Why PHP is the First Choice for Web Application Development? [Infographic]

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History of The PHP

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is an exceptionally prevalent server-side scripting language. It is extremely adaptable and has plenty of inventive features. It is the quickest asset accessible for database-enabled dynamic web application development. Every one of the features and updates of PHP is accessible free of cost.

The PHP code is efficient and can be effectively embedded into HTML code. It deals with all major operating systems like Linux, Windows, Unix, and Mac OS, and it underpins principle web and venture servers like Apache, Netscape, Microsoft IIS, and so on. In addition, it is less demanding to investigate issues in PHP when contrasted with different languages.

For a web developer, designing a complex, yet appealing website in a limited ability to focus time is a major test. This is the place PHP frameworks turn out to be valuable. Frameworks can be utilized to create web applications everything being equal and many-sided quality. The most famous ones incorporate WordPress, Laravel, Yii, Symfony, CodeIgniter, and Phalcon, to give some examples.

PHP was made by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 and was launched in June 1995. In those days, it was the curtailed type of Personal Home Page tools. Following two years, in 1997, it entered open domain as PHP/F1 2.0. After a year, two developers, Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans, reworked the base of the first version and launched PHP 3.

PHP 4, which turned out in 2000, consolidated a scripting engine named Zend Engine that was planned by Suraski and Gutmans. Three more significant versions with some sub-versions were launched in the later years with the most recent version 7.0 discharged in 2015.

Two decades after its origin, PHP has enrolled an exceptional development and is as yet going solid. Today, it powers more than 80% of the considerable number of websites on the globe. This incorporates majors like Facebook, Wikipedia, and WordPress among others.

Advantages of Learning PHP Web Development Language

  1. Simple to Learn

PHP is easy to learn, regardless of whether you have no more abilities of programming. It is one of the basic advantages of learning PHP. Compared with other programming languages, PHP does not require one to invest a considerable measure of energy examining a manual. A complete web page will develop only a solitary PHP file.

  1. Recognition with Syntax

PHP has a compelling and effectively justifiable syntax. Along these lines, it is extremely well-known, and software engineers are extremely comfortable coding with it. In the event that you have any programming knowledge in both C and Perl, at that point learning PHP will be simple, as its syntax is fundamentally the same as these programming languages.

  1. Free of Cost

Since PHP is an open source web development language, it’s completely free of cost. PHP is accessible for nothing to each user, and the community of PHP developers gives excellent technical support. In this manner, every one of its components is allowed to utilize and convey.

  1. User-Friendly

PHP is extraordinary compared to other user-friendly programming languages in the business. It likewise gives more adaptability than C, C++, and ASP and generally speaking encourages in enhancing traffic to the website. To create complex, dynamic and user-friendly web applications, PHP is just the main preference for all web developers. Thus, this feature is one of the primary advantages of learning PHP.

  1. Supports All of the Leading Databases

Furthermore, PHP supports the majority of the main databases, including MySQL, ODBC, SQLite and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It is the preferred standpoint of utilizing PHP for web development.

  1. Efficiency in Performance

Contingent upon your coding capacity, PHP can end up being an effective programming language to utilize. PHP is known to be flexible when composing code and furthermore in making web applications. Moreover, it is to a great degree solid when you need to serve a couple of web pages.

  1. A Helpful PHP Community

PHP has a huge community of developers who frequently refreshes tutorials, documentation, online help, and FAQs. It is one of the significant advantages of taking in PHP to gain from the communities. In the event that you have any inconvenience when utilizing PHP, it is the best place you can discover all data about the PHP language. Aside from this, you will get tips and tricks from PHP stars through a few websites and forums. Also, PHP has an incredible community and resources to learn PHP on the web.

  1. Control

While diverse programming languages require long scripts, PHP can do that same work in a couple of lines of code. It has the most extreme control over the websites. In like manner, at whatever point you need to roll out improvements, you can alter effectively.

  1. Platform Independent

PHP keeps running on pretty much each platform accessible enabling it to work across various operating systems. Regardless of whether it is a Linux, UNIX, Mac OS, and Windows; it likewise supports all the major operating systems. It is one of the crucial advantages of learning PHP to build up your aptitudes in web development.

  1. Supports All Major Web Servers

Aside from the operating systems, it additionally supports all significant web servers like Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape, individual web server, iPlanet server, etc. As the programming language works with many operating systems, it will send on various platforms.

  1. Rapid

PHP utilizes its own memory space, so the remaining task at hand of the server and stacking time will reduce automatically, which results in the quicker processing speed. The processing speed is quick, and web applications like eCommerce, CRM, CMS, and Forums are additionally grown quicker by it. It is the principle importance of utilizing PHP language in web development.

  1. Secured

PHP is a standout amongst the most secure methods for creating websites and dynamic web applications. PHP has different layers of security to avert dangers and malicious attacks. It is the real importance of utilizing PHP to build up a hybrid web application.

  1. Trusted

PHP is being used for two decades now since its start in 1995. It is one of the significant advantages of learning PHP. It is trusted by a substantial number of websites, and web developers and the rundown is growing every day. Plus, PHP has shown its capacity and adaptability by creating and keeping up probably the most exceedingly visited and prominent locales.

PHP Web Development

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