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Streamline Your Operations: Essential Amazon & Walmart Sellers Tools

Develop Amazon MWS & Walmart solution and streamline your day-to-day operations.

Make your Amazon business better with our tool development service. Our special Amazon MWS solutions help you work faster and you can streamline your Amazon and Walmart sales operations.

  • BSR & Keyword Rank Tracker
  • Best Seller Rank Tracker
  • Order Management System
  • Email Solicitation
  • Sales Analysis Dashboard
  • Inventory & Stock keeping tool
  • Amazon Refund Tracker
  • Negative Reviews & Feedback tracking system

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Walmart and Amazon Seller Tools

Amazon and Walmart are one of the world's most popular marketplaces, continuously increasing as greatest sellers. These systems cater to a huge customer base, providing customers with a wide selection of alternatives. In order to provide resources to the Amazon and Walmart sellers in streamlining their business operations and making their processes smoother, we offer tools tailored for Amazon and Walmart.

Our massive variety of tools includes of the Amazon Seller App and the Walmart Seller Application, which encompasses capabilities just like the Listing Optimizer, Keyword Rank Tracker, Best Seller Rank Tracker, and Email Solicitation Tools. These tools are essential for maintaining a competitive edge within the marketplace. We also offer specialized tools just like the Negative Review Tracker, Seller Feedback Tracker, Order Management Tool, Inventory Tracking Tool, Amazon Refund Tracker, and an advanced Sales & Income/Expense Analysis tool.

For Amazon sellers looking for an edge in product studies, our developed Amazon Product Research Tool will help you to identify profitable products efficiently. With the Amazon Seller Extension, you may seamlessly integrate those tools into your daily operations, enhancing productivity and choice-making.

Contact us today to get your own Amazon Seller Tools/Extension designed and advanced it according to your unique needs.

Amazon Seller Tools Company

Optimize Your Amazon and Walmart Business with Specialized Seller Tools for Success!

amazon seller tools/extension

BSR & Keyword Rank Tracker

BSR & Keyword Rank Tracker Find out how out your keywords are performing for each of your products with a graphical trend analyzer. You can add multiple keywords under a product to track its performance. System fetches the latest keyword search rank for every keyword and displays them in a very easy to analyze UI. You can easily check the latest rankings of your keyword and also drill down into a detail graphical report.

amazon product research tool

Best Seller Rank Tracker

Keep real time watch on your Best Seller Rank for your products. Simply add the ASIN of your product and let the system do the rest. The tool developed by Amazon MWS developer will fetch all the meta details of the ASIN like title, product image and description so that you are ensured that you have added the right one. Then, periodically, the tool will fetch the latest Best Sellers Rank of that product and will display it intuitively on the UI. You can create notifications that if the rank falls under a specific number, then send an email notification.

amazon seller extension

Order Management System

Stay ahead of your competitors in processing and executing your orders by receiving the orders in your customized application with email or mobile notifications. You will get list of all orders placed on your Amazon store in near to real time. We cover all scenarios for orders, like order placed, payment confirmed or even order cancelled.

amazon seller app

Email Solicitation

Stay in touch with your buyers at all situations with automatic email campaigns executed at various events of an order. You can add any marketplace store of US, Canada, European countries or Japan. Campaigns can be created with customizable Email subject, body, attachments, filters, time period and a range of other filters like ASIN, SKU, order price, discounted or not, first time buyer, etc. As soon system receives the update for a matching order, it will execute the emails. This tool is also equipped with a A/B split testing mechanism and shows report of how many emails were sent, how many are unread and how many opened.

amazon seller application

Sales Analysis Dashboard

This is one of the most sophisticated tools we have developed and it presents users with a bunch of strong data analytics metrics. This tool gets detail financial information of every order placed in the seller’s store. These information are fetched from multiple sources and are later clubbed to form a very strong metrics dashboard. Various information fetched include total gross sales, Shipping costs, FBA fees charged, Refer fees, Promo fees, Refunds and Sponsored ads spends. Based on these information, other metrics generated are Gross Sales, Estimated Profit, ROI, Margin and Percentage of Goal achieved in sales. All these metrics are generated on an overall store level and also on individual ASIN level. Graphical reports include Net profit calculation, total units sold and Amazon payout.

amazon seller extension/tools

Inventory & Stock keeping tool

The inventory and stock keeping tools merged with your existing or inhouse warehouse tracking system can become a powerful tool for your fulfillment business. System fetches the list of all products sold by the seller along with their inbound quantity, in stock quantity and the transfer quantity. These information can then be used to tally your stock in warehouse. Other features included in this tool are supplier management, PO generation, invoicing, shipments to Amazon and overall stock consolidation.

amazon product research tool

Amazon Refund Tracker

If you have been selling on Amazon for some time, then there are chances that Amazon owes you money, sometimes in millions for large sellers. These are your money which Amazon has charged or have not refunded in case of missing items, incorrect orders and inaccurate fees charges. Our tool scans your payments and orders reports for last 18 months to check for past refunds that are possible to be reimbursed and then continuously checks every week for the same. These data are then nicely laid out with each record showing clear reason as to why it is the possible reimbursement list. System also provides you a suggestive content which you can enter while creating a case from your Amazon account.

amazon seller extension

Negative Reviews & Feedback tracking system

Be alert with instant notifications of negative reviews and even see the buyer and the order details for which you receive the low-star comments. You can add or select multiple ASINs for which system should track the negative reviews. System will send you a notification in as real time as possible when a new negative comment is placed by any buyer. And within a few hours you will also see details of which buyer left that comment. Directly contact the buyer to ask for their dissatisfaction via system developed by Amazon MWS API developer.

Don't Spend Too Much Time Doing Boring Tasks. Make Your Business Smoother With Walmart And Amazon Seller Tools/Extension And Use Your Time To Make It Bigger.

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Benefits Of Walmart and Amazon Seller Tools

  • Satisfied buyers drive more sales to your store. Our tools help you keep your customers up-to-date, gets their feedback and asks them in case of any dissatisfaction.
  • Understand which products from your list generates more revenue, try various combinations of suppliers to maximize your profits
  • Drill down into your promotion performance and see which promotions generated more sales.
  • Always stay in touch with your buyers with automated order updates, feedback request and new product launches
  • Keep your inventory and stocks synched with the ever-changing demands with stock recommendations and never again show “Out of stock” on your store
  • Track how much Amazon owes you with detail analysis of when Amazon made a mistake by not reimbursing you for an order, returns or inventory damage
  • Keep track of your best keywords which generate the most conversions for your products with keyword search rank and also track the Best Seller Rank of your products
  • Convert negative reviews to positive ones with customized communication with each of your dissatisfied buyer

Our Selected Work Portfolio For Amazon Seller Tools

A SaaS based Amazon Seller Tools for automatic email campaigner, negative review tracker and data analytics for Amazon platform. This platform is available on a subscription basis and allows sellers to setup email campaigns for specific events of their orders. The system also has a comprehensive sales data analytics module which provides drill down reports & metrics of seller’s Amazon store.

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Amazon Seller Tools

Track how much money Amazon owes you for incorrect deductions, non-reimbursed orders, items not returned and items damaged from your inventory. The system scans your Amazon seller central to check for anomalies in Amazon’s operation and will display them along with the reason. System also suggests you the content to be written while creating a case on Amazon.

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Amazon Refund Tracking System

An attractive tool for newbie & experienced Amazon sellers alike which tracks and monitors Best Seller Rank, keyword search rank and sales metrics of an Amazon store. Sellers can add ASINs along with their keywords to track and system will monitor the BSR and the keyword search rank twice daily. Also, sellers can connect their Amazon store to monitor their sales history and watch their daily sales data, promotion performance, ASIN performance, order returns and goal tracking.

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Amazon Sales Tracking System

An Amazon API based Inventory & stock management system, which allows Amazon sellers to monitor their warehouse inventory, order management, invoicing, stock tracking and tracking Amazon store. System performs consolidation with Amazon store for inventory and based on the same informs the user whether new stock should be ordered or not and if yes, then how much quantity to order. Other modules include daily sales tracker, monthly/daily profit analyzer, negative review tracker and email campaign tool.

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Amazon ERP System

An Amazon API based Inventory & stock management system, which allows Amazon sellers to monitor their warehouse inventory, order management, invoicing, stock tracking and tracking Amazon store. System performs consolidation with Amazon store for inventory and based on the same informs the user whether new stock should be ordered or not and if yes, then how much quantity to order. Other modules include daily sales tracker, monthly/daily profit analyzer, negative review tracker and email campaign tool.

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Amazon ERP Tool

Walmart and Amazon Seller Tools/Extension Development Process



Requirement Analysis: Based on the gathered information, we define the features and functionalities required in the seller tool.

Scope Definition: We outline the boundaries and goals of the project, determining what the tool will and will not include.



Architecture Design: Our development team creates a blueprint of the tool's structure and how its components will interact.

Coding: Programmers write the actual code for the tool, ensuring it aligns with the design and meets the specified requirements.



Unit Testing: Each component of the tool undergoes individual testing to ensure it performs as intended.

Integration Testing: We test how different parts of the tool work together to identify and fix any compatibility issues.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT): Sellers or designated users test the tool in a controlled environment to verify that it meets their expectations.



Soliciting Feedback: We gather feedback from sellers who participated in the UAT phase, focusing on usability, performance, and any issues encountered.

Iterative Improvement: Based on feedback, we make necessary adjustments to enhance the tool's functionality and address any identified issues.



Optimization: We fine-tune the tool for performance, ensuring it operates efficiently and responds quickly to user inputs.

Usability Improvements: Any user interface or experience issues are addressed to make the tool more intuitive.



Deployment: The finalized tool is released for public use, and sellers can start integrating it into their Amazon business operations.



Customer Assistance: We provide ongoing support to users, assisting with any inquiries, troubleshooting, or concerns they may have.

Documentation: Clear and comprehensive documentation is made available to help users navigate and understand the tool's features.



Monitoring Changes: We continuously monitor Amazon's platform for updates or changes that may impact the tool's functionality.

Regular Updates: Updates are released to adapt the tool to new Amazon features, fix bugs, and enhance overall performance.

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The tools can address specific challenges in your Walmart & Amazon business, offering tailor-made solutions to streamline operations, boost sales, and stay competitive in the marketplace.
A variety of tools can be developed, including Listing Optimizers, Keyword Rank Trackers, Best Seller Rank Trackers, Order Management Systems, Email Solicitation Tools, Sales Analysis Dashboards, Inventory & Stock Keeping Tools, Refund Trackers, and Negative Reviews & Feedback Tracking Systems.
An Email Solicitation Tool allows you to stay in touch with buyers through automated email campaigns triggered by various order events. It can be customized for different marketplaces and includes A/B split testing for effective communication.
The Sales Analysis Dashboard offers detailed financial information for each order, including gross sales, shipping costs, fees, and more. It provides metrics like gross sales, estimated profit, ROI, margin, and percentage of goal achieved, both on an overall store level and individual ASIN level.
The tool, when integrated with a warehouse tracking system, becomes a powerful solution for fulfillment businesses. It provides information on products sold, inbound and in-stock quantities, and supports features like supplier management, PO generation, invoicing, and overall stock consolidation.
The Amazon Refund Tracker scans payment and order reports for possible reimbursements owed by Amazon. It identifies past refunds and continuously checks for new ones, providing a clear list with reasons and suggested content for creating reimbursement cases.
This system sends instant notifications of negative reviews, allowing you to address buyer dissatisfaction promptly. It also provides details about the buyer and order associated with the negative comment, enabling direct communication to resolve issues.
Professionally developed tools ensure reliability, performance, and alignment with Amazon's evolving platform. They offer tailored solutions, ongoing support, and regular updates to adapt to changes in the e-commerce landscape.
The development process involves planning, including requirement analysis and scope definition; development, encompassing architecture design and coding; testing, covering unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing; feedback solicitation and iterative improvement; refinement, including optimization and usability improvements; launch, deployment, ongoing support, documentation, and regular updates to keep the tools current and effective.