Advantages Of Hiring Remote Developers

Advantages of hiring remote developers

Remote developers with expertise in the best software technologies such as Angular, React.js, Node.js, PHP, Python/Django, Laravel, etc., can help businesses get a competitive edge. It ensures your businesses get the required exposure and digital presence to get your services and products to customers around the world. Businesses can get a competitive edge by leveraging the diverse tech expertise of remote developers. Remote work hiring has enabled organisations to get the best talent from across the world. Hiring remote developers benefits every firm whether it’s a startup, small, or large enterprise, you can get the developer you need. Remote hiring provides you with endless possibilities and flexibility to scale and enhance your business.

In this article, we will learn more about hiring remote developers, their advantages as well as types of remote developers you can hire.

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What are the Benefits of Hiring Remote Developers?

Easy access to the global workforce

Hiring remote developers expands the horizon of acquiring the best and unique talent, which is not available in your locality. For instance, when you hire an in-house employee, you can get limited to hiring the developer from your locality, and it plays a hindrance in getting the unique talent. However, it is all different when hiring remote developers, you get access to a pool of remote developers from different corners of the world.  So, by opting for remote developers, you can get skilled and intelligent minds without paying any higher costs. This is the best way to get maximum benefit for your mobile or web app development projects.

Highly Cost Competitive

When you Outsource IT projects like custom software development, you get the opportunity to save a huge money. In addition, Hiring remote developers from India can help you get this service in a more beneficial way.

If we look at the stats, the hourly rate for mid-level software engineers in the USA lies around $40 and $90. In contrast, when you hire remote developers from India, the hourly rate goes down to $20-$40 per hour. Hence, you cannot ignore this cost-saving opportunity by hiring remote developers from India, that too without compromising on skills and expertise. You will get the best talents and skills, that ensure the same outcome you get from hiring expensive developers.

Higher ROI

Many organisations have started investing in modern communication tools and technology for collaboration like Microsoft Teams, Office 365, etc, due to a surge in the trend of hiring remote developers.

Remote work means all the meetings and communications will be scheduled online like document sharing, and messaging, with the team. Therefore, businesses have started investing in modern communication tools and technology. This has given more return on investment to the businesses.

Higher Efficiency

Hiring remote developers can increase the efficiency of developers to bring the best to the table. According to the studies conducted by Forbes, it is stated that 91 percent of remote developers believe that working remotely, autonomously, and at their work is more productive. Only 9% of the developers working in-house believe that an office environment will improve their productivity.

Remote employment allows the developers to work at their convenience, till late night or early morning, whenever they feel more productive. Hence, this will provide increase the productivity of the team and the company as well.

Fast-Paced Development

The speedy development of any software app development is the current requirement of every business today. Launching an app earlier gives a competitive edge over other competitors in the market. Thus, it becomes necessary for businesses to deploy and launch web and mobile applications faster and target users early. But when you develop an app by hiring a full-time, in-house team of developers, it consumes a lot of time.

In contrast, hiring remote developers can help your business save a lot of time. Many outsourcing software development companies have established state-of-the-art infrastructure and resources to deal with challenges in developing software applications, saving a huge time required for recruitment and establishing infrastructure.

Easy Team Management

Remote work provides a more flexible and comfortable management process. This process only requires you to contact your manager or team leader, and they will ask your teammates to assist you. Therefore, this helps you manage the whole team with only phone calls, emails, or text messages.

Hence, remote work has proven to be the future, and many successful IT companies have already announced permanent work-from-home for their employees. Moreover, Hiring remote developers in India is not very hard, many app development companies provide hiring models based on hour, week, fixed, dedicated, or monthly options.

Flexibility and Scalability

Hiring remote developers also offers businesses flexibility in adjusting team sizes based on project requirements, allowing them to scale up or down as per project requirements.

Faster Hiring Process

Remote hiring also helps you save a lot of costs with a faster hiring process. It helps you onboard faster as you can connect with candidates from different locations and start projects promptly.

Diverse Perspectives

A remote team also fosters diversity in talents, it helps you bring professionals from different cultural backgrounds together, providing more room for creativity and innovative problem-solving.

Work-Life Balance

Hiring remote developers can also increase employee satisfaction and employee retention rates to a great extent. It is because remote work offers a work-life balance, increasing job satisfaction and productivity among employees.

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Types Of Developers You Can Hire

Dedicated Developers

Hiring dedicated developers is used mostly in the case of startups, enterprises, product companies, and digital agencies. It is utilized when businesses look for full-time developers who can work remotely on their app development projects. Hence, this method of hiring remote developers is used for dedicated developers.

Moreover, businesses can have complete control over the remote developer’s work. You can assign any task or coding requirement on a timely basis. Other benefits of hiring dedicated remote developers include direct engagement, ease of adaption to process, exclusive working with real-time feedback, increased security, as well as 100% commitment to your project

Developers As Extension To In-House

The other popular way to hire remote developers is by extending your in-house teams. This type of hiring remote developers is utilized when an organization has its own in-house development team but has a technology gap or lack of tech expertise that cannot be filled within their local region.

IT Staff Augmentation

The other method of fulfilling remote developer requirements is through IT staff augmentation. In this case, businesses can get in touch with the firms providing IT Staff augmentation services, through this, you can fill the technology gap. There are many staffing providers, staffing agencies, and recruitment agencies that offer staff augmentation services at affordable rates.

How Remote Developers Help You with Cutting-Edge Technologies from Kanhasoft

Kanhasoft is one of the best web and mobile app development companies in the IT world. We are ranked among the best app development companies by Clutch. We have over 85+ techies on board to help you fill any type of technology gap. Therefore, You can hire remote developers, dedicated remote developers, or even create a dedicated team for your next software project.

At Kanhasoft, we have assisted hundreds of companies around the world by providing the best tech expertise. With over 10+ years of experience, we can help you kick-start any type of development project or take an existing project to a new level by providing the needed technological expertise.

We have an extensive technology stack with expert remote developers in each field. With Kanhasoft, you can:

We also have Yii, HTML 5, CSS3, docker, WebSocket (WAS JS), Kubernetes, Databases (MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL), and all other front-end, and back-end developers for your web, mobile & software development requirements. We also have a mobile stack and experienced React Native developers, Swift developers, Kotlin developers, and Flutter developers. Furthermore, you can also hire cloud experts in AWS, Google Cloud, Git Lab, and Git, along with experts in various cutting-edge technologies.

There are many reasons why our clients worldwide trust us for their remote software development and developer requirements. We have experienced, skilled, and certified developers with 4+ years of tech experience in each field. Our team understands the time sensitivity of client requirements and provides a rapid set-up for the same. Moreover, you get complete flexibility and transparency to scale your team up or down by hiring remote developers from our team of proficient developers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the process or steps in hiring remote developers in 2023-24?

A. You can consider following the steps while searching for remote developers. These are:

  • Define project requirements
  • Search and shortlist candidates
  • Conduct thorough interviews
  • Test work samples
  • Check references
  • Offer a clear contract
  • Set up communication and collaboration tools
Q. What are the different factors to be considered while managing or hiring remote developers?

A. There are several factors, some of which are:

  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Time zone differences
  • Onboarding and training
  • Team building
Q. What are the tips to manage and build a remote developer team?

A. You can practice these tips to follow better communication and a manageable team:

  • Practice and provide a clear communication channel
  • Set expectations (work hours, response times, etc.)
  • Regular check-ins for issues, problems, etc.
  • Offer resources and support
  • Emphasize result-oriented work
  • Promote team collaboration