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Dating and Matchmaking site

Project Brief

Fastfolge is an online dating market, social networking and matchmaking platform for Norwegian folks. The platform helps people find their best match based on their partner preferences. System has an inbuilt algorithm which automatically suggests the best match for a user based on their preferences. Real time chatting enables users to get to know each other and they can also request for a date. This is a subscription based site with 3 plans to choose from and ad-hoc services.

Business Need

  • As dating has always attracted people everywhere because it is great way to meet people, make new friends and get mingle with them. All this led to our client’s intent to develop an app for dating that will be unique. Client seeks to have an application that would be different from other dating apps and be easy to use without bothering users with unnecessary stuff and must be interactive, feature-rich and also easy to use.
  • Our client came up with an idea to develop a platform where users can set their profile, set their preferences and based on all these parameters admin will assign the matched profile to the user. User can view the matched profile and request to connect with them for chat. They can chat with each other and can also arrange a date.
  • CodeIgniter
  • angular
  • jquery
  • mysql
  • stripe
  • bootstrap

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  • The core challenge faced with this application was to support the Norwegian language and also faced obstacles in design while translating all the elements of the system accurately and structuring it correctly.
  • As lot of dating apps is already out in market, we need to find something different for Norwegian peoples.
  • The only drawback to fastfolge is that it is a Norwegian service. The site itself is in Norwegian, with no English option and you need to register using Norwegian postal code and address.

Solution By Kanhsoft

  • To make system hassle free we suggested client to provide the facility of matchmakers via back end admin panel where instead of browsing through thousands profiles, front end user just need to set their preference and let admin do all the work. Admin will look into the matched profiles and assign it to the user from admin panel.
  • In addition to this, Kanhasoft also provided an option to set a date with the matched profile using the calendar functionality.

Key Features

  • A match making dating website & mobile application for singles to find their best match
  • No profile creation necessary, just sign into Facebook and provide the required registration details.
  • User will receive a confirmation email with a link to update his/her profile details and set the preferences.
  • Ability to import pictures from Facebook account
  • The backend algorithm searches for the best match for a user based on his preferences and activity on various profiles (like or unlike)
  • For each registered user a matchmaker is assigned from admin side to overlook the profile on individual basis
  • Matchmaker Consultants can view user’s preferences and activities on other profiles and based on that, can view possible matches for the user
  • A user can directly start interacting with his/her match, view their profile and also send a request to go on a date
  • Integration with Firebase for text based communication along with emoji’s
  • User can purchase additional services by making a payment (integrated with Stripe)
  • Users have an option to get free matches by inviting friends to the application.


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