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Social network for patients

Project Brief

Patient True Talk, a social networking platform specially dedicated for cancer patients, cancer survivors and their caregivers who face challenges in this cancer world. A communication channel between patients where they can search each other who have same diagnosis or who have followed treatment protocols being recommended to them and get connected with each other. A platform created to help cancer patients across the world to share their experiences with each other, and to exchange the inquiries and information they might have.

Business Need

  • Client himself was the melanoma survivor who received maintenance therapy around 8 years. He always wished to share his experience and other information to other patients which helps them in their treatment. He want to have some source to share all these information to other cancer patients and survivors. With this he got an idea to have some communication network between cancer patients.
  • Client approached Kanhasoft to develop a platform so as to facilitate online social network for cancer patients, caregivers, cancer advocates & cancer survivors to get connected with each other. The main aim was to provide patients the opportunity to search along their diagnosis/treatment parameters and send secure messages directly to those who are willing to speak with them and share their experiences.
  • reactjs
  • node
  • mysql
  • hippa
  • ios
  • android

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  • User engagement
  • Bring patient’s trust on Patient True Talk
  • Website Security
  • Patient Medical Record Security
  • Matching Algorithm to generate the list of Suggested Advocates
  • Direct Communication between patient and advocate

Solution By Kanhsoft

  • To make the system HIPAA Compliance
  • SSL Secured
  • To enhance website, PTT ensures that leading cancer communities and healthcare institutes also connects with the system
  • Implement the review & rating system. Based on the ratings and reviews received by advocate user can connect to them.
  • To keep the data secure, we implemented a feature where patients can provide access to selected details from their profile before sending connection request to Advocate.
  • Before direct connection between users, system request patient to send the connection request to advocate and once advocate accept the request to connect, than only the message thread will be generated.
  • Developed an algorithm where multiple parameters will be checked with the patients inputs regarding their medical records and display result as per algorithm calculation.

Key Features

  • Administrator, Cancer Patients, Cancer Advocates and Healthcare/medical Institution are the entities who can access/connect with the platform directly or indirectly
  • Advance Registration process where users need to provide their information regarding profile, diagnosis, treatment center, location and other general details.
  • List matched advocate profile preferences for future communication
  • Matches are intended to be smartly provided to users based on a combination of patient input, 3rd party database integration and other patient profile meta-data
  • Allow patients to search for the cancer advocates by Name, Location and Keywords
  • List of advocates will be displayed based on searched criteria which can be filtered with various parameters such as Diagnosis, Treatment Center, Gender, City, State, Age Range, Genetic Mutation, Forms of Treatment etc.
  • Connection feature for patients to connect with other advocates
  • Detailed user profile with medical history and treatment history
  • Secured live messaging portal
  • HIPAA Compliant networking portal along with encrypted database
  • Integration of various medical dictionaries


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