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About Archief for Booking Management System

Archief is a booking management system for the driver and their organization. And Archief is a tablet application that driver-type users will use. On the organization side, any of the admin-level users can assign the work order to the driver on the calendar. Each work order will be assigned by the organization to drivers on the respected date and time. While assigning the work to the driver, the organization will have information about all drivers and their full schedule of allocation.

On the driver side, the tablet application will allow them to log in and on the dashboard, and they will be able to see all the assigned work orders on the calendar UI. In the detailed calendar view each day’s time slot, and all assigned Work orders can be accessed by them to start working on it. At the same time, the driver also has the option to see all the listed work order details on the map. Mapview is a screen, which helps the driver to see where he needs to go and where he is currently.

A work order is a detail of work in which all details of the vehicle and goods that the driver needs to import from one place to another are mentioned. And after completing the work order driver needs to sign on a tablet (digital sign) which will indicate work order is completed and the admin can view the driver's signature on the other side.


  • Driver can see their work order on the map screen with custom annotation to view and type of goods the vehicle needs to review
  • Drivers have the option to view daily work orders hour-wise on the day view screen
  • The driver will get early notifications of the work assigned to them, which works as a reminder for them
  • Get the info of miles from the current location to the destination location

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