can I alter the frequency of stand-up calls?

Without a doubt, you are free to arrange daily or weekly stand-up calls with your Laravel developer. Regular contact and progress updates are thus ensured.

Are your Laravel developers skilled in creating APIs with the use of Laravel's default tools?

It's true that our Laravel developers are skilled at creating APIs using Laravel's features, enabling smooth integration and data exchange.

For a comprehensive solution, can I employ a Laravel developer with experience in front-end tech like react.js?

Yes, we offer flexibility in hiring options. Whether you need a developer for a short-term project or long-term engagement, we can tailor our services to meet your requirements.

What if I'm not satisfied with the developer's performance?

Yes, we can put you in touch with Laravel developers with experience in front-end tech like react.js who can build unified, feature-rich applications.

Do the Laravel developers you employ have experience setting up authentication and authorization procedures?

In order to ensure secure access to your apps, our Laravel developers have experience creating strong authentication and authorisation systems.

Can you help me convert a PHP application to work with Laravel?

Yes, with the help of our Laravel engineers, you can convert your current PHP application to Laravel and take use of all the framework's capabilities and advantages.

Do your Laravel developers have experience with technologies like Laravel Queue for background tasks and queuing?

Yes, our Laravel developers have experience handling background jobs and queuing requests utilising Laravel's integrated queue system.

Can I use the Laravel environment to construct ERP and CRM applications utilising Laravel developers?

Yes, we have Laravel developers who can use Laravel's environment and tools to build feature-rich ERP and CRM solutions.

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