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Android Application Development Company

We offer end-to-end app development services that include UI/UX design, app development, performance testing, production deployment, and post-launch support.

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Android App Developers

Powering more than 1.6 billion smartphones globally and dominating the mobile OS market with more than 71% of the share, android application development is the most effective and proven way to make your business (product + services)reach your targeted audiences. From young entrepreneurs to established players, everyone is hiring android app developers to explore the unreached business opportunities. If your business or organization is searching for an android application development company in India that has strong roots in app design, app development, and app deployment, then Kanhasoft is worth considering. To get started with your android app development at attractive prices, schedule a free consultation today.

Kanhasoft is a top-rated Mobile Application Development Company known for converting groundbreaking app ideas into profitable mobile applications. Our team of android app developers knows how to create a powerful and impressive native android app using the latest app development technologies such as Java and Kotlin and tools such as Android Studio. Our mobile app developers hold expertise in creating powerful, user-friendly, and secure android app that is scalable, beautifully designed, and easy to use.

Also, when it comes to android wearable app development, Kanhasoft stands second to none. While developing a wearable app, we use modern android technologies to design and develop wearable applications for wearOS watches (android watch) and BLE that offers a unique user experience. We have worked with plenty of international clients and offered them enterprise-grade mobile app development solutions at the best prices.


Why Choose Us for Android App Development?

Kanhasoft is an android application development company, and for years, we are always the first to adopt and implement new technologies and trends in our app development process. Our app developers work in close collaboration with clients to develop modern apps that augment customer experience, including mobile, voice, IoT, AR/VR, and more. If your business needs the most modern, scalable, and tech-adoptive android app to boost your presence and profit margin, then Kanhasoft is worth considering.

Kanhasoft will offer you a robust and futuristic enterprise & commercial app for your business operations and independent of the display size. Our expertise in developing customer-centric apps has made us the most trusted Android application development company in India throughout the globe. Our team of android app developers in India has served right from individuals to small startups, medium businesses and multi-national enterprise giants, developing quality Android apps of various scales.

Do you need an android app that can help you maintain a competitive edge over the competitors? If so, then contact our android app developers in India who can deliver the best in their forte.

Android Application Development Services


Native Android App Development

We develop a customized and high-quality digital product with great intuitive functions on a straightforward platform. Get frequent updates and development to cater to a highly responsive customer base with our solutions.


Cross-platform App Development

We at Kanhasoft carry a team of experienced & certified cross-platform app developers. We provide a full spectrum of app development solutions for developing fully featured and intuitive apps that runs across diverse platforms & reach more audience.

Custom android app development

Custom Android App Development

We create robust and scalable custom android applications according to your business needs and challenges to ensure the apps suit your businesses & accomplish the objectives.

Android UX/UI development

Android UX/UI Development

Our android app developers in India carry extensive experience in building eye-catching, dynamic & innovative UX/UI design that attracts the users and carries the potential to convert it into sales.

Android app porting/ Redesign

Android App Porting/ Redesign

Ensure your android apps are updated through timely upgradation from an older version to the latest version with enhanced security, features, and performance. Also, redesign your existing app to meet the latest technological trends in the industry.

iPhone app QA testing and debugging

Android App Testing

Android app testing is the process of creating an application software by testing for its usability, functionality, flexibility, and consistency. We at Kanhasoft ensure you handle all your android app testing needs to make your app more scalable & effective.


Android App Support & Maintenance

We make your applications run seamlessly across all devices with our reliable support and maintenance services. It provides you with high-quality results that drive your application to enhance user experience and customer satisfaction.

Our Android App Development Expertise

Kotlin based programming

Our android developers are proficient in building an android application using a kotlin programming language. Kotlin has seamlessly integrated with the android studio and is the first choice among many companies. Kotlin seamlessly asynchronous tasks using coroutines.

MVVM, MVC Design Pattern

Our developers build superb iOS applications using the two popular design patterns that are MVVM and MVC. Where MVC is the pattern widely endorsed by apple and MVVM (model-view-ViewModel) is currently in use for swift iOS app structure as an alternative to MVC. It is used in Microsoft's ASP.Net framework development.


Our developers carry extensive experience in creating deep links to app content. Our developers create and test links to your content.

Aws services, Cognito

AWS Cognito allows our developers to effectively add simple & secure user-sigh up, sign-in, and access control to your applications rapidly and easily.

MVVM, MVC, and MVP architecture for Development

Our developers are efficient in all three design patterns for android development i.e, MVVM, MVP, MVC. These three patterns MVVM, MVC, & MVP helps developers in building an app that is loosely coupled, simple to test and maintain.

Payment gateway

Our android app developers in India carry expertise in developing a built-in payment gateway that lets you conduct an online payment from your app.

Restful and GraphQl

We use graph QL and restful API for app offers stateless servers and structures access to resources. GraphQL is created to tackle the need for more flexibility and efficiency.

Material design

It is a comprehensive guide used in android app development for visual, motion, and interaction design across all platforms and devices. Android provides different features in developing material design apps such as themes for UI widgets, widgets for lists and cards, new APIs for custom shadows and animations.

WearOS standalone app

Wear OS application runs directly on the watch, which provides you access to hardware such as sensors and the GPU. Wearable applications are almost the same as other apps that use the Android SDK, except in design and functionality features.

FCM and Pusher for the push notification

FCM is a cross-platform managing solution it allows you to deliver messages reliably at no cost. It enables you to send notification messages to drive user re-engagement & retention.

Pusher lets you send push notifications with scalable delivery, security, and insights.


Crashlystics is set up on android for crash reporting. Using crashlystics, it becomes easy to integrate smoothly with existing android tools and libraries and also makes your reporting UI look better.

CloudWatch for Logging

We use cloudwatch for application logs development. Cloudwatch provides robust monitoring of AWS infrastructure & other AWS resources. It allows to track various helpful metrics such as CPU usage, network traffic, available storage spaces, memory, and performance counts. It also offers access to system & application logs.

Map Integration

Our developers swiftly integrate google Maps in android using an API key. It is used to access the google maps server.

Room Db, SQLite for local storage

We at Kanhasoft uses room dB and SQLite for saving data in a local database in an application. These room libraries offer an abstraction layer over SQLite that enables fluent database access while utilizing the full power of SQLite.

Multilingual and Multiscreen resolution

Android offers extensive support for multilingual users, which allows them to select multiple locales in settings offers this capability by expanding the number of locales supported & changing the way the system resolves resources.

BLE and WearOS supported apps

Google’s wear OS helps to write apps that allow users to stay connected accomplish tasks and express themselves. Android-based wear OS is optimized for the wrist. Also, it provides new development options such as watch faces.


How to Hire an Android App Development Team?


Analyze your requirements and desired project outcomes.


Search for the best and experienced android app development company in India.


Contact the android app development company in India and get free consultation and guidance based on your business needs and project requirements.


Get the cost estimation based on your development requirements.


Start your project by onboarding your team.

Android App Development Our Work

Worldee - Augmented City Map

Worldee - Augmented City Map

Worldee is here to stop your frustration of not understanding or knowing your local surroundings...

Nighter Mobile Application

Nighter App

Nighter App is a social networking app connecting users after the night falls.

GenieManager Mobile Application

GenieManager Mobile App

A SaaS based ERP tool and a Marketplace platform developed for one of the leading...

Grocery Mobile Application

Grocery App

An Android and iOS based Grocery App that allows users to locate nearby grocery stores...

Illuminappi Chat Mobile Application

Illuminappi Chat app

Illuminappi is an ephemeral messenger that allows users to delete any message...

Restaurant Wait Time

Restaurant Wait Time

An Android based app which allows you to track the waiting times at any restaurant...


The Android Ecosystem We are Using in Our Work

Check out the various tools and technologies our Android developers are experts in. They've mastered in creating custom apps that cater to a variety of needs.

React Native
React Native
Jetpack compose
Jetpack compose
Jetpack components
Jetpack components
Espresso: UI test
Espresso: UI test
Junit: Function test
Junit: Function test
Kotlin serialization
Kotlin serialization
Room persistence library
Room persistence library
Firebase realtime database
Firebase realtime database
Android Studio IDE
Android Studio IDE
Android Emulator
Android Emulator

Our Android Experts Can Handle Various Combinations of Technologies.

As a top Android development company, Kanhasoft offers comprehensive full-stack Android development services. Our adept Android developers excel in blending various front and back-end technologies to build strong and scalable web structures. Partner with our skilled Android programmers to craft a dependable, secure, and advanced product that scales with your needs.

android + php

Android + PHP

Build robust mobile applications by combining Android with PHP. This technology stack merges the dynamic Android development with the versatile server-side capabilities of PHP, resulting in efficient and scalable mobile solutions.

android + django

Android + Django

Develop robust mobile applications by combining Android with Django. This technology stack merges the dynamic Android development with the powerful backend capabilities of Django, resulting in efficient and scalable mobile solutions.

android + node

Android + Node.JS

Create powerful mobile applications by combining Android with Node.js. This technology stack merges the dynamic Android development with the robust server-side capabilities of Node.js, resulting in efficient and scalable mobile solutions.

android + laravel

Android + Laravel

Build robust mobile applications by combining Android with Laravel. This technology stack merges the dynamic Android development with the powerful backend capabilities of Laravel, resulting in efficient and scalable mobile solutions.

Key Benefits of Choosing Android For Your Application Development


Android provides marvelous graphic design to designers.


It is highly affordable as it provides several android app development tools to develop high-functioning apps for your companies at market-friendly prices.


It offers market fragmentation, which provides an equally lucrative opportunity for businesses.


Android provides a solid and secure platform for developing a high-performing application.


It provides easy integration of mobile apps as per the requirements of your business needs.


Android offers better syndication


The android platform provides customization (UI) graphics and applications.


Android is widely popular due to the highly usable & awesome features that attract more people towards it.


It provides the best android based wearable devices for users.


It includes multiple network distribution which helps to develop your distribution channel for the market.

Start now with a pre-vetted Android Application Developers.

Clutch: What People Are Saying

What Our Clients Think?


Chris Nan

Kanhasoft completed the all of the project specifications within the designated timeline and internal personnel are happy with the quality. The team’s prompt communication and level of past experience in the industry helped them deliver a product that surpassed all expectations.

Chris Abra

Technology Manager, Passion Sports

Kanhasoft delivered a high-quality website and met all expectations. A detailed QA style ensured accuracy during the process and Kanhasoft provided value and a good working relationship. Advocacy groups are impressed by demonstrations and users are pleased.

Dan Engel

CEO, Patient True Talk
Anupam Pandey

I cannot say enough good things about KahnaSoft. They did excellent work and working with them was easy. They greatly exceeded our expectations and I highly recommend them!

Ken Ravazzolo- President

DME data solutions
Siyan Zhao

Manoj and his team has been responsive, diligent and provided a great value-added solution. This team is very professional, and highly skilled in their field of expertise...

Rehan Afzal

United States

Kanhasoft delivers! Not only do they follow your specifications, they add functionality and features you don't even think about. They were able to deliver a very complex...

Alwyn Pretorious

John Green

They did a great job! I am looking forward to working with them in the future.

Royal Hartwig

President, The Royal real estate family

Kanhasoft performed a great work and delivered an excellent outcome for our project. The teams subject matter expertise is excellent...

Silvano Brocca

Royal Eagle Security Services

Would highly recommend to any future company to partnership with Kanhasoft. They are professional, and highly skilled in their field of expertise...

Aritz R.

Carecloud S.A.S


We consider different security measures during the development of an android application. Our developers practice the best parameters to ensure the flawless performance of your app without any problems.
There are many reasons, some are listed in short here-
  • Cost-effective
  • Time management in case of development, delivery, reporting, communication, etc.
  • Quality work
  • Dedication towards work
  • Expertise in every trending technology
  • Geographical flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Turnaround time
  • Innovative solutions
  • Professionalism
You can choose your choice of a development team. We will provide you with all the details of developers, you can select from them and can make your team that only works dedicatedly on your project.
No, because we make the cost clear at the begging based on your project requirements.

Our Work Methodology


Discussions, Assumptions, Identification, Brainstorming, Conceptualization


Planning, Definition, Milestones, Sprint Planning, SRS Documents


Prototype, Wireframes, Architecture, HTML/UI-UX, System Design


APIs, Coding, Push/Pull, Unit Testing, Development


Phases, Release, Support, Deployment, Maintenance

Success story Our Achievements

We are a web and mobile application development company in India holding some feathers of success in our crown.


11 Years of experience

Watched technologies change leaps and bounds during these years and we always focused on staying ahead in this transition.


350+ Solutions delivered to clients

The satisfaction of the clients using our solutions has always encouraged used to excel in our benchmarks. We are a client-centric web and mobile application Development Company in India.


25+ Industries covered till now

The dynamic range of industries covered with a wide knowledge of each and solving critical problems.


Flexible engagement models

Highly customizable hiring models allows our clients to tailor-make their own models, end-result being the same: Success


Custom solutions for any workflow

Business-focused software solutions aiming to solve the important workflow problems of your business


200+ Satisfied & Happy clients

It’s not the numbers but the smiles of our customers that matters when they see our software solving their problems.

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We are here to build your software project and help you succeed & grow your business.


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