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Hire iOS App Developer in India

iPhone and iPad are the most loved handheld devices and their popularity among the masses is growing by leaps and bounds. This craziness for iPhone and iPad has created a lucrative market of immense business opportunity; thereby, giving a rise to the need for professional iPhone app development at affordable prices. We are Kanhasoft, and you can hire iPhone app developers in India to create sleek, scalable, and high-performing iOS applications that function well on all the trending versions of iOS. Also, by the means of legacy app re-development, we can upgrade and redesign your existing iOS application to enhance its performance and user interface. For a better insight into our iPhone app development skills, feel free to have a look at our portfolio.

Apple releases a new set of devices every year, and the team of iOS app developers at Kanhasoft stays well prepared to accommodate the latest hardware and software changes to create the most modern app solution. Hire iOS app developers in India who are proficient in modern frameworks and tools such as Swift, XCode, Instruments, Realm, and Core Data to name a few. We are an end-to-end iPhone app development company that offers complete app development services – from conceptualization to submitting your app to the app store. Let’s take your business to the next level with iOS app development.

iOS Application Development

Hire iPhone App Developers in India for:

  • iOS App Design and Development

    We have designed and developed some landmark iOS apps (iPhone and iPad) for our clients coming from different business domains.

  • UI/UX Design for iOS Apps

    UI/UX is extremely important for the success of an app; thus, we design a smooth experience for your end-users.

  • iOS App Development Consulting

    Schedule a consultation with industry veterans to discuss the feasibility of your app idea and how much it will cost you.

  • iPhone App Testing and Maintenance

    Post-release support and maintenance are extremely important; thus, we offer highly professional app maintenance and testing services as well.

Our iPhone Developer's Expertise

Swift based programming

Our iOS application developers in India build fast and secure applications using a swift programming language, which is considered worldwide for its high-performance delivery.

Storyboards and Nibs

The storyboard is the latest iOS toolkit, which helps to visually see the flow of your application, the layout of the content, and the transition between them. Nibs on the other helps to create the user interface graphically. This feature works best for iPhone applications and provides great results.

MVVM, MVC Design Pattern

Our developers build superb iOS applications using the two popular design patterns that are MVVM and MVC. Where MVC is the pattern widely endorsed by apple and MVVM (model-view-ViewModel) is currently in use for swift iOS app structure as an alternative to MVC. It is used in Microsoft's ASP.Net framework development.

BLE and WatchOS based applications

We at Kanhasoft provide our clients with reliable and result-driven development services for BLE and WatchOS based applications.


It is an objective-c library dependency manager. This dependency management tool allows the programmers to overcome the general issues for the dependencies between the different libraries. It helps the iOS programmers to build the project with ease.

Rest APIs and GraphQL

Our iOS application developers in India are proficient in developing faster applications by using rest API and GraphQL. Where graphQL is used in the existing back-end of the app.

AWS Cognito, Amplify, Cloudwatch logs

We help you develop a serverless application with AWS Cognito, Amplify, Cloudwatch logs. We ensure a feature-rich app using AWS.


It is a real-time crash reporting tool, which helps you prioritize, fix your crashes based on the effect on real users. It also integrates easily into your android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS apps.

Coredata local database, Deeplink

Coredata is the iOS storage technology available to iOS app developers. It depends on the amount and type of data you need to manage and store. Coredata helps you to store the content of an object.

Push notifications, FCM, Pusher

Our professional iOS developers proficiently use the Pusher to push a notification to your mobile application with the help of firebase cloud messaging (FCM), which works smoothly in your apps.

Core Location, Siri Integration

The core location offers services in your app that shows the device’s geographic location, altitude, and orientation to a nearby iBeacon device. Our developers effectively integrate Siri using Sirikit to define the tasks and actions that your application supports. It works even if your app is not running.

Apple Pay, HealthKit

Our dedicated iOS developers carry expertise in the Healthkit framework that accesses and shares health and fitness in iPhone applications while managing the user’s privacy control. Apple pay offers an easy and safe way to make payments in your iOS, iPadOS, watchOS apps. It allows developers to integrate apple pay in business chat and iMessage extensions that benefit you in increasing conversion rates and sales.

Augmented Reality (ARKit)

Kanhasoft iOS developers carry expertise in working with ARKit that now brings location anchors to Landon and other cities across the US. it allows the developers to create an AR experience for specific places. It is now expanding for face tracking support.

WatchOS Standalone Development

Our iPhone application developers now creatively develop apps for watchOS. It includes some useful features such as always on – retina display, Bluetooth connection from complications, region-based user notification, etc.

Create your Dream Team of iOS Developers: Benefits of Hiring Dedicated iPhone Programmer

  • Flexible Engagement Options

    We understand that no two businesses are the same; thus, we have highly flexible engagement models to suit your budget and requirements at the same time.

  • Build your own team

    At Kanhasoft, you have the flexibility to handpick the team of developers of your choice. This team will follow your instructions.

  • Transparency at all levels

    We have different communication mediums to ensure 100% transparency in the development of your projects.

  • Complete Control

    Control your team of handpicked developers and designers, and assign them a task as per your project requirements.

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iOS App Development in India Our Work

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Our Work Methodology




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How much will it cost to design a mobile app?

What services are provided by "Hire iOS Developers"?

We are experts at putting you in touch with capable remote iOS developers. Our developers are skilled in producing unique and approachable iOS applications.

Can I alter the developers' stand-up call schedule?

Yes, you have the freedom to arrange daily or weekly stand-up calls with your iOS developer. This promotes consistent communication and progress reports.

Which credentials do your iOS developers hold?

Swift and Objective-C programming are strong suit areas of knowledge for our iOS developers. They have a history of producing fruitful iOS applications.

Can I work with an iOS developer who has both Swift and Objective-C experience?

The compatibility and versatility of your project is assured by the fact that we have iOS developers with experience in both Swift and Objective-C.

Do your iOS developers have the necessary skills to include third-party APIs and services?

Yes, our iOS developers have worked with integrating third-party services and APIs to improve the features and functionality of your applications.

Do your iOS developers have previous expertise creating apps for a range of Apple devices?

Indeed, our iOS developers have experience creating apps for a variety of Apple products, including apps for iPhones, iPads, and even the Apple Watch.

Can you help me publish my software to the Apple software Store?

Yes, you can receive assistance from our iOS developers as you prepare and submit your app to the Apple App Store, assuring a successful launch.

Do your iOS developers have experience with in-app messaging and push notifications?

Yes, in order to increase user engagement, our iOS developers have experience adding push notifications and in-app messaging tools.

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