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Yii Application Developers in India

Kanhasoft is a Yii app development company in India with a proven track record of offering only the best Yii development services. Over the years, our team of Yii application developers in India has delivered hundreds of Yii applications to companies and clients around the globe belonging to different industry niches. The high-performing and dynamic PHP framework, Yii, allows our Yii application developers to build interactive web applications and complex websites by considerably accelerating the process of development. Get in touch with the most experienced team of Yii application developers in India to create intelligent web solutions that meet your business requirements in style.

We are a leading web development company that allows you to hire our brilliant team of Yii application developers in India to build customized web applications for your business or start-up. With great technical expertise (other open source technologies as well) and the ability to use proven methodologies to create hi-end Yii applications, Kanhasoft is simply the right Yii app development company in India for highly personalized Yii application development.

Yii Application Developers in India

Why Hire Yii App Developers in India from Kanhasoft?

As one of the top-rated web development companies in India, Kanhasoft is the best choice for scalable, comprehensive, and cost-effective Yii application development. At Kanhasoft, our Yii application developers offer timely and satisfactory delivery of Yii solutions to our clients. Also, our team of Yii developers can take on any app development challenge, big or small, ensuring the result is as expected by the client.

We are a Yii app development company in India having a team of Yii developers who are well-equipped to use the dynamic Yii framework to create complex web applications, portals, and websites and can also maintain your applications for you, so you can focus on growing your business. Thus, from application development to professional maintenance services, we are all set to push the limit of your business in the way you want.

Based on our years of industry experience, Kanhasoft proposes to build customized Yii applications for your business. We understand all our clients have unique requirements, and our developers understand and build applications specifically tailored to meet your needs. At Kanhasoft, we believe all our clients are special and we like to put your needs above everything else. Hire Yii app developers in India from a reputable Yii app development company to streamline your business operations.

Yii Application Development Services

Custom Yii app development

Kanhasoft team provides custom Yii application development services. We ensure that your applications are developed and designed according to your business requirements and objectives.

Yii app development

Our developers have extensive experience in building reliable, scalable, and feature-rich mobile applications using Yii frameworks. We help your business reach a wider audience by developing apps that are compatible with all the devices and operating systems, whether iOS or Android.

Third-party integration

We help you integrate your Yii platform with third-party APIs. Kanhasoft’s expert Yii developers offer you reliable integration services without affecting your data & files.

Yii CMS development

Our Yii CMS development services can help you develop a perfect CMS that manages your content on applications without any hindrance.

Yii support & maintenance

We provide you the support and maintenance services even after the deployment of your app to sort out any technical glitches or doubts you encounter. Our team will guide and assist you in achieving the best results.

Our Yii App Development Expertise

Object-Relational Mapping = Active records and database access objects

Yii offers powerful & strong support for database programming. It is developed on PHP Data Object (PDO) extension. Yii data access object (DAO) allows our developers to access various database management systems (DBMS) in a single interface. Thus, it can be easily changed to use a different DBMS without modifying the data accessing code.

It supports CRUD generation with Gii

Our developers carry expertise in working with the Gii module of the Yii framework. Gii allows developers to generate code for CRUD operations. CRUD helps developers to easily learn any web framework.

Multiple database support

Yii provides multiple database support through a customary configuration of a Yii application, in which it includes only a single database section in the protected PHP file. Also, it is easy and simple to extend it to support more than one by typing each model into one of the databases.

Easy validation rules

Yii provides easy validation rules in salesforce that verify whether the data entered by users meet certain criteria before the user saves the record.

It provides security through Xss, SQL injections, and CSRF

Our developers ensure the security of your data from attacks and hacking of the system with the support of Xss, SQL injection, and CSRF.

Unit/functional testing

Unit test allows our experienced Yii developers to test individual functions to ensure the smooth functioning of your web application.

Debug toolbar

Yii provides a useful debug toolbar. It utilized the extension in the development stage of the project, which allows the developers to get the details about the PHP environment, application, queries log, and more.

How to Hire a Yii App Development Team?

Creating an application is the clever decision to expand your business around the world and reach the target audiences. Below are some steps to follow in outsourcing an application development company.

Analyze your requirements for the projects and desired project outcomes.
Search for the best Yii app development company in India.
Get in touch and ask for a free consultation from our expert Yii developers for more guidance on your project needs.
Get a cost estimation based on your project requirements and sign an NDA.
Kick-off the project and get delivery in a discussed timeline.

Yii Application Development in India Our Work

Project Listing Portal

A project listing portal developed for the construction industry and available for contractors and related entities. Developed on a subscription basis, users can register in the system and get access to high-profile construction projects. Admin has a backend portal to manage the project listings and their detailed information. Detailed analytics also shows project-related information to the general users. It also has Google Map API integration for viewing project locations on the map.

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Marketplace Platform for Medical

MAS is a marketplace for medical & surgical equipment for the Latin American region. This marketplace application allows a user to register either as a buyer or a seller and opt for services provided by the platform. The platform provides project posting, bidding, and financial transactional facilities for users. It also allows a buyer to create a bid posting, select the product and services required set bid time and invite the seller.

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Inventory management System

This is a lightweight Stock & Inventory management system for a Cigar company. Developed on a SaaS architecture, this allows a cigar manufacturer to streamline their order management processes, ordering for raw materials, inter-department stock transfer, shipment of executed orders, and daily valuation of the stock. This inventory management system has all the basic functions that are required for hassle-free product management.

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Key benefits of choosing Yii for your application development

  • Yii is based on an MVC design pattern that allows the Yii developer to organize the app cleanly and efficiently.
  • DOA ( data Object Access) is a modified feature in the Yii framework to avoid the complex writing tasks on SQL queries repetitively.
  • It provides easy installation of the application.
  • It has dedicated community support and robust community features.
  • Yii provides an automatic code template, which allows for the fast development of an app.
  • Yii provides catching which enhances the performance of the app by reducing loading speed and time.
  • Yii is a highly secure framework.

Hire Yii App Developer

  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 100% Confidentiality Assured

    (Strict NDA Terms)

  • 100% Customer Experience
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Where can be Yii framework be used?

Yii can be used in developing all kinds of web applications through PHP. It works best for large applications such as E-commerce development, forums, portals, CMS, restful web services, and more.

What can be the benefits of choosing the Yii framework?

Yii is effective in the development of large-scale applications. it includes the features such as performance, extensible characteristics, and more. Yii encourages MVC architecture patterns like other PHP frameworks & promotes code organization.

How much does Yii development cost?

It depends on the kind of project & its features. It also depends on the customization of the project.

Which Yii developments services does Kanhasoft offer?

Our expert Yii application developers in India offer the following services-

  • Custom Yii development
  • Yii web application development
  • Yii framework development
  • Enterprise Yii development
  • Yii modules and plugins
  • Yii Maintenance and support services
  • Yii integration services

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We are here to build your software project and help you succeed & grow your business.


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