Why Remote Backend and Frontend Developers Are Your Secret Weapon

Remote Backend and Frontend Developers

Remote Front-end and back-end developers are proficient in creating the experience that defines the Internet as we know it. A front-end developer designs develops and creates interactivity in every website we come in contact with. Front-end development plays an important role in attracting and engaging the users to get the best experience from the website. Therefore, companies of every size look for the best front-end developers for their business projects to get live on the Internet.

On the other hand, the back-end developers are the engineers without whom the Internet wouldn’t exist. Back-end developers are responsible for building complex systems of databases, servers, and architectures. Their expertise in back-end development brings that expanding digital realm to life. Most importantly, there is a huge demand for front-end and backend developers worldwide, where the U.S. alone has 20,000 and 50,000 openings for both software developers.

This article will further elaborate on the importance of remote developers, the benefits of hiring remote front-end and back-end developers, and ways to hire remote front-end and back-end developers. So, keep on reading!

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Role of Remote Front-end and Back-end Developers in Application Development?

Front-end developers are software engineers with expertise in creating everything the user sees and interacts with on the internet. It can be buttons, text, links, design, interface, and user experience. Hiring remote front-end developers will help you develop the best app using their expertise in writing high-quality code, and tools that improve site interaction, ensuring high-browser performance, Troubleshooting, debugging, and optimizing performance as well. They can even help you stay up-to-date with technological advancements, API integration, and agile app development.

Whereas, Backend development is also vital for the success of web app development. It works by handling the business logic while also ensuring the front-end development is properly integrated and delivered according to business requirements.

In addition, a remote backend developer works closely with the front-end developers to ensure the web app functionality is aligned with the user experience. Moreover, they also make regular updates monitor and organize the database information. Hence, they secure your app’s functionality while maintaining performance and speed as well.

Benefits of Hiring Remote Backend and Front-end Developers

1.    Overcome Talent Scarcity

Hiring remote front-end and back-end developers with the specific or required expertise is quite a long process. Especially, in the countries like U.S. where there is a lack of scarcity in searching for the best tech talent. Therefore, Hiring remote front-end and back-end developers broadens your pool of IT expertise. For instance, if you are looking for a dedicated remote developer, you’re likely to find it in India, where we’re based.

2.    Hire in the Shortest Time

If you are hiring remote developers by putting up ads, holding interviews, shortlisting candidates, onboarding, etc., you will probably feel it tedious. These mundane processes are time-consuming as well as also increase your cost of hiring, which can prove to be expensive for startups.

Contrary to this, the process of hiring remote developers can cut down your costs to a great extent as well and you can get a pool of experts in every domain. Hence, outsourcing your project to an app development company can lessen your burden of searching for the best remote developer.

3.    Stay Flexible by hiring remote developers

Startups generally face issues and uncertainties during the early years. Therefore, you will want to maintain a seamless organizational structure as the startup grows over time. In this scenario, hiring a team of in-house developers will not work that well, as it includes a substantial long-term operational cost.

Therefore, hiring remote front-end and back-end developers becomes an easy and attractive option. This way, you don’t get into a long-term commitment as you only pay for services you require in your project.

4.    Ensure increased productivity

Hiring remote developers can help you increase your productivity as they get the flexibility, comfortability, and satisfaction of working from their comfort of home.  It also eliminates the need to commute every day to work thus saving their time and also reducing fatigue to due daily commutes. Hence, they can easily concentrate on their work desk. Remote workers also increase employee satisfaction and employee retention rate, which again is a plus point for companies that prefer remote work. So, there are mutual benefits for companies and remote developers through the remote work model.

5.    Equipped with the latest technology and tools

With the rise of digitalization, companies are competing against each other. Therefore, it becomes essential for businesses to get that competitive edge in the industry. Hence, hiring the right remote developer team can help businesses improve their performance metrics.

Moreover, Hiring offshore front-end and back-end developers will be beneficial for businesses. They have the required experience working on diverse projects and organizing remote workflows. In addition, they also have the required technologies and tools to develop complex projects and manage virtual projects.

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How to Manage Remote Front-end and Back-end Developers

1.   Starts With a Good Onboarding

According to research, it is proven that good onboarding improves the employee retention rate. Moreover, Onboarding your new remote front-end and back-end developers brings the perfect opportunity for them to know your expectations and goals as well as helps you identify their expectations from your company. In addition, the onboarding process should also include these things as well:

  • verify work agreements to make sure everything is in order
  • Clearing out the expectations for the role
  • Guiding them through the vision and mission of the enterprise.
  • Helping remote developers start their first project
  • Providing time for socializing with other team members

2.   Establish an Efficient Workflow with Clear Goals and Expectations

The easiest way to enable remote developers to work cohesively is through an efficient workflow where every team member is clear about their role, expectations and goals.

Here are 5 things to kickstart your developer team: 

  • Break Down Tasks and Milestones: Divide the development project into small parts and set achievable milestones. Breaking down the tasks into parts can help you track the progress.
  • Task Assignment and Ownership: Assign tasks to developers according to their expertise and strengths. Clear out every team member’s responsibilities. This fosters accountability and ensures everyone is aware of their duties.
  • Regular Check-ins and Stand-up Meetings: Schedule regular check-ins and stand-up meetings to discuss progress, challenges, and future tasks. 
  • Document Processes and Guidelines: Document the team’s processes, coding guidelines, and other things. This documentation serves as a reference for remote developers and allows for maintaining consistency across the project.

3.   Consider Using an Agile Approach 

One of the most popular management practices for IT teams is the Agile Methodology. Agile methodology helps you when you hire remote developers, it helps you improve communication, work together as a team, and develop projects based on market feedback.

4.   Encourage Work-Life Balance by Establishing Boundaries

Managing remote developers also includes taking care of their mental health. Burnout is a major concern in IT work. When remote developers have tight deadlines and endless work shifts, the risk of burnout increases.

Therefore, considering fixed work schedules and following off-work rules will be more beneficial. Making Boundaries will help them understand the benefits of nurturing their life outside work.

How Kanhasoft Can Help You Hire Remote Front-end and Back-end Developers

Hiring remote front-end and back-end developers is a common world practice and an increasing global trend of the future. Remote developers can have immense benefits for businesses as well as remote developers including cost saving, increased productivity, wider talent pool, flexibility, and more. In addition, there are various different ways that have already proved their effectiveness in hiring remote developers, so you can leverage these platforms.

Therefore, outsourcing the app development company or a remote developer team can definitely save you time, cost, and resources on finding, evaluating, and staffing your team with remote software developers. Kanhasoft can provide you with the best developer team on request and ensure the successful completion of all the important projects.

Contact us to find out more about recruiting truly top remote talent.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Remote App Developers

Q. How to hire remote developers in 2024?

A. You can hire the best remote developer through many successful online platforms by considering the tips given below:

  • Create the job description or consult an app development company
  • Review resumes and select the best
  • Schedule a video call interview
  • Access the developer skills and technologies
  • Discuss expectations about communication during development processes
  • Set expectations around management
  • Check references
  • Sign contracts
Q. What soft skills should I look for in a remote developer?

A. There are various skills that should be related to the developers working remotely. These skills are:

  • Time management
  • Problem-solving
  • Self-motivation
  • Team-work skills
  • Communication skills
  • Continuous learning
  • Discipline and work-life balance
Q. What are the factors that should be considered before hiring remote front-end and back-end developers?

A. There are many factors that will help you decide and choose the best developers as per your project requirements. Following these tips can ease your process of evaluating and accessing a remote developer. These are:

  • The right portfolio of the candidate
  • Experience with project management tools
  • Comply with taxes and legalities
  • Productivity of a software developer in a remote setup
  • Using the best talent scouting solutions