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About ShasChabura for Learning Utility

Shas Chabura app contains a holy book named “Talmud”. It is the book of Jewish Law, which is considered one of the most challenging religious texts in the world. The app is developed for the people of Jewish. It lets them follow their schedule of learning each chapter of Talmud every day with some, Amud at their fingertips with the easy and useful features of this app.

The app enables users to learn and review the learning process without falling behind schedule. Also, reviewing lets the user sharpens their understanding by retaining their previous learning. Moreover, the app allows the user to choose a learning pace per their choice and lets them review with an easy-to-use, interactive calendar.

The Shas Chabura app also has a feature that tracks the progress in one convenient location that helps them to track the number of dafim learned and reviewed by them. Moreover, it gives them an achievement badge for their learning and provides trophies based on their achievements. In addition, it has social networking feature, which allows the users to add friends & family members to discuss the daf with them for better understanding.

In short, It is a tried and tested review system for people to retain their Gemara learning with fully customizable features such as the preference of the pace of learning as per their choice, the notification, and a progress tracker showing the number of dafim they learned & reviewed. Also, it includes a feature for sharing achievements with friends & family.


  • On calendar view, user can set their study of chapters using single clicks.
  • Local notification will remind the user to review their previous study or learn chapters.
  • Achievement screen has an option
  • Simple social network options for the user to find users on the app and follow them.
  • No need to calculate and remind what chapters and what pages from the book have been completed for learning, all will be managed on the calendar only.

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