Why Choose An Agile Methodology For Mobile App Development In 2023?

Agile Methodology For Mobile App Development

Mobile app development has become a necessity for businesses to be successful in today’s competitive world. Thus, mobile app development plays a crucial role in helping businesses to expand their reach. Thus, to stay ahead of the competition with rapidly changing market demands, mobile app developers need to work more efficiently and innovatively. One of the best ways for mobile app development is agile methodology.

But, do you know agile methodology meaning, What is agile methodology?

Agile methodology is an iterative and gradual approach to software development that focuses on collaboration, flexibility, and continuous improvement in web and mobile app development. It has changed the way software development takes place and has become a preferred methodology for developing mobile apps. Its because the agile methodology can fulfill the changing user needs and market demands efficiently. It takes your product faster into the market while having the best product-market fit, it even allows you to improve the product further based on how your target audience interacts with it. However, it does not have one single approach in agile for every project, it requires different agile techniques for every mobile app development according to its requirements. Our mobile app development company also follows an agile methodology to serve our clients with new innovative solutions that drive more success to the business.

Let’s learn more in detail about mobile app development with the agile framework.

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What is an agile methodology for mobile app development?

Mobile app development with agile methodology includes the distribution of complex tasks into a series of development cycles. Every series of projects are transferred to their respective experts and specialists as well as different experts are assigned to their respective teams. This way of development process allows the developers to develop an app that embodies rapidly developing technologies. The main logic behind the agile methodology is that it gives importance to individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Moreover, it focuses more on Working Software over comprehensive documentation, Customer Collaboration over contract negotiation, and Responding to Change and growing requirements over following a fixed plan.

More importantly, the agile methodology helps in better management of mobile application development with multiple teams that are responsible to develop different parts of the apps simultaneously. This way, the overall project is distributed into small modules. Moreover, Agile mobile app development lowers the risks associated with the project. And allows the developers to work freely and flexibly to develop a high-quality app, which can easily adjust to alteration after launch.

Four Key Values For Agile Methodology

  1. Involves Individuals and interactions over pre-determined processes and fixed tools.
  2. Working software over comprehensive documentation
  3. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  4. Responding to changes and needs over following a plan

What are the types of agile mobile app development methods?

Agile methodology consists of different project management methodologies that are practiced by the team to deliver the applications. Every methodology has its pros and cons. It depends on the expertise of the team to select the methodology that suits their project requirements and goals. Furthermore, agile project management methodologies are not similar to the agile framework. It is one of the best ways to the agile framework. Every method has its own set including roles, tools, and methods that help in managing the software development process more efficiently. Following are some of the project management methodologies that are mainly used for mobile app development.

  • Scrum
    Scrum is a popular Agile methodology, which follows the principles of transparency, inspection, and adaptation. It is built to help software teams develop and deliver world-class software in short iterations, called sprints. Scrum follows the principles of collaboration, with daily stand-up meetings and areas to identify changes and improvements.
  • Lean
    The Lean-Agile methodology aims at minimizing waste and maximizing customer value through regular improvements. Furthermore, It is constructed for the teams to find and removes inefficiencies throughout the app development process. Lean management provides value to the customer while following the importance of continuous improvement, with metrics and other techniques to measure progress.
  • Kanban
    Kanban type of agile methodology is highly reliable on principles associated with visualizing work, limiting work in progress, and managing workflow. In addition,  It allows the teams to visualize, analyze, and manage their work timely. And even helps to improve the overall workflow throughout the project. Kanban also emphasizes the value of continuous improvement and also finds a way where teams can do better.

So, now you have known the types of agile methodology methods. Let’s jump into the advantages of agile methodology for mobile app development. And why leading app development company like us, uses it.

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How agile methodology can make your mobile app development project more successful? –  Its Benefits

1. High-Quality app development

The regular app development process involves testing the software before launch, but in agile methodology, testing is integrated at every step of the mobile app development to deliver a high-quality end product. Therefore, regular testing allows the developers to make changes according to rising needs and also reduces the risk of bugs at the final quality test of the whole project. Moreover, it also enables app developers to inspect app elements at every stage of the development process. The agile methodology even helps you make changes according to project requirements, increasing the chances of developing the best mobile apps.

2. Mobile App Customization

Agile methodology offers flexibility and ease to the developers to customize the entire mobile app development according to their preferences and needs. Therefore, customization is the main reason why developers go for an agile methodology for mobile app development. Moreover, the agile methodology allows the developers to integrate new technologies and innovations in the development process, making the development process faster, simpler, and up to the market needs.

3. Swift Return on Investment

Agile methodology is iterative nature that allows the developers to build and deploy app features faster in an app thus inducing more rapid mobile app development. Unlike, waterfall development methodology, where you need to wait for the app to complete to estimate the ROI, agile methodology lets you drive your ROI in advance.

4. Reduces Risks

Unlike the waterfall app development process, where the chances of failure were high, agile on the other side lower the risks. It includes a parallel test model that helps you to line up different mobile app development issues while creating other app features simultaneously. Agile methodology provides transparency through its scrum method of agile app development, where it can view and revolves the problems of even later stages from their roots, from its starting stage itself.

5. Enhanced productivity

Agile methodology has the sprint-based workflow method, which reduces the scope of daily detailed discussions. And focuses on the delivery of the list of high-value mobile app features in each sprint. Moreover, the collaboration principle allows the app developers’ team to work on goals with accountability. This helps in fulfilling all the commitments in a fixed time.

6. Develop incredible mobile app development solutions

High-quality mobile app is an important concern for any app development company. Thus, the collateral testing model practiced in agile application development allows the developers to easily inspect the app project in real-time. This helps in making the major quality-based improvements hand-in-hand. Moreover, if there persists a variation in the mobile app and the quality standards to be maintained, the project managers can even fix them instantly.

7. Placing Responsiveness in the Technology

Agile methodology lets you make enhancements with required new features upon customer feedback by combining agile sprints with the app’s software update method. This helps you make the changes instantly lowering the development time. Moreover, agile mobile app development includes a data-backed continuous app updation process that ensures better app updates.

How kanhasoft can help you with mobile app development using agile methodology?

Agile methodology is the most successful methodology for mobile application development in 2023. It offers the flexibility and innovation an app needs with changing market demands to make the app competitive in the market. So, Agile methodology does this by following some principles and rules, which include improved collaboration, increased flexibility, rapid time-to-market, reduced risk of project failure, and improved customer satisfaction. Therefore, implementing Agile methodology in mobile app development can help the development teams with high-quality software deliveries that meet user needs and adapts to changing market demands.

kanhasoft is a leading mobile application development company in India with many happy and satisfied clients all over the world. Moreover, We provide out-of-the-box solutions to our clients by following the latest technologies and solutions for web app and mobile application development. We ensure you get the best app that fulfills all your business requirements efficiently. So get in touch for the best and most reliable mobile app development services from kanhasoft.

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Frequently asked questions on mobile app development using agile methodology.

Q. What are the different roles in the agile development team for mobile app development?

A. Different roles exist in the agile development methodology which includes product owner, scrum master, development team, stakeholders, agile coach, UX designer, front-end developer, backend developer, and QA engineer.

Q. What are the risks of agile team implementation?

A. There are some pitfalls that a development team can encounter while developing an app through agile methodology. Which includes:

  • improper senior management support
  • Lack of clarity around roles, responsibilities, and collaboration.
  • Lack of communication
  • Inadequate and inefficient training
  • Failure to adapt to market change
Q. What are the benefits of using agile methodology in mobile app development?

A. There are numerous benefits of using agile methodology for your app development, some of them are:

  • Improved collaboration and communication
  • increased flexibility and adaptability to the change
  • Rapid time-to-market
  • Reduced risk of project failure
  • Improved customer satisfaction
Q. What are the different types of agile app development methods?

A. Several agile development methods are used according to the project requirements, tools, and technologies involved in the process. Some of them are:

  • Adaptive software development
  • Crystal methods
  • Dynamic system development method (DSDM)
  • Feature-driven development
  • Lean development
  • Scrum method
  • Kanban method
  • Extreme programming
Q. Which agile methodology do you use scrum or kanban?

A. We choose the development techniques based on the project requirements.