Why Matchmaking Dating App Development Is A Rewarding Investment?

Matchmaking Dating App

Why matchmaking dating app development is so popular in 2023?

Dating app development or matchmaking dating app development is on the rise these days. Online dating is the fastest-growing sector in social networking and the digital world. Free online dating is subsiding the traditional offline way of dating and offering a more convenient and easy way for bachelors looking for love and the right partners. Moreover, best dating apps like Tinder have become so popular app concept. Matchmaking dating apps are highly used by mobile app users who are interested in finding their love partners and like-minded friends. Researchers globally have estimated that the online dating market is going to reach $12.25 Billion by 2030. Despite many popular dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Badoo, and Hinge. There is still a great demand for more innovative and fascinating apps in the market.

Thus, reaching the right dating app development company could help you develop a unique, market-ready, and revenue-generating online dating app for your business.

Apart from this, many trusted sources like Statista prove the scope of matchmaking dating app development in the future. According to Statista, there were 366 million online dating service users were registered in 2022. And the estimation also shows that there are 440 million people worldwide seeking love through online platforms. Moreover, dating apps generated 2.86 billion U.S. dollars in 2022, with no signs of showing a marked decline in online dating.

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Here, you can have insights on the number of dating service users worldwide from 2020 to 2030,

Dating Service Users Worldwide

Source – Statista

What are the reasons behind the increasing dating app development business?

  • Today around a quarter of committed relationships start on the Internet through dating apps.
  • Around 40 million people globally are using matchmaking dating apps and websites.
  • The overall revenue generated by all dating apps in the market is estimated to be more than $2 billion per year.
  • Since the demand for the best dating app is increasing, so is the market for them and the scope of high revenue.
  • According to Statista forecast reports, the dating services revenues worldwide 2020-2030 would show significant growth in all segments in 2030.
  • Comparing the different segments for the year 2030, the ‘Matchmaking’ segment tops the ranking with 4.3 billion U.S. dollars. On the other hand ‘Casual Dating’ is ranked last, with 0.94 billion U.S. dollars. Thus there is a difference of 3.36 billion U.S. dollars compared to matchmaking.

So if you want to develop a dating app, there is a wide scope of profit from it. But how can you begin your dating app business? And how to succeed in the matchmaking dating app development business? You will get the answers here.

How to Create a Matchmaking Dating App: kanhasoft expertise

Developing a competitive dating app, it requires some unique functionality in order to drive the attention of end users. To execute this plan, you need to first consult a reliable dating app development company.

Kanhasoft, a software development company, has vast experience in developing matchmaking dating apps, We begin with our fundamental features like profile, photo viewing, search,  etc. Plus, to make the matchmaking dating app more rewarding, we develop a  specific matching mechanism based on an analysis of hobbies and interests.

Works by finding the best match based on their partner preferences. Every registered user has a matchmaker assigned by the admin. The dating app has an inbuilt algorithm that automatically detects and suggests the perfect match for a user. Real-time chatting and emojis help them interact more comfortably. It is a subscription-based site with 3 plans to choose from and ad-hoc services.

Fastfolge Matchmaking Dating App

Fastfolge Matchmaking Dating App Development

Fast folge matchmaking dating app screen

Features of a Matchmaking Dating App Development

  • Onboarding with quick and simple sign-up

The best dating app needs better functionality. For this purpose, the app should have easy onboarding with a quick and simple sign-up. It should avoid the long tedious process. Moreover, the dating app must enable the users to quickly register via social media profiles, email-id, or contact numbers. Hence, the main aim of the onboarding process needs to be engaging. Therefore, matching dating app development should involve an interactive onboarding idea to retain its users in the first place.

  • Secure Authentication

Matchmaking dating app development needs a secure authentication system as dating is a private affair, and security comes first. Your dating app development company can provide you with various options such as two-step authentication with a code sent to email, or a PIN.

  • User Profile Creation

Profile showcases the overall personality of a user in a dating app so it needs to be as sophisticated as possible. Based on the type of dating app you’re building, it must have an intuitive interface to upload the user’s personal information about him/her like nickname, self-description, age, gender, ethnicity, relationship status, and more. Additionally, the app can have much more information under the profile section of the dating app. You can consult a dating app development company for more feature suggestions.

  • Discover people with a Geolocation feature

People generally sign up in a matchmaking dating app to find and meet others without too much trouble, which can be people living in the same city or state. To make this feature more seamless and interesting, it is recommended to integrate geolocation features. With a phone’s GPS access, an app can easily find people nearby and list the right matches by proximity.

  • Matching with multiple filters

By having a matching functionality in a dating app, users can have access to profiles or search profiles by filtering them as per their liking and preferences. Several standard filters used in matchmaking dating apps are currently online, including fields of interest, age limits, ethnicity, etc. many modern dating apps integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence to get the user’s preferences based on profiles they like or ignore.

  • Chats and video call

Messages and call features are integral parts of a dating app, without which it cannot work. There are some features you can add to this, such as viewing a user’s matches, viewing a matched user’s profile, chat, video calls, uploading media in chats, and more as per your needs.

  • Trusted Payments

Integrating popular and trusted payment options can build trust among users, thereby increasing the chance of conversions. Based on app features, it may charge the user for accessing more premium features or at the end of the trial period. If you want to monetize your dating app via in-app purchases, then you have to integrate a payment gateway.

  • Settings

This is also an integral part of every mobile app, your dating app can have important settings such as view app info, terms and conditions, contact support, filters and notifications, link accounts, delete user accounts, etc.

  • Admin panel

It is a very useful feature in a dating app where you can monitor and moderate the app. An admin panel also allows you to access your dating app’s analytics. Which lets you recognize fraudulent profiles and harassers (if you offer reporting feature to your users), manage payments, and more.

Therefore, We at kanhasoft customize the matchmaking dating app’s dashboard per the client’s needs and requirements.

How can you monetize your matchmaking dating app in 2023?

Like every mobile app, the matchmaking dating app can also be monetized in multiple ways. You can even earn revenue from your dating app in several ways, which are as follows:

  • In-App Advertisements

It is the widely popular and commonly used way of generating revenue from any mobile application. when your dating app reaches many users, in-app advertisements become active and allow you to earn profits.

  • Paid subscription

Several matchmaking dating apps enable or unlock many advanced features when users get a paid subscription. Proximity App like Grindr provides users to reach and access unlimited profiles, multiple filters, and more in its paid version. Whereas, the matching algorithm-based app Tinder enable user with unlimited swipes and more in its paid subscription.

  • In-app Purchase

It is suitable for users who are interested in buying one or a few of the app’s advanced features. So, the app can not only offer full-time subscriptions but can even offer to sell exclusive features as per the user’s need.

  • eCommerce Integration

The matchmaking dating app can also be integrated with eCommerce features to send gifts to each other. This way, you can increase app engagement and conversions.

How to create a dating app in 2023? – step-by-step process

This checklist involves the important steps that need to develop the best dating app

  1. Research the market for the trending ideas loved by users and then study your competitors to get the best niche.
  2. Define the audience you want to target to fulfill their needs accurately in order to increase user engagement.
  3. Conceptualize the best dating app idea with a better scope of functionality for the first and following application versions (matching algorithm, gamification elements, user interaction)
  4. The next steps involve designing an intuitive and beautiful UX/UI and your brand logos and icons.
  5. Next, you must include high-end app security features, data protection, and strong verification processes to enhance the trust of your app users.
  6. You can even add innovative and advanced technologies such as  AI, AR, VR, etc. for more exceptional features in your app that users would love to use in your subsequent app versions.
  7. ensure better app testing for security, user acceptance, bugs, and other such issues.
  8. Now, it’s time to build and launch the first matchmaking dating app version. However, in case of a limited budget, you can try it with an MVP.
  9. Build revenue and subscription plans naturally in your matchmaking dating app.
  10. Launch an effective marketing campaign and invest in user acquisition.

How kanhasoft can be the best dating app development company?

The scope of matchmaking dating apps is bound to grow larger in the future. As people spend good times online, matchmaking dating apps is becoming less stigmatized. You can set up your own dating app that caters to your user’s needs and helps them get the best matches and connections.

Kanhasoft Software Development company helps you build the most fascinating matchmaking dating app that helps you achieve your goals with good returns. Our team has a pool of in-house professional developers with great expertise in the domain to deliver high-performance apps faster with appealing UX/UI designs. Moreover, choosing an Indian dating app development company rescues your development cost by 50%. So, Get in touch with kanhasoft for a free consultation to get the best assistance on how to create a matchmaking dating app in 2023 at a competitive price.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Matchmaking Dating App Development

Q. How much it cost to develop a matchmaking dating app in 2023?

A. If you want to develop a matchmaking dating app for a cross-platform MVP, it may cost around $45,000, and for a native app, it may cost around $58,000.

Q. How do I develop a matchmaking dating app?

A. You can develop the best dating app by first selecting the niche for your dating app and learning about your target audience. Next comes the discovery phase, where will you gather project requirements, and then you can hire a dating app development company to execute the entire dating app development process.

Q. Which tech stacks are used in dating app development on Android?

A. To develop a dating app on Android, it is necessary to use Kotlin or Java. further, you should even use the latest Android studio and stable SDK. you can even use third-party  APIs for diverse functionalities.

Q. Which tech stacks are used in dating app development on iOS?

A. Developing a dating app on iOS requires Swift or Objective-C programming language. You can also use other tech stacks such as IDE- Xcode 9+ or AppCode, Platform SDK- iOS SDK, and more. You can use distinct third-party integrations like Stripe or Braintree for payment functionality in the dating app.

Q. How much time is required to develop a matchmaking dating app?

A. Generally, it takes around 3-6 months to create the first version of a dating app for any one platform; it maybe iOS or Android. It covers client app development, back-end development, and the development of a basic admin pane in a dating app.

here are a few things to consider while developing a dating app with strong features that your user would love to use. These are:

  • You can avoid data security and privacy breaches by installing a robust security feature and clear data policy
  • User engagement – you can ensure continued user engagement by providing relevant and useful content. Plus, engaging them through push notifications and messages.
  • To get a competitive app that beats the others in users, you need to add some unique features to your app that sets them apart from others in the market.
Q. How to build a winning dating app in 2023?

A. Developing a successful dating app requires you to consider various aspects of dating apps such as trends in the market, and the latest technologies that make your app unique. You can consider adding an appealing UX/UI design, better navigation, unique features, app ideas that fulfill the exact needs of users, etc. You can consult the dating app development company for more unique ideas for developing a more rewarding dating app.