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About Amazon ERP System

An Amazon API based Inventory & stock management system, which allows Amazon sellers to monitor their warehouse inventory, order management, invoicing, stock tracking and tracking Amazon store. System performs consolidation with Amazon store for inventory and based on the same informs the user whether new stock should be ordered or not and if yes, then how much quantity to order. Other modules include daily sales tracker, monthly/daily profit analyzer, negative review tracker and email campaign tool.


  • Integrated with Amazon MWS API to fetch sales & product related information
  • Consolidation with Amazon and warehouse stock in real time
  • Automatically informs user whether to purchase new stock and how much to order
  • Manage purchase order, invoices and shipments
  • Tracks stock on Amazon in real time basis for each seller ASIN
  • Fetches detail sales data via API to formulate sales dashboard
  • Display of metrics like gross sales, FBA fees, ship/unit cost, promotion costs and product refunds
  • Calculation of important metrics like ROI, Margin, monthly profit and daily profit
  • Email campaign tool with various filters on orders, ASINs and timings
  • Negative review, feedback and hijacker tracker with customized alerts

PHP MySQL AngularJS PhantomJS CasperJS Amazon MWS API Amazon SES API Amazon ERP

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