Go in Brief with YII Framework for Your Web Application

Yii web development framework is considered as one of the most results-oriented, secure and popular technology solutions available now in the web development market. YII, a full stack framework based on PHP is rigid and at the same time reliable. Developers around the world are making full use of all the possibilities of YII frameworks to create Yii web applications quicker.

Yii (Yes It Is) is written in PHP5 and for the most used for development of rapid web application. It will give you some interesting features like event-driven programming, component-based, international availability, database management, modular application architecture and localization of the application.

YII is packed completely with brilliant features and capabilities to turbocharge your Yii application development. MVC, role-based access control authentication and catching and scaffolding are few of its outstanding features. The ability of YII to cut the overall time needed for the development tasks is very exceptionally great and impressive. The features integrated with this web framework are helpful both in the initialization and development phases.

Another great advantageous feature of YII framework is its strategy of loading only those features that are mandatory. Thus, it ensures that no additional resources or assets are utilized. The caching support of YII framework is great that the cached websites are found to be loaded in very good speed when compared to other websites that are created in other web framework. The standard security features incorporated with this framework is also good enough for better outcomes.

Top 10 Features of Yii, Which Are Popular in Yii web Applications Development in India :

  • Has a large community support and is an open source platform.
  • Rigid, well planned Model-View-Controller Architecture.
  • Yii has AJAX widgets which help in making the UI extremely productive and simple. Advance, the well designed unique controller with Skinning and Theming mechanism allows to change the outlook of the application based on this framework.
  • It has a built-in Authentication support and Powerful User Management Extensions Make Launching New Web Applications Easy.
  • Yii has amazing security features which help in preventing web applications from attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery (CSRF), and cookie tampering.
  • It works well with the third party code.
  • It also has a set of highly extensible code generation tools that help in quick generation of codes one need for features such as form input.
  • Error handling and logging features are great.
  • Yii supports functionality tests, based on PHPUnit and Selenium.

While looking at another side, few developers are staying away from using the Yii framework for their web programming needs. Let’s have a look at some of the drawbacks associated with this framework.


  • Yii framework is kind of over-reliant on static methods which certain web developers probably not comfortable with.
  • The Ajax features embedded in the system is not built smartly or well-drafted as the developers have to utilize Java language wherever required.
  • Yii framework special and unique design implies it requires greater attention from the developers while developing an application. Commit one mistake and the whole program can get over-sized.
  • For young developers, this framework might be a little more challenging as they require more learning & knowledge on PHP language, have enough mastery over programming skills and the additional add-ons required on it.
  • YII has a steep learning curve making it difficult for new web developers to begin with.

Compare to its well-known drawbacks & disadvantages, Yii framework is a good choice for developing applications with a layered structural design. This framework along with its extensibility, security and excellent error handling abilities makes it an excellent choice for anything. If you are looking forward to availing Yii Framework Development Services, you can contact Kanhasoft who are considered as one of the prominent web development firms. Kanhasoft has experienced, skilled and highly knowledgeable Dedicated Yii Web Application Developers who can assist you in developing a well-balanced interactive application. To find out more about Kanhasoft web development services, please check Kanhasoft.