Build an Attractive Web Portal in 2019 Using These 10 Tricks

web portal development

A business without a web portal is no less than a shock today. It is almost hard to imagine how a business can run without a web presence. Well, it is true, a web portal is the face of your business, reading and falling for which, customers will rush in.

A web portal explains your business to the viewers in an easy and interactive way. For a portal to bring business, there are some points to ponder before getting it just for the sake. Each web business is different. It can be a government, personal, corporate, commercial, cultural, booking, education or any other portal. Whatever it is, one must create a web portal depending on the business, requirements as well as the targeted audience.

So if you are getting ready to develop a web portal of yours in the coming year, here are the 10 tips you must practice.

  1. Need to Proceed
    Decide your goal of getting a web portal developed first. Why you need a custom web application development? What kind of portal will it be? Who will be your target audience? etc. Once the answers of all these questions are clear, web development won’t be a pain anymore.
  2. Features to Ensure
    To include, you can even include a 3D/AR/VR feature on your portal. But, before nodding yes to anything, ask yourself whether you really need that kind of stuff. In the craze of following the trend, don’t forget the necessary features like the gallery, chat, profiles etc.
  3. Decide the Technology
    There are so many technologies and frameworks available like Django, CodeIgniter, Yii, Laravel, .Net, PHP, Python etc. which are open source and can give you a good start for your portal. Choose the right technology stack for your web portal.
  4. Focus the Feel
    Of course, you must make your web portal look appealing, but don’t focus only on decking it up. Remember, you are making it for users and user experience should be your first priority. Make it easy for them to interact.
  5. Fix a Budget
    Cost fluctuation can happen in web application development but if you draw a line on your finances before starting it so that it doesn’t go way out of your league, then you are good.
  6. Study The Market
    Market trends keep changing every minute and chances are you may end up developing a portal of some old fashion and launch it in today’s time. Better give a peek into the market trend, research what customers want, analyze your competitors move and then come up with your strategy to present your portal to the market.
  7. Do Not Compromise 
    In order to cut short your budget, don’t hire any random developer or a web development company offering services at cheaper rates. Glitches will re-occur and you may have to pay frequently to get things right. Hire a trusted and experienced developer or an agency to do the job.
    Also, don’t skip any development phase as well. Page designing, product catalogs, trademark, policies, logos, layouts etc., are a must for your web portal. Don’t think you can give anyone a miss and it will do. Trust us, it won’t.
  8. Take The Test
    Don’t let your portal go out into the world until you are sure. Beta Testing is an important phase in web development where each page is integrated and checked on the bases of the server, reachability, encryption, mapping, navigation, bugs, browser functionality, privacy setting, and many more functions. Launch the beta version of your web portal and gather reviews from users to confirm there are no loopholes in it.
  9. Prepare To Launch
    After the launch of the beta version of your application, you may find minor errors that need a fix. Get rid of them, optimize your web portal, make it bug-free, ensure its speed, map a strategy for launch and advertise your web portal to create excitement among the users.
  10. Keep a Watch
    Don’t show your back to your portal after its launch. Track its performance, check how it is doing, update and maintain it on time, ensure you are getting proper traffic, gather analytics and so on. In short, take care of it in every way.

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