10 Must have Custom ERP Software Features

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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software which gives varieties of key functions that can be integrated by each division of your organization or a company worldwide. To render the worthy investment of ERP Implementation, organizations must look for the solutions that possess many functions. ERP Software Development provides the different range of major functions which integrate every department of a business to give the real-time data. It productively deals with the department processes for better decision making and process of the company. When it comes to the business of large-scale, the ERP software solutions rank high among the best choices available there.

While the ERP software is regularly custom fitted to the particular ventures or the individual organizations, each and every system offers important features and advantages regardless of specialization. There are lots of features of ERP in the market, and significantly more when you think about applications and modules for the specific business or an industry. Let’s go over the ERP features which we feel are essential to implement by ERP Development Company to any solution worth investing in.

1. Integration

The one thing about that is clear about new ERP software implementation is that it is rarely ever a clear-cut process. Issues with integration arise on multiple levels. First, this list includes various separate modules, which should be integrated flawlessly for your new ERP system to fulfill its need.

Second, all organizations require expanding the additional system, which is not a piece of their new ERP arrangement, to cater their extraordinary or we can say business specific needs. As such, to avoid future issue and inconveniences, ensure your ERP Solution Provider Company’s new solution has the ability to interoperate with other systems.

2. Hosting Options

Many ERP software development companies like to push their ideas of whichever hosting option they prefer themselves onto their clients. This is very limiting, no doubt. You need to decide on your own whether you want your solution to be hosted on a cloud, on your own server or a hybrid cloud.

Each organization is unique. They all have their own security concerns, update and configuration needs, and flexibility needs. This is the reason offering multiple hosting options is on this list of must-have ERP features.

3. Platform Scalability

Your business is definitely not a static and inflexible element. Neither should be an ERP system. You know that once you choose to update your ERP solution, it will cost you considerable assets. This is simply the more reason to ensure that your ERP Solution Provider Company offers you a scalable solution that will adjust to your future needs. Else, you will either be forced to change your solution every couple of years or start using separate applications or software to fulfill all business needs.

5. Flexibility and Mobility

Having mobile access is no longer a futuristic ERP feature. With numerous workers accessing data and work processes with their own devices, having a mobile version is a must. Not only will a mobile-friendly ERP dashboard give your representatives on-the-go access, but it will also give you the chance to perceive how your business is doing at any specific point in time.

6. CRM and Sales Management

Many will argue that CRM and Sales Management are the beginning stages of your whole business activity. You get a business to arrange & receive a sales order, which at that point triggers procurement, generation or service delivery, and ends with a satisfied client. This is the reason this tool is generally a part of ERP functionality. Whether your aim is to manage invoicing activities or track the status of contracts, a CRM Application Development module helps bring data together to enable the sales team and marketing planners alike to better address client needs, buying patterns & preferences.

7. Finance and Accounting

As your business develops, you will truly value having a Financial Management module as a major aspect of your ERP solution. The idea is to get a far comprehensive platform that will help streamline financial activities. By integrating with different modules, Financial and Accounting will monitor your cash flows and give you a snapshot of your financial performance anytime.

The important features included in finance and accounting are accounts receivable, account payable, general ledger, financial reporting and often payroll. Also, provide real-time data to the administrators.

8. Human Resource Management

HR Management is not anymore an administrative task. A decent ERP solution should have a Human Resource Management module with advanced features like time and attendance management, performance support, employee benefits management, recruitment, risk & compliance management and so on. keeping in mind the end goal to empower organization administrators to monitor and deal with its most essential asset – its people.

While traveling from branch to branch, the web-based tools grant managers to remote access to the essential employee’s data and HR procedures. Hence, to check the functionality of HRM in ERP software is the most crucial factor. Beforehand, the HRM module was considered to less as it was managing the basic features only but now, it has extended its presence worldwide.

9. Inventory Management

Whether the companies buy it or make it, the businesses are required to know what they have in stock to sell when the customer requires the material and where does it exist. It is crucial to a business that inventory must be immediately moved to where it is needed and must deal with the velocity of those movements.

Any company cannot perform its core processes without inventory management and control. Inventory management components will help your team to analyze its shipping and order levels and ensure there are sufficient items in stock for fulfilling customer demand. Inventory management is a key component for tracking spending and can help your team ensure they aren’t spending more than required on their purchases.

10. BI Reports

Business Intelligence tools are irreplaceable for administrators to get a 360-degree view of their organizations. It empowers the organization to turn all the majority of its accumulated data into significant acumens to have the ability to analyze company performance and make better decisions.

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