Hire Dedicated Developers To Grow Your Business: How, When, And Why

Hire Dedicated Remote Developer

If you have made a choice to hire dedicated developers for your next project, then you are on the right track. Hiring a dedicated development team has become a popular trend among every business and enterprise to meet software application development needs. It has immense benefits for businesses, which eventually helps them in increasing their customer base.

Moreover, when you hire dedicated developers for your business, it can help you develop cutting-edge tech solutions that make your business operations more efficient and productive and even bring considerable domain expertise.

This guide will cover all the information to hire dedicated developers to boost your business, how can you hire dedicated developers, why and when should you hire them, etc.

Therefore, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur with innovative ideas to develop a solid online presence, then keep reading to learn how dedicated developers can help you in this regard.

Hire Dedicated Developers

About dedicated developers

Dedicated developers are those who work as part-time and full-time employees in a company. Dedicated developers are mainly hired to develop a specific software project for whom they work for an extended period of time on a full-time basis. They can be easily understood by the following classifications according to the source you hire them from and their work environments.

★    Freelancers

Many Dedicated developers work as freelancers, they are independent developers or groups who may work from home or even from small offices. They can directly interact with the businesses that hire them.

★    Dedicated Development Outsourcing Model

It is one of the popular models of software development outsourcing. You can hire a dedicated development in which you outsource the software development to a dedicated team you hired, which is managed by an outsourcing company. This reduces your other expenses and development burdens to a great extent.

★    IT Staff Augmentation

In this case, an enterprise hires certified developers from an IT staff augmentation service provider to create the software at the enterprise’s office itself. Usually, the hired developers act as a support or addition to the already existing internal IT staff. The above two types include the developers who work remotely for the enterprise, and who employ them. One study also mentions that the cost of maintaining a remote employee annually is $1,000 (in furnishings) and $500 (in bonuses), which is comparatively lesser than the cost of setting up an in-house employee in New York, which costs $10,000 (in furnishings) and $5,000 (in bonuses).

Hence, hiring remote dedicated developers offers immense benefits to businesses with the chances of getting a diverse talent pool.

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When Should You Hire Dedicated Developers?

The demand for dedicated developers is increasing day by day, and there are many reasons and requirements that encourage businesses to hire them. Some of them are discussed below:

1)   Long-term Projects

When an enterprise needs complex and big software development that takes a long time to complete (more than a year), then they prefer to choose the dedicated software development outsourcing model. This is because the total development cost at the start or initial stage of the project is difficult to predict. Thus, enterprises choose to pay the dedicated developers a fixed salary monthly, which allows them to keep a check on the costs.

2)   Projects with Unclear Scope

This dedicated hiring model cannot work on a fixed price model as the project scope is not defined in these types of projects. These projects include hiring dedicated developers, which enables the enterprises to gain the freedom to extend the project further without any fear of schedule or cost deviations. In addition, it also offers the needed flexibility to handle the project according to changing requirements throughout the software development course.

3)   Long-run Relationship Maintenance

An enterprise can even opt for this type of development partnership, where the enterprise can get the support of the dedicated development team for an indefinite time duration. Through this, they can easily add more expert developers or reduce the number of developers according to their needs. In addition, it can also need dedicated developers for software maintenance, support, modification, upgrading, and other software requirements in the future. Hence, hiring dedicated developers can benefit enterprises in building a strategic relationship with the outsourcing company and getting its business needs fulfilled without any hassles.

4)   Shortage of Skills

One of the main reasons for hiring dedicated developers or outsourcing a dedicated development team is the shortage of talent and skills in in-house teams or locally. Thus, enterprises prefer a flexible workforce like dedicated developers to work for them. Through this, they can fill the talent gaps and also get a diverse talent pool according to their requirements with adequate skills and experience. Remote developers can have experience in a variety of technologies and thus benefit the enterprises with required software development. Many enterprises from the USA and Europe generally hire dedicated developers to fill the talent gap.

5)   Agile Development Methodology

Agile software development methodology is one of the most popular and widely used development models worldwide. It is considered best against the traditional waterfall methodology. Agile development follows an iterative development approach, where the coding and testing are performed concurrently to ensure the project is being built as per the requirements of the businesses. In this scenario, dedicated developers emerge as the perfect fit for this approach. They can provide uninterrupted support, time, and resources needed to accomplish the project on time.

Hire Dedicated Web and App Developers

Why should you hire dedicated developers? – (let’s count the Benefits)

Hiring dedicated developers can bring you many benefits with regard to the success and anticipated results of the development process. So let’s count them all.

➔  Dedication and Full Focus

Dedicated developers are hired as they provide dedicated support and attention to one client at a time for whom they are working. This allows them to provide full focus on one particular project. Hence, every business prefers to hire dedicated developers who give priority to their development tasks with uninterrupted attention and dedication.

So, dedicated developers become the first choice in this respect.

➔  Specialized Skills:

For the past 3-5 years the need for specialized skills in software development has been on the rise. In addition to this, there are many software development trends that are gaining major attention among many enterprises of the world. The inception of virtual reality, the Internet of Things, robotics, artificial intelligence and mobile-first development trends require expert developers in different technologies. Therefore, the Dedicated development model enables enterprises to get a global pool of developers specialized in these skills and invest in popular software development trends.

➔  Professionalism

One of the main benefits of hiring dedicated developers is professionalism. Every dedicated development team have professionals with vast experience and expertise in specific domains. In addition, they also include the knowledge of global development work standards and etiquette. There are very few chances of showing any unprofessionalism or non-compliance with the work culture.

➔  Resources

when you hire dedicated developers or outsource a dedicated development team, you can reduce costs to a great extent. An enterprise can save the team setup such as arranging for the required hardware, network bandwidths, and software development kits.  Hence, many outsourcing companies that hire and manage development teams are solely responsible for providing them with space and resources. And helps the enterprises with reduced development costs.

➔  Flexibility

Outsourcing your projects to dedicated developers can even provide you with the flexibility to add, remove, or manage your project requirements as per business needs. It only requires you to convey your needs to the developers for better implementation. This approach also supports team size. You can get additional developers if your projects require more members, anytime from the outsourcing company. In addition, you can even replace the developers anytime, if it’s not up to your expectations.

Hire Application Developers

How to Hire a Dedicated Developer?

There are many sources from where you can hire dedicated developers for your application development needs. Many web and mobile app development companies outsource professional dedicated developer teams at affordable cost. There are a few steps you can follow to make the perfect choice for your project. These are given below:

Where can you find dedicated developers?

  1. Outsourcing Companies – There are various offshore software development companies, that offer custom application development services with dedicated expert teams. moreover, software development companies have vast experience. In addition, you can save time by screening each developer. These companies already have developers hired from rigorous screening processes.
  2. Search Engines – You can even search dedicated development teams using Google and popular search engines. Look for the reviews and testimonials of their work.
  3. References – There can be businesses that might have recently hired dedicated developers. Therefore, you can ask for suggestions and recommendations from them about their experience. You can consider the type of projects they work on and evaluate whether they meet your requirements or not.

What to Look For in Dedicated Developers?

  1. Portfolios – You can look at the past clients of the company and the types of development works they have developed. You can match your requirements with the past work portfolios related to your project type. this helps you decide whether they can fulfill your requirements.
  2. Expertise – One thing to consider for a unique development is the expertise of a dedicated developer in different platforms, technologies, and tools. A good app development outsourcing company has dedicated developers for the top technologies, languages, and tools. so they can develop applications with the latest trends in the market.
  3. Communication and time compatibility – Hiring dedicated developers from different time zones requires better time compatibility between two parties. This fosters work without any communication barriers. You can ask them how they will address this issue of time and communication.

How Kanhasoft can help you hire dedicated developers to fulfill your enterprise needs?

Kanhasoft believes in offering a special focus to serve clients by adapting to industry best practices with the latest technologies. We ensure our clients get maximum ROI at minimal risks. We will provide you with efficient engagement models to improve your IT effectiveness and meet your strategic goals faster. Contact us to get the top dedicated developers to get the best-in-class application solutions that meet your needs.

Hire Dedicated Team

Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I start my project with dedicated developer teams?

A. After you choose the right dedicated software team from a software development outsourcing company. You can initiate the development process by:

  • Mutually agreeing on the working hours
  • Making a well-defined development plan and finalizing the deadlines for each task.
  • Assigning day-to-day tasks
  • Ensuring transparency on both sides
  • following security standards with a non-disclosure agreement
  • Advanced authentication systems.
  • Fostering online socialization by creating a sync between work cultures.
Q. How to manage a dedicated development team?

A. One of the main things to consider before working with remote employees is management. Getting the services of an outsourcing company can help with managing dedicated developers. It can be done:

  • Using advanced technology-based tools to communicate easily with the dedicated developers.
  • Many companies use Schedule management tools to build synchronizations between your in-house teams and dedicated developers.
  • In addition, there are tools for project planning and project tracking web apps that can improve and speed up the development process.
Q. What benefits do I get by hiring dedicated developers?

A. You can get many benefits if you hire remote dedicated developers, such as:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Skillful specialists and domain expertise from a wide pool of developers.
  • Reduced risks
  • Time-saving
  • Top-quality results
  • Digital transformation