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About iDrive CRM Software

kanhasoft offers a fully integrated cross-functional CRM solution that helps you build customer loyalty & increase revenue across sales, service, and operations. We provide automation with simple, intuitive workflow & task automation. Our fully customizable CRM solution allows you to add leads, update deals, search for past interactions, create google calendar events & follow tasks right from your Gmail inbox. Our CRM system provides features that fit your business, whether it's marketing management or lead management.


  • Efficient lead management, lead generation, lead tracking & opportunity management for winning new business opportunities & project management.
  • Sales workflow automation for driving efficiency throughout the sales process.
  • Opportunity management that tracks deal progress with a visual pipeline and features the opportunity.
  • Sales analytics and dashboards to get insights for making better decisions.
  • Pipeline management, reporting & analysis to create and customize multiple pipelines for business process management.
  • Account and contact management for efficient customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Email, task & calendar automation for better functionality, tracking, managing & scheduling activities.
  • Excellent collaboration for workflow automation & project management.
  • Third-party integration like Gmail, Gdrive, Google workspace, Dropbox, MailChimp, and more.

Node JS React JS Python/Django PostgresqlGraphQL

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