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Project Brief

Its all in one platform SaaS based solution for Amazon sellers to grow their business smarter, faster & easier. This amazon seller software offers innovative & effective solutions like Product research, Inventory Management & tracking expenses, Report Tool, Feedback Solicitation, Review Management & Data Analytics, all in one single solution. So in short, it is one stop solution focusing on Amazon sellers with a goal to automate their amazon business.

Business Need

  • Client himself is an amazon seller and before launching this platform his work processes were based on sort of distributed systems, where he manages his work on different platforms. Manual interventions were required to transfer huge critical data from one solution to another, which were time consuming & also a very tedious task. Hence, client realized that there was a need to create a one multifunctional platform for Amazon sellers to forecast and analyze sales data, calculate sales tax, resolve negative review, sending automatic feedback & view & update supplier’s information. Every Amazon seller whoever they are new sellers, existing ones or even a one earning millions on amazon, anyone can use this platform and not face the problems which was faced by clients at various stages.
  • With this problem, client approached Kanhasoft to develop a platform with below requirements in mind:
  • SaaS based solution for Amazon sellers to make their life easy going
  • Perfect Design combining visual individuality & smooth user experience
  • Ability to manage their multiple marketplaces at one place
  • Platform covering all the main modules at one place including Inventory Management, Customer Feedbacks & Reviews, Detail Reporting, Data visualization

AngularJS jQuery MYSQL aurora Bootstrap Stripe Payment Gateway Highcharts MWS Api Login with amazon(LWA) SES CodeIgniter


  • Plixol continuously collects and generates huge amount of data, so the real challenge is to build up a reliability, high availability, and stable. More specifically, Plixol has to solve the following challenges
  • Plixol needs to interact with hundreds of thousands of products (Via APIs) to get data for sales, reviews, analytics & feedbacks.
  • There may be millions of users shopping on the site (Amazon) with a lot of activities. So data flow is very high & it was difficult to get the data from Amazon provided tool called “Seller Central”.
  • There was not any channel for Amazon sellers to contact the buyers so client finds difficulty while communicating with their customers.
  • Another key problem was to help sellers as much as we can as sellers can be anyone a small business owner from small town who aren’t internet savvy so it was a major task to build a simple platform that can be easy for sellers to learn & use.

Solution By Kanhsoft

  • Offered an elaborate web-based system to sellers that are not very complex & complicate to understand & utilize the features of platform easily.
  • We have developed such efficient algorithms & custom logics which help to get the perfect data from the site & help sellers to manage each & every requirement of him at one place.
  • Plixol uses our personalized tools to provide good & custom reports that help sellers to view user experience & take correct decisions.
  • We also implemented an auto matching algorithm to match the buyer reviews using chrome extension.
  • Provided with a solution that allows sellers to communicate with their customers easily and can serve them better in terms of services.

Key Features

  • Manage multiple marketplaces at one place and for each marketplace user can manage their suppliers, products, track their inventory, monitor the sales, FBA Sales, and manage refunded orders, Reimbursements, graphical representations of reports which include stats evaluation, inventory valuation, sales tax report, promo code reports, reports providing the profit percentage, net profit etc.
  • For reporting, we provide solutions by providing data analytics module generating detail reporting along with each fees, sales and profit,sku, sales and profit by asin etc.
  • Email campaign using which seller can contact their customers on certain events like new order, after shipment, ask for product review and improve your service quality.
  • In case of receiving negative reviews, allow seller to contact customer or follow up to help & improve user experience to improve customer service standard.
  • Comprehensive reports to know the profitability & sales of business.


We are here to build your software project and help you succeed & grow your business.


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