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About Nternow for Real Estate Industry

Our patented On-Demand Access Service for real estate gives driving-by homebuyers and future tenants the convenience of instant, independent property touring, yet keeps the property secure. Your properties can be shown off even if your agents are busy with other customers or on their days off!

The Nternow application is for tenants and future home buyers who can access the facility or property while visiting the property without the need of any person with the help of this application. The application will authorize the user to access it. Each property will have hardware installed on the door which has some unique barcode attached so while visiting the place, the home buyer with the help of this app can authorize themself with our system without any charges. It allows them to open the door (easily enter the punch code and knob the door) and they can start the tour of the property.

The user of the app will create a tour of homes for different properties and it will automatically close the door once they are out of the door.


  • The map view screen has all the properties from a nearby location and tapping on it, will give a brief and you will be able to move for directions.
  • Bar code scanner for door attached machine and bar code for unlocking and punching the code.
  • Miles calculation on the other hand helps the user to see the distance they are away from the properties.
  • Able to mark as the “favorite property” for future reference and access.

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