Ways to Handle Negative Reviews on Amazon

Whether you are an offline store owner or selling products online, customer reviews play a vital role in this process. Every seller knows the value of good reviews & ratings, especially Amazon sellers. Negative reviews or low ratings are always a pain for Amazon Sellers.

So have you got your first negative rating on Amazon? If yes then let me share with you that you don’t need to worry much about that, you can find a way to deal with or even wipe out these reviews. As we all have purchased online many a times and we all know that customer reviews are more trusted than product description. Therefore, below we have listed Here are a few hints for dealing with negative reviews.

It’s very rare that Amazon removes or delete the negative reviews on sellers or vendors demand yet you as a seller can track ratings & reviews and also report any spam, funny or fake Amazon reviews. We have shared a couple of alternatives that sellers have with respect to Amazon review removal and what approach should be adopted. You will also find few hints on the most proficient method to remove negative reviews on Amazon so keep reading.

As an online seller, you’ll need to confront negative item reviews on daily basis. The impact of these reviews on your business lies in the way you manage them. Seller -Client relationship is a one of the most significant aspects of any business. In this way, when you see any negative client review flying up on the screen, manage it instantly!

What is the exact definition of Amazon Negative Review?

A review on Amazon is negative when it accompanies three stars rating or less. Rating over 3 is ordinarily viewed as positive by the Amazon clients as it leaves a decent effect on potential buyers. Negative reviews drop the positioning of the item and cause damage to deals that is the reason negative reviews tracking is important for the sellers to change over them into happy clients. Review tracking tools are constantly helpful to do the diligent work for you in a smart way. You can also look at our Tool to Track Negative Reviews .

How to track Amazon Negative Review?

Those days are gone when all this tracking process was managed manually and Amazon sellers must be stuck with the PCs to physically locate the negative reviews by the clients on every product they sell. Our tracking software automatically tracks the Amazon negative reviews to make it easy for sellers. Tracking negative reviews is just one click away and you will start getting email alerts for the same right in your inbox. Whenever our tool identifies the product review with 3 stars or less it sends an email alert to the sellers so it can be managed quickly.

There are other tracking tools provided by Amazon where you simply add your an item in the Amazon item tracker, turn on the reviews tracking with a single tick and sit back. You will automatically receive email alerts for the negative audits when it is recorded.

Ways to deal with these Negative reviews

When you started receiving alerts from Amazon Review tracker tool, the next thing is what to do with them and how to deal with unhappy customers. Start taking actions in order to assist your customers and change their reviews as you have very few options for the Amazon feedback removal.

A couple of solutions for this is either you can quickly contact the customer who posted the negative feedback and fix their issue to have the review revised in favor or have it deleted by Amazon.com. This will help in both, to improve customer loyalty level and also enhance product rankings with the positive rating.

Another option of getting the review deleted is less successful because it’s not always the case that Amazon will delete the review on seller’s request. Amazon deletes negative reviews only if it truly break the guidelines (such as fraudulent or fake review by the competitors, bad language, etc.)

There’s a third option to manage it by publicly posting a comment on a negative review. It will remain accessible to the users and will also negatively impact your rating. Still, the best part is you can give your opinion to show other customers that you have fixed the issue. So this is more similar to a damage control tactic.

Resolution Approach to Remove Negative Feedback

Always try to make an expert approach toward the clients’ problems & issues. Manage the buyers in a proficient way. Be their ultimate rescuer and problem solver! Try not to give the unreasonable complaints a chance to influence your practice. However, you can offer an exchange offer, refund, or return in situations where the negative analysis is about a defective product. Such practices will enable you to out in negative Amazon negative removal or even better change it to a positive one.

To achieve your set points in the business, figure out how & what your client buy, their reviews and their nature. A lot of customers leave a negative review with expectations of getting a reaction from the seller. While, in other cases, customers leave a negative review on the grounds that they feel cheated by the product page in some way. Hence, it is better that you can reduce your negative reviews by considering the client’s’ input and offering response & solutions of their issues. If you solve their issues, they will most likely remove or change their reviews.

Here are a few ideas for taking care of negative reviews:

  1. Politely react to the review – Before making any response, go through the review completely and try to understand where the customer is coming from. When you write your answer, use professional, proficient and kind words to demonstrate that you are taking the high ground. Your polite reaction will set the tone of the discussion in case that the client answers once more. Try not to make excuses. Begin by expressing gratitude toward the client for their feedback. If you find that apology will solve the issue easily than offer one. Your respectful respond could impress other customers and help them look beyond the negative remarks.
  2. Respond at your soonest accessibility – Most online clients check the product reviews before they buy a product. And if in case the negative remark goes unanswered, other clients may believe that it is an affirmation of blame on your part. Answer as quickly as possible to speed up your business recovery from the impacts of the negative reviews.
  3. Address negative comment head on – Do not offer compensation in a response to negative remarks. Instead, focus on settling & resolving the issue. A client may remove their negative reviews if you deal with their issue in more better & polite way. Ask from customer whether they are happy with your activities or not.
  4. Tell your staff about the reviews & let them improve more on products if possible – Inform your staff & employee members about the negative reviews so they can stay away from same mistakes that brought the customer disappointment.

There are a lot of things to learn when you sell at Amazon. Rarely sellers get everything right the first run through, however, if you are willing to adapt & adjust, you can change negatives into positives. Looking for more Amazon Tools? Kanhasoft – as a Amazon MWS API Developer offers Amazon seller tools and also help you to develop your custom solution as per your requirement.