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SAAS Base CRM And ERP For Apparel Industry

Project Brief

SaaS based CRM & ERP system especially developed for Custom Apparel organizations which allows them to manage its Inventory, Customer management (CRM), Quotes, Purchase orders, Sales orders, Custom workflow, Invoices, Pick list, Receive list and Product management. System shares a very similar flow in product management, product price break, quotes, customers; sales order, purchase order, pick list and inventory management. There will be a calendar view of the scheduled jobs, a calendar view of the scheduled completion/ship date, and a list view that is filterable by process or job status.

Business Need

  • A Canada based Custom Apparel Provider Company experiencing a strong growth in their business which led to add multiple software applications & SaaS tools into their business. The key problem they face was the data management from multiple tools/applications and all of them were also not completely fit for their business.
  • With this problem client wanted an enduring platform (All in one cloud based business suite) with some industry specific features. He seeks to have a platform that could manage end-to-end processes, encompasses order management, inventory management, customer management (CRM),decoration management, invoices/payments, and production management.
  • yii
  • angular
  • jquery
  • mysql
  • stripe
  • bootstrap

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  • Being a custom apparel provider, client was dealing with thousands of records and required lot of data management using his existing systems which was costly and also not fruitful to client.
  • They deal with lot of calculations and accounting issues at each phase and it was a tedious task to manage.

Solution By Kanhsoft

  • We suggested to have a complete Cloud based SaaS web application which not only helped to maintain the data but also helped to keep calculated track of all the components and thereby helping in inventory management, leads/customers management, orders management etc.
  • In order to overcome the accounting issues we suggested to integrate the two biggest cloud accounting software i.e. Xero and QuickBooks which helps to manage the invoices, have a strong accounting, amazing customer service, allow customization to invoices and email templates etc.

Key Features

  • Allows users to create a company account by providing the required company details
  • Ability to set up the things like users, permission levels, quantity discounts, customer tag, manufacturers, payment term etc.
  • Role based data access
  • Well integrated inventory system with the management of products, current product inventory, non-inventory products
  • Create and manage quotes, sales orders and purchase orders linked to customer accounts
  • Record customer information such as contacts, phone numbers, emails, addresses, website, and Payment settings, add tags etc.
  • Multiple dashboards that can be assigned to users including Sales Dashboard, Business Dashboard, Production Dashboard, Accounting Dashboard
  • Option to create the leads & customer with 2 ways i.e. Quick Create & Full Create
  • Quick Create includes basic details and allows to add the required lead/customer quickly
  • Full create option allows user to provide all the required details of lead/customer


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