Hire React Native Developers – A Complete Guide 2023

Hire React Native Developers

Looking to hire React Native developers? Then, you have a good eye. Today, react native app developers are in good demand. From startups, SMEs, and fortune 500, people are turning to React Native app development for their projects. Plus, many people use the internet on mobile devices instead of desktops. So, it becomes necessary for businesses to have a mobile presence. React Native framework is widely popular for making interactive mobile applications across different platforms using the same code. Thus, offers user-friendly, feature-rich & faster applications in a short time. Also, this article “Hire react native developers – A complete guide 2023″ will help you to hire programmers for your business.

React native app development – In detail

First of all, What is react native? Why is it so popular?

let me explain to you in detail.

Facebook’s React Native is a JavaScript framework that is used for writing real mobile applications for iOS and Android.  Facebook’s JavaScript library is used for developing user interfaces but it usually focuses on Mobile Platforms. It allows mobile developers to write mobile apps from the comfort of a JavaScript library with which they are already familiar.

Hire React Native Developers

Before, Traditional mobile app development requires knowledge of two separate platforms and their programming languages – Android and iOS. But, with React Native app development, you can hire programmers to develop hybrid applications that run on both. Therefore, the codes can be shared between platforms.

Plus, React Native applications are written with a combination of JavaScript and JSX. Thus, the apps will utilize real mobile UI components. The framework also supports JavaScript interfaces for platform APIs through which the applications can use platform features like the phone camera, and the user’s location.

Hence, react native app development helps developers in building apps with shorter development cycles, quicker time to deployment, and providing better app performance.

Why React Native app development over native apps?

Developing Native applications are great; they have Good performance. However, Native mobile app development is quite expensive as you have to develop and maintain two platforms separate Android and iOS.

Hybrid applications are less expensive as just a single set of code is required for both Android and iOS.

Whereas, React Native app development combines the best of both worlds. They use the same UI building blocks as native Android and iOS applications and function just like them. Here, the use of a single Javascript codebase makes React Native app development faster and less expensive by saving time, resources, and money.

What does a React Native App Developer Do? – Their responsibilities

The react native app developers create UI components of mobile applications. Companies hire developers that possess a great blend of JavaScript and Native platform skills. The developers work on the frontend part of the application and also require a knowledge of API services and cross-platform compatibility together with the infrastructure of the app for integration.

React Native App Developer’s Responsibilities include:

  • They design and implement user interface components for JavaScript-based mobile apps using React ecosystem.
  • Perform tasks as a part of a small team that has other React Native developers, UX/UI designers, Backend developers, QA experts, and managers.
  • Also, develop app and UI components from prototypes & wireframes.
  • Work with native modules as per requirements.
  • Use Native APIs for strong integrations with both platforms – Android and iOS.
  • Write automated tests to bring out error-free code and performance.
  • Implement clean, smooth animations to offer an elegant user interface.
  • Work with Redux architecture to improve the efficiency of performance in various mobile apps.
  • Coordinate with cross-functional groups to develop applications within the given time and budget.

Advantages of React Native App Development

Why hire react native app Developer?

You must be having this question, Right? But, there are many benefits to hiring a react native app developer. The framework offers many features and functionalities to developers, which help them to build interactive and high-performing applications. following are various advantages:

1.    Code Reusability

Code reusability is very beneficial in React Native app development.  90% of the code can be reused between both Android and iOS platforms.

Plus, a business having a web application written in React can reuse the code to develop its mobile application. Thus, if a business chooses to approach a React Native app development company for Building its mobile app, then it can reduce the time and cost of app development to much extent.

2.    Modular architecture

The modular architecture allows the up-gradation and updation of React Native applications fast and easily. The whole app is separated into blocks called modules that are independent and interchangeable.

Thus, offers flexibility to the development team to combine parts of codes written in React Native with parts written in native languages. Plus, developers can smoothly jump on to a project that is halfway due because of the flexible modular architecture provides and ease of language understanding. Moreover, mobile and web APIs can reuse these modules.

3.    Third-party plugin

React Native platform is continuously developing every day. Therefore, programmers might come across a lack of certain components during the app development process. Thus, React Native fulfills this gap by offering access to third-party plugins.

4.    Live and Hot Reloading

The feature of live and hot reloading enables the react native programmers to identify the changes made in the code in real-time on the application screen. Hence, making React Native app development intuitive, fast, and powerful.

5.    Community-driven technology

React Native has great community support, which helps developers to communicate and resolve any issues that arise during app development. It also provides tutorials to developers.

6.    Simple user Interface

The benefits of the simple user interface are impeccable. It eliminates the feeling of a complicated framework and reflects a JavaScript library. In mobile app development, having a sequence of actions to follow is important. Thus, React Native offers a simplified UI, which makes it easy to build the sequence order. Also, react Native provides Responsive design, an effortless user experience, and less loading time in applications.

7.    Declarative programming

Declarative programming makes it easy to understand and simplifies coding to a great extent. Hence, it becomes easy for programmers who migrate to an existing project to rapidly grasp everything about the project from the code.

8.    Instant Solutions and Libraries

React Native is beneficial in providing on-the-spot solutions and libraries. They simplify mobile app development and are available for free.

9.    Improves Application stability

React Native simplifies data binding, so the developed applications show more stability and reliability. The data binding works in such a way that the changes made on child components do not reflect on the parent component. Thus, the parent component becomes secure, making the applications more dependable.

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How to hire React Native Developers? – A complete checklist

So, let’s move on to find out how to hire react native app developers and the pre-requirements to hire the one for your project.

1.    How much experience do they have with JavaScript?

React Native is Built on top of JavaScript, and developers must be familiar with JavaScript and its modern features.

Plus, JavaScript allows the developers to build collaborating UI elements and structure app logic at the explicit infrastructure levels.

2.    Do they have hands-on experience in React Native?

Developers need to have expertise in working with React Native to develop a high-performance app. A professional React Native app development company with successful projects developed for clients with different requirements is an asset to hire through that development company.

3.    Do they know of adjacent technologies?

Knowledge of adjacent technologies like aptitude to unite state management libraries such as Redux. It provides accurate control over the app logic and the overall UX.

4.    Do they know, how to write clean code?

They should be capable of writing clean code to read and comprehend. They should also know how diverse code classes interrelate.

5.    Are they familiar with iOS and Android Platforms?

React Native framework allows a single codebase for both iOS and Android platforms, eliminating the necessity to develop native apps separately. However, it is always beneficial to hire a developer with skills in at least one or both platforms to meet different market and industry demands.

A professional developer with experience developing mobile apps for diverse platforms possesses familiarity with the real world and an analytical approach to dealing with native app challenges. Hiring such a react native app developer will be advantageous.

6.    Are they able to debug and test the Application?

Application debugging and testing is an important task that requires extra attention. Developers must have the ability to perform various divergences in testing to ensure the performance of the application; The app should not fail.

Different Skills to look for in React Native app developers?

Before onboarding a react Native developer, you need to look for various skills related to the job or react native app development. Therefore, we have listed a few things to consider while going to hire react native developer. This is mainly distributed into two categories, soft skills, and technical skills.

Let’s look at these two categories separately.

Soft skills to look for in a React native App developer

1.    Good Communication skills

communication plays a key role in team collaboration, especially in today’s remote work culture. A developer must communicate well and on time. One should ensure there are open lines of communication between React Native app developers and the rest of the team. So that, the developer can easily raise their concerns with the right words. This way, you can ensure faster application development.

2.    Problem-solving skills

Problems or issues can arrive at any time during the application development process. An analytic and creative developer can resolve the issues smoothly. It sometimes happens that even an experienced developer loses confidence when something goes wrong. So, you must ensure that the developer you select must be able to do their research and come up with the best solution without disturbing the overall budget.

3.    Great Adaptability

Developers must have the ability to adapt to new things. A developer should be aware of the latest trends and changes as the industry is constantly changing. Thus, the developers need to have a willing-to-learn attitude.

4.    Time Management skills

Good time management skills show how fast the developer can complete the project before its deadline. It’s necessary to know that your project is a top priority, especially when you are involved in remote work for the first time.

5.    Teamwork

Teamwork is one of the most important traits one must possess to be successful in the workplace. Wherein, software development requires a team sport and multiple inputs at various stages of development. Therefore, companies should hire React Native developers who welcome feedback, take responsibility for their work, and are always willing to share their knowledge. The presence of such a person in the team will enhance productivity.

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Technical skills of a React Native App Developer

A] JavaScript

JavaScript is at the heart of React Native. This technology is based on JavaScript. Therefore an understanding of this computer language is necessary to work with React Native. Thus, If your candidate doesn’t understand JavaScript properly, then he cannot be a right fit for your work.

B] ES6 and React

A React Native app developer must have a strong knowledge of ES6 and React. Thus, you should ask the developer whether he knows these technologies very well. You can also ask him technical questions to test how well he knows ES6 and React.

C] React Native

A React Native app developer must have an in-depth knowledge of the framework. It is not enough to only know the foundations, theories, and concepts. As react native app developers, they should possess experience in building applications using React Native.

It is good to hire React Native developers who have experience in developing mobile apps. In this way, you can ensure that the developer can successfully make an application.

D] Backend skills

Does your project include backend development? If yes, then you should hire a developer with backend skills and experience. It is always good to hire an all-in-one developer than to hire a separate one for a backend deployment. It is more cost-effective as well as productive.

E] Redux

Redux is another useful technology for React Native app development. It is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps, which is based on the Flux design pattern.

F] Navigation

Navigation is an important part of any mobile application development that the developer should never forget. To test their understanding in this area, the developer will mention tools like React Navigation and React Native Navigation.

G] Debugging and Testing

Testing and debugging are app development tasks that every developer should have knowledge of. It does not matter what specialization an app developer is in, they should have the ability to test and debug.

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If you want to expand your team of react native developers that will help you save your time, resources, and money, then it is ideal to go for the services of the IT companies. Our team of kanhasoft developers takes care of all mid-size projects and eliminates the lack of specialists as they have entire ownership of the project until delivery.

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So, if you have followed this article to hire React Native developers, then you will surely find a professional developer for your future project. Plus, the kanhasoft web and mobile app development company will also help you to hire remote dedicated software developers or teams as per your requirements.

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FAQs to help you hire a react native app developer

Q. What Is The Preferred Option In Hiring A React Native Developer?
There are different sources like hiring a freelancer, React native development company, or hiring an in-house react native developer. You need to look for the benefits and process of working on different options before choosing one for your business requirements.

Q. What Should Be The Operating System version of mobile applications?
The major advantage of react native app development is that it uses single source code for Android and iOS. Hence, any reactive native app developer can have experience and expertise in any operating system- iOS or Android.

Q. How will you find react native app developers?
You can look for react native app development company by using B2B review platforms like the clutch.

Q. What are the benefits when you hire developers remotely?
It is always sensible to hire dedicated react native developers for your app. This scenario saves effort, time and prevents you from developing your app distinctly for Android and iOS platforms.