5 Benefits of Using Travel Web Portal for Your Online Travel Business

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The tourism industry has gone rapidly over the past decade with many people selling materialistic things like their house and car and becoming full-time travelers. It is made easy by advanced technology and the internet, which makes it easy to book flight tickets, hotels, adventures, and visa appointments online.

The internet is faster than it has ever been and helped many fulfill their travel dreams. Whether you are a flight booking company or a tour organizer, having a web portal is much more advantageous compared to a website. A web portal is a one-stop destination where the users get all information related to the industry the company deals in, forums, and use the search engine.

A travel web portal is similar but with information regarding the tourism industry. For example, you have a flight booking company, the user will be able to book flights, see a history of their booking, a blog with travel-related articles, and a page to interact with a company representative. In 2017, 1.32 billion traveled internationally from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Australia, and the rest of the world.

Let’s take a look at five benefits of using a travel web portal for your travel company:

1. No Employee Training

A travel web portal software is like an employee who can multitask at all times without getting tired or bored. Invest in the best developers and technology to develop the application. Purchase a good hosting plan and your work is all done. Since the web portal might be doing all of the work, you don’t need to exclusively train your employees to handle the process.

If the web application is well-designed, the users will rarely need any help. You should still have a customer care department to help your customers out.

2. Easy Booking

The user selects the starting point and the destination, goes through the flights available, checks the hotels available, and makes the hotel booking easy. You offer them multiple ways to make payments, suggestions about booking the flight a couple days earlier or later for a cheaper rate. Collaborate with airline companies, payment gateways, and hotel chains to give your users special discounts when they book through your travel web portal.

3. Low Interaction Required

Since everything is automatic, you won’t have to constantly overlook the procedure, which gives you more time to work on other project and work on marketing plans to gather more clients. You also don’t need to have elaborate plans with your employees other than the usual protocol. It lowers total business expenses because you will have to hire less number of employees.

4. Easy Processing and Cancelation

Like we mentioned earlier, booking is very easy on a travel web application. Cancelation is easy too. Make sure you mention the cancelation policy, so there is no confusion or grievances later. Usually, it depends on the flight, hotel, or tour you are booking since their policies sometimes allow a full refund, partial refund, or no refund depending on how close they are to the actual date of either flying or staying at the hotel.

5. Access to Real-time Data

When you give users access to real-time data, they are the happiest. It is also easy for you to maintain the portal since you will be updating frequently. You can have a rewards program to encourage users to return and get more business.

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