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Consult the Best Custom CRM Software Developers in India

If you are looking for a tool that can help you streamline your company’ productivity, capitalize on customer data, marketing strategies, and optimize your sales cycles all at the same time then, it’s time to hire CRM developers for a modern CRM solution from a top-rated custom CRM software development company in India – Kanhasoft. We can help you own a highly personalized custom CRM solution for your business that will assist you in meeting your unique needs. Hire CRM developers for a lightweight, feature-rich, scalable, and optimized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for your business today.

CRM Solutions in India

Why You Need custom CRM Software Development Company?

Proper Organization

A professionally designed custom CRM software solution saves your time and effort. You don’t have to turn the table upside down in search of clients’ details such as their phone number, email ID, email history, call history, etc. Strategically designed custom CRM will keep all the details just a few clicks away. It keeps all your data in a highly organized manner so that you can easily access them as and when required.

Proper Organization

Streamlined Communication

A custom CRM software streamlines your organization’s internal communication. From finding a year-old lead to collaborate with the teams internally, custom CRM development is meant to streamline your internal communication. Your staff can easily get all required information of customer history.

Streamlined Communication

Customer Intimacy

Customer intimacy is the process of getting closer to your customers to identify your customer pain areas. This results in the tailoring of your products & services with problem-solving capabilities and greater adaptation of products to customer needs. The solution developed by our team of custom CRM developers in India can help you capture critical information about your customers and their behaviours and enable targeted marketing, product development, and sales activities.

Customer Intimacy

Better Reporting

In the absence of a custom CRM solution for your organization, different salespeople, managers, and leaders will face difficulties in consolidating the necessary data and coming up with proper reporting. CRMs make data entry uniform, meaning managers can easily combine and analyze data to understand the overall health of the sales organization. Thus, custom CRM Development Services in India by Kanhasoft can increase business sales.

Better Reporting

Industries We’ve Served with Professional custom CRM Solutions

For years, we have been the best custom CRM software development company in India, and for all those years, we have served clients belonging to different industries and domains.


Get enterprise-ready and highly scalable custom CRM software solutions for your business to meet the rising CRM challenges and opportunities in the cloud, mobility innovation, and social revolution. Transform your business operations with us.

Out of the Box Features Your custom CRM Software Will Have

Whatever are your requirements, our custom CRM developers in India can create CRM solutions with any level of complexity packet with all the desired features? Here’s a small list of awesome features your CRM software will have to offer you an unmatched competitive edge:

  • Innovative Lead & Contact Management

    Modern features such as follow-ups, reminders, calls, and meeting conversations will help you convert your leads to customers.

  • Pipelines & Opportunities

    Using this feature you to create multiple pipelines and track their progress and values. It also offers an intuitive way to track the performance of a marketing channel.

  • Quotations & Documentation

    This feature lets you create custom quote documents for leads and send them directly from your system to their email id. Quotes can be customized and their status can be tracked.

  • Task Management

    With the help of this feature, you can set up individual or recurring tasks and assign it to the staff members. Keep a close watch on every task with a reminder on email or SMS.

  • Calendar & Events

    See all your CRM events and tasks on a single view of a calendar with the ability to drag and drop feature to edit details. Multiple filters help you find the exact data.

  • Appointment Scheduling

    Schedule appointments on your dairy and never miss out on an important meeting with the customer. Send a custom invitation to the concerned parties and also get reminders.

  • Ticket & Issue Tracking

    Create tickets for customer issues and make them auto-assign to staff members with auto-updates on every step. Keep track of your issues and allow for auto-escalation of issues if not solved

  • It’s time to supercharge your workflow with powerful Customer Relationship Management software for your team. Meet the CRM developers at Kanhasoft who can help you determine, build or upgrade the best custom CRM solution with the help of our skilled CRM developers.

Custom CRM solutions Our selected work

iDrive Custom CRM Solution

iDrive is the best custom CRM solution that improves visibility into all your activity and helps you develop a trustworthy relationship with your clients. Also, it provides a centralized platform for the sales team to manage customer interaction & prioritize activities as per the needs, which enhances customer experience. It offers real-time collaboration with flexible, Kanban view in your project management software & CRM system that is customizable and integrated with google workspace. iDrive offers seamless task automation, email templates, calendars, reports, leads, opportunities, and more. It has also mobile apps and chorme extension available.

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Arcade Custom CRM Solution

Arcade CRM provides cloud-based custom CRM solutions. It features seamless integration with Gmail and offers a unified user experience directly from Gmail. Our Arcade CRM allows a rich contact, leads, tasks, events, discussion board, and document management. Moreover, it provides Twilio integration for browser callings, interactive dashboards & intuitive reports. Our custom CRM development solutions assure your businesses with improved functionality, reduced costs & increased operational efficiency. We help businesses to streamline customer-centric processes & boost profitability.

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Storage Space Custom CRM & Marketplace

A SaaS based ERP tool and a Marketplace platform developed for one of the leading real estate property company in South Africa. The marketplace platform allows general users to book space/units on rent from companies registered on the platform. The architecture of this system is on SOA with multi-tenancy. The main aim of this solution is to provide a common platform for tenants and storage companies for business.

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Project Management & Custom CRM System

An end-to-end SaaS based Project Management & Custom CRM system for any product & service company. Any company admin can create their organization account and a separate sub-domain is automatically created for them to access. Various modules include customer database, project management, quotation/work order/PO management, task scheduling, reminders, invoicing, reporting & communication module.

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Service Custom CRM System

A CRM & service management tool for executive services industry, which allows access to company officials and service executives. Companies who offer executive documentation services like human resource, financial services, licensing and insurance management can use this solution to track their operations. When documents are uploaded for any service, the admin receives an instant notification, can review the document and share his comments. Companies can also review their freelancer/staff who performs the services.

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Lead Tracking System

A compact yet intuitive lead tracking system developed for a Real Estate mogul in North America. This system allows user to create a lead, track their progress, create reminders and add follow up details. Users can manage the status of the leads. The admin has access to some highly graph-oriented reports to track staff performance.

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A comprehensive SaaS based Building & Condo management system for South African region. This tool allows a property owner to register and manage their property operations like contact management, building facility bookings, news & updates, building document repository, conducting online meetings and much more. Building owners can conduct online meetings and also accept votes from the members with implementation of quorum rules.

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