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Worldee Travel Application

Project Brief

Worldee is an amazing travel app. It acts as an ultimate travel companion for those who love to travel. It carries all the information and details you need while traveling like destination details, transportation, restaurants, accommodations, nearby attractions, popular places in the city, and more just by using the camera layout of your phone screen. This app converts your phone into a virtual tour guide by using Augmented reality technology. With this technology, users can get information about the places like images, place descriptions, ratings, timings, etc. moreover, worldee enables you to make an itinerary while planning to visit any city or destination with check-in time to check-out date. The app also gives you a notification prompt to remind you of your upcoming trips based on the saved reminders. kanhasoft iOS developers have efficiently developed AR applications that let you search things visually simply by pointing your camera at them.

Business Need

  • The worldee app development idea aroused from a young couple of great Britain. They are passionate about traveling and loves to travel to different areas of the world. The need for developing an app arose in their mind when they were traveling to Spain. This couple wanted a solution that replaces the activities of a local guide or an agent. The client needed such features that provide all the required information of the places on fingertips such as hotels, restaurants, places of attraction, etc.
  • They expressed their desires and preferences by reaching out to our software development company, Kanhasoft. They only had the idea of their experience and about the things that led them to suffer in traveling to share with us. Kanhasoft offered them a solution that replaces this dependency by including the required functions/features in a single app.
  • Our iOS developers tried to understand the problems and formulated an initial detailed document with some basic wireframes. Which was then approved by our clients. We also suggested incorporating Augmented Reality(AR) technology that offers a real-time experience with nearby things.
  • Xcode
  • swift
  • aws
  • python
  • postgresql

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  • Augmented reality integration was the main challenge as it is a new technology, and integration on nearby data needs to annotate on camera canvas.
  • It takes so much time to find information about all the restaurants, hotels, attractions & other places while on a trip or planning the trip.

Solution By Kanhsoft

  • We have used Apple ARKit to plot the place data on a real-time camera screen with image & distance from your current location.
  • The feature of augmented reality provides a different feeling compared to other apps in the market.
  • We have used scrapping on the back-end to scrap some good data provider websites for availing the data or information of all the places.

Key Features

  • It lets you discover new fascinating places & destinations nearby with the latest and hottest travel content.
  • Get visual details of places, restaurants, hotels & attractions of the city simply by pointing your camera screen at them.
  • The booking information feature enables the users to check the booking information with details in the hotel category.
  • It provides you the place and time details from where you can book a ticket & a pass for that attraction places.
  • Integration with firebase gives you prompt for some latest attractions or travel experiences by the worldee team.
  • Radius feature enables you to choose a city & set some radius to get hassle-free place information.
  • It lets you create your itinerary on the calendar for your upcoming trips.


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