Why Laravel is a secure PHP framework for custom web app development?

Laravel application development

Laravel is the widely used secure & Best PHP framework for custom web app development. this framework can be used as per your business needs. It provides you with robust & fast application development with the tools that make authentication, sessions, coaching & routing straightforward.

Need the Best PHP framework for application development? Then you are on the right destination. Laravel is the most trending repository on GitHub, with over 60,000 stars. Laravel framework is known to ease the development process. It has code libraries that speed up the time to build a web app and creates more secure & scalable web apps for your business.

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So, this article will give you more detailed information on what is Laravel PHP framework. Why Laravel framework is so popular? and how you can use it to develop a powerful web application?

What is Laravel? – An overview

Laravel is an open-source PHP web application framework with an expressive and elegant syntax. It offers a set of tools & resources to create modern PHP applications. Laravel’s popularity is rapidly growing due to the utilization of its built-in features & a variety of compatible packages & extensions. Many developers today choose Laravel for a streamlined development process.

Moreover, the Laravel framework offers strong database tools like an ORM (object-relational mapper) called Eloquent. It also includes built-in- mechanisms for creating database migration & seeders. Another command-line tool called Artisan allows Laravel developers to bootstrap new models, controllers, and app components. This way, it speeds up the overall development process.

As the Laravel framework is written in PHP, it is beneficial for many developers who are already familiar with PHP. Thus, they can start the development process very quickly. Plus, they are also able to move existing codebases & systems into the framework easily.

Hence, choosing Laravel – the best PHP framework will bring advanced & scalable web applications to your business.

If you want to Hire Laravel developer for your project, then further information in this article will be very helpful to you. So let’s see, why choose Laravel for your application development?

Important features for Laravel application development

The features of the Laravel framework are what make it so popular among developers across the world. Its robust and rich features make the backend process less complicated to code. You can hire backend developer for rich & robust features in your application.

1.    Database migration

Synchronizing databases between different machines in the app development process is one of the most challenging tasks for developers. Laravel helps to overcome this issue by enabling the sharing of the database between developers in a team. This process saves time to develop. Therefore, this ability of Laravel stands it apart from other such frameworks.

2.    MVC architecture support

Laravel includes model-view-controller architecture support. It helps to increase the efficiency of the framework extensively. Laravel also has built-in- functionalities for programmers to make web applications perform much better.

The MVC architecture in Laravel also helps to improve documentation when compared to other frameworks. Plus, it improves the performance of web applications, which gives you a reason to choose Laravel application development.

3.    Built-in-authentication & authorization

The Laravel app development process offers out-of-the-box configuration for the authentication & authorization system. It just requires a few artisan commands and your application will be furnished with secure authentication & authorization.

Thus, Laravel makes it very simple & easy to implement a complete authentication system such as login, registration & password reset with just a simple command. Plus, it also offers a simple way to organize authorization logic & control access to resources.

4.    Packaging system

A packaging system in Laravel deals with multiple support software or libraries that enables the web app to automate the process. It utilizes the composer as a dependency manager to manage all the information required to manage packages.

Packages are the easiest way to accelerate the process & functionalities in app development. moreover, Laravel debugs bar & IDE helper are a few of the best Laravel packages.

5.    Multiple file system

Laravel includes built-in support for local and cloud storage such as Amazon S3 & Rack space cloud storage. Moreover, it is very easy to switch or navigate between these storage options as the API remains the same for each system. This way, all three systems can be used in one application to transfer files from multiple locations like in a distributed environment.

6.    Artisan Console

Laravel includes an inbuilt command interface called Artisan. This tool helps in the development process by executing the majority of the monotonous & tiresome programming tasks that many developers run from executing manually.

Hence, developers can extend the functionalities & abilities of Artisan by including new custom commands.

7.    Eloquent ORM

Laravel has eloquent ORM – a built-in ORM implementation. It has an efficient ORM as compared to other frameworks in the market. Laravel’s ORM lets you interact with your database objects & database relationships using expressive syntax.

8.    Templating engine

Laravel has a built-in template engine named the blade template engine. It merges one or more templates with a data mode to bring the resulting view. It is done by transpiring the template into cached PHP code for enhanced performance. Blade template also offers a set of its control structure such as conditional statements and loops that are internally mapped to their PHP  counterparts in the process.

9.    Task scheduling

The scheduler is introduced in Laravel 5.0. It allows programmatic scheduling of periodically performed tasks. Internally, the scheduler depends on the cron daemon to run a single Artisan job which, in turn, operates the configured tasks.

10. Testing

Unit tests in Laravel are very easy & simple to run against your PHP code. The framework supports a testing feature efficiently. Laravel includes tests that detect and prevent regressions in the framework. Thus, the unit tests are done through the provided Artisan command-line utility.

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Laravel provides official packages that are useful for integrating different features in the application. the developers can also define custom test methods according to specific testing needs. These are free-to-set-up functions that help to build more advanced unit tests. Laravel eliminates the need to write time-consuming unit tests.

Hence, developers can now develop applications with unparalleled functionalities and stay on top of the competition.

Now, that we have gone through various features of Laravel application development, it’s time to look at the benefits this framework provides to your business apps.

Benefits of Laravel for custom web app development

There are many advantages to choosing Laravel for your business project. Some of them are given below:

1.    Open-source & Extensive community support

Open-source technologies are always beneficial as they have a free license to develop robust applications without having to spend anything on the technology. Thus, developers get an amazing experience with this technology itself over other paid technologies.

Furthermore, its powerful community offers support during the development and designing of applications. Community support helps when you are stuck with a big problem during the development process and gets support to make it flexible and scalable.

If you have complex functionality in your web application, you need a dependable community to look for answers to your problems. Laravel is a framework that has community support making you unstoppable even when you have a major issue in front of you.

2.    Faster time to market

It is obvious that developers take more time to create an app, and the more would be money you spent. Plus, the world is fast adapting to digital ways, so you cannot imagine being years late in adapting to the latest trends.

Choosing the right framework would help you develop web apps faster and deploy them easily. Compared to PHP’s other frameworks, Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks that bring performance and functionality without any hassle.

3.    Prevents technical vulnerabilities

One of the threats developers face in app development is ‘Security Vulnerabilities.’ According to the study by OWASP Foundation – SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting, etc. are the major web application security vulnerabilities.

The cost and time to fix these vulnerabilities rise increasingly as you progress through the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

According to the study, it is 30x times more expensive to remove vulnerabilities in the post-production phase than during the design, requirement identification, and architecture stage.

Hence, the Laravels security feature can secure your web application by protecting it against major security risks like SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting.

So, why you should use Laravel Framework? Because it is highly secure and removes any malware activities or security threats to enter your web application. This states that your custom web app is completely secure with Laravel.

4.    Traffic handling

Handling application traffic becomes difficult as its popularity grows over time.

Presently, the more traffic a web app intakes, the more the request numbers it should deal with each second. Thus, the web application’s hosting becomes expensive or even the website server will stop functioning with data loss.

Laravel application development has a message queue system for load balancing. This system handles a healthy web server along with better traffic management. so, it keeps a web server working – one of the many Laravel benefits.

The Laravel queue service also offers a unified API across different queue backends. Queues enable you to defer the processing of a time-consuming task, such as sending an email, which rapidly speeds up web requests to your app.

5.    Object-oriented libraries

The major reasons which make Laravel one of the Best PHP frameworks are its object-oriented libraries and many other pre-installed ones. These are not present in any of the popular PHP frameworks. Here, the pre-installed library is called the ‘authentication library. It has many progressive features, such as Bcrypt hashing, checking active users, Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection, encryption, and password reset.

6.    URL Routing

whenever a server receives a request, a special action triggers to handle it. This process is called routing. Especially routing in Laravel is very powerful.

Moreover, Laravel’s code for routing is quite instinctive. It is clean and simple as compared to the code used in other frameworks. The route initiates in the app with a sufficient level of flexibility and control to match the URL. Thus, it provides expressiveness and simplicity to how routes define.

7.    Impeccable security

Laravel’s security measures mainly focus on User authentication, password management, user log-in and sign-up, data encryption, and route protection.

Web app security is one of the major worries that businesses face today. The creators of the technologies have responded to this concern generously with some security functionality. As a result, Laravel has several built-in features that help development teams fight against online threats.

Laravel efficiently protects the integrity of the code and the application. It stops outsiders to access the information by generating a CSRF (cross-site request forgery) each time a login request is received. It also comes with a built-in encryption mechanism.

To provide businesses with the top level of protection and to help them avoid injection attacks, Laravel uses predefined SQL statements. It keeps websites and web apps free from injection attacks.

8.    Best for enterprise solutions

Laravel includes perks that offer a PHP developer the flexibility to build everything from small websites to large enterprise applications. Today developers love to build apps using Laravel, reasons are – Laravel has a vibrant ecosystem of robust functionalities that help strengthens enterprise software projects. It uses routing to access a traditional relational database like MySQL and also uses built-in tooling to support such interactions.

9.    Tutorials

Your developers sometimes need to study more to convey more. As compared to frameworks like Yii, Codeigniter, and CakePHP, Laravel includes Laracasts which provides a mixture of paid and free video tutorials explaining how to use Laravel.  Videos are made by an experienced instructor Jeffery Way, their creation quality is flawless, and the teachings are accurate and significant.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the Best PHP framework is essential in the initial stages of custom web app development. The benefits and features of Laravel application development are suitable for all types of web application development.

So, if you need a secure PHP framework for custom web app development,  count Laravel for cost-effective & faster app development. You can hire a Laravel developer right away from here. Get in touch for more details.

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