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Project Brief

Shas Chabura app contains a holy book named “Talmud”. It is the book of a Jewish Law, which is considered one of the most challenging religious texts in the world. The app is developed for the people of Jewish. It lets them follow their schedule of learning each chapter of Talmud every day with some, Amud at their fingertips with the easy and useful features of this app.

The app enables the users to learn and review the learning process without falling behind the schedule. Also, reviewing lets the user sharpen their understanding by retaining their previous learning. Moreover, the app allows the user to choose a learning pace as per their choice and lets them review with an easy-to-use, interactive calendar.

The Shas Chabura app also has a feature that tracks the progress in one convenient location that helps them to track the number of dafim’s learned and reviewed by them. Moreover, it gives them an achievement badge on their learning and provides trophies based on the achievements. In addition, it has social networking feature, which allows the users to add friends & family members to discuss the daf with them for better understanding.

In short, It is a tried and tested review system for the people to retain their Gemara learning with fully customizable features such as the preference of the pace of learning as per their choice, the notification, progress tracker showing the number of dafim’s they learned & reviewed. Also, it includes a feature of sharing the achievements with friends & family.

Business Need

  • The client approached kanhasoft for developing an app that eases the process of learning the Talmud holy book, which almost takes seven and a half years to complete the whole book.
  • The client wanted an app that mainly consists of a list of tasks that shows the user what he/she needs to learn and review every day, according to the Talmud Byado program.
  • The client shared his idea to kanhasoft developers describing the need to build an app through which users enjoy learning and motivate them to keep learning Shas with local notifications, tasks achievements & trophies.

Xcode Swift Android Kotlin AWS S3 Firebase


  • The main challenge was to prepare the whole 1,00,000 pages of Daf and Amud with different Masechtos on the calendar.
  • The next challenge was to develop a feature that allows the user to open the PDF of the previous day’s learning.
  • The other minor challenge was to calculate a review system that works for each day and allows the user to learn & review their learning stuff on any day, whether it be the next day, after 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, or even after a year.

Solution By Kanhsoft

  • Setting up data on the calendar with a month view was a big challenge in the initial days, but then we started to implement a custom solution of calendar control that automatically sets up the Amud & Daf based on the days.
  • Also, our calculation has considered the week off & holidays too.
  • To set up a PDF of each day, we have created a dynamic URL with the number of Amud day & Daf days set up on date and stores all PDF data on the S3 bucket.
  • It allows the user to open & view it on a mobile screen.
  • The calculation of the whole learning and review system was developed on the mobile site without a backend to access the learning and review on any day.

Key Features

  • The app allows the user to set a starting date of its learning from the different sequences of the Masechto list.
  • The calendar control enables the user to pick a future date, which allows the user to learn as per the pace of learning of their choice.
  • All PDFs are stored on the cloud which enables the user to learn from the PDF itself on the same screen and lets the user share it as well.
  • The review system in the app provides the users with trophies based on the learning and reviewing performed by them.
  • The app includes the feature to add friends & family (if they are part of the app) and connect with them through a chat. Also, it lets you see their achievements and trophies.
  • The app includes the notification feature, which lets the user remind and review their previously learned Daf/Amud.


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