Top Angular JS Development trends in 2022 to watch out

Top Angular JS App Development Company in 2022

Businesses these days look for an ultra-effective online presence. Hence, it drives towards the need for a robust development framework with cutting-edge features and functionalities.

So, Angular JS is the answer to various development requirements arising out globally. Introduced in 2010, it is the most popular instrument for software development today. Angular provides a rich user experience, fast responsiveness, and code maintainability. It ranked as the fourth most used front-end web framework by the stack overflow survey of 2021. Also, maintains its position as the most loved framework by professional developers from the last two years, in 2021 too.

Angular has established its name in the world as the best front-end JavaScript framework. Why Angular JS is in demand among developers? Kanhasoft – an Angular web app development company in India explores the top angular JS development trends in 2022 to watch out. If you are looking to develop an application with Angular JS then you can hire Angular JS developers in India  for reliable Angular JS app development services.

So, without wasting a minute, let’s dive into understanding Angular better!

What is Angular?

Angular is an open-source front-end development framework developed by Google  for dynamic, modern, and powerful web applications. Also, it utilizes JavaScript-based typescript programming language to remove dispensable code and provides light and fast applications.

Angular is capable of developing interactive and powerful single-page applications (SPA). Moreover, it eliminates the need to write extra code by using dependency injection & data binding. In addition, it offers excellent features like two-way binding, modularization, templating, AJAX  handling, etc. Angular is defined as the next-generation framework, which allows the developers to translate static HTML documents into dynamic content. Angular JS has become the prime choice for web apps that involves an MVC architecture & robust tools, especially for SPAs.

Moreover, in Angular JS each tool is devised to work with another in an interconnected way. It is the most flexible language compared to other frameworks in the industry. Also, it is the only platform that ensures the seamless working of MVC. Many leading companies like Upwork, PayPal, IBM choose the angular JS framework for developing their websites. Also, A leading Angular JS web app development company in India like ours will help you in developing smart web apps for your businesses. Similarly, various others use angular JS as a part of their MEAN stack. It is a combination of Express, Angular JS, Mongo DB & Node JS.

Top Angular JS Development Trends

1.   Modular structure

The angular JS development framework has a modular structure, where it organizes the application code into various buckets/modules. Therefore, the components, pipes, directives & services are neatly organized into separate modules as and when you develop them.

Hence, you can segregate the whole functionality of the app into exclusive features and reusable codes. Thus, it also makes it easy to divide the labor amongst angular developers. Also, the modular structure of angular allows web apps to perform lazy loading.

So, the best angular app development services ensure you development of your web apps with the latest angular versions that offer lazy loading. Angular JS app development in India  offers the development of web applications with lazy loading that are more likely to be loved by users compared to the ones without lazy loading.

2.   Angular CLI

Angular’s efficient CLI (command line interface) is the main advantage of angular for web development. Angular CLI with its simple and quick commands automates processes like app initialization & configuration. As a result, this automaton simplifies the whole angular development process & improves the code quality as well. Like, when we add new components\services using CLI, it automatically adds in app.js. Therefore, developers can use it without a need to declare new components\services. Also, its routing is easy and manageable compared to other frameworks. In addition, VS code is a famous app development IDE, which provides greater exertion to help developers auto-correct syntax. Also, it includes a large number of extensions.

Angular CLI helps you build new projects and add or eliminate functionalities just by running a couple of simple commands. In addition, it also allows you to run unit tests as well as end-to-end tests for the apps more quickly.

Angular 13, the latest version has modified the Angular CLI, and now it has a strict mode as a default for better maintainability & catching bugs early on. It has better CLI readability along with enhanced logging & reporting.

3.   Dependency injection

Dependency injection is a design pattern in which one object supplies dependency on another.

In the case of web development, angular runs the dependencies parallel to their components. Therefore, the classes derive dependency from an external source rather than possessing them within. It builds a tree of dependency injectors that you can alter without reconfiguring its components. Hence, it becomes beneficial in developing enterprise-scale applications with angular. Also, it obtains a relationship defining how changes on one element impact the functionality of the others. As a result, it improves the quality of the application code, readability, and maintainability.

Hence, dependency injection is a major boost to app performance and also speeds up the development processes.

4.   Ivy Renderer

An ivy renderer is an engine that is used to translate the code written in typescript and HTML into standard JavaScript instructions that a browser can interpret. Thus, a renderer enables the components & templates of your web app understandable to browsers to display them properly.

The main advantage of the ivy renderer is its tree shaking technique. Through this technique, the ivy renderer identifies the components at the rendering stage & removes the unused chunk of codes. Thus, it creates web apps that are smaller and much faster to load.

So, an ivy renderer facilitates backward compatibility. Moreover, after an update, you can render your existing angular app with Ivy without any extra effort.

5.   TypeScript

The code in angular JS is written using typescript, a superscript for JavaScript. The major advantage of using typescript is you can spot and correct errors in code while writing it. Also, it supports types like primitives and interfaces that ensure the higher security of the app.

Moreover, typescript is not a standalone language. It is backward compatible, which allows you to add functionality to the code using ES5  or any latest ECMA  script.

In addition, typescript comes with auto-injection libraries built-in. thus, makes the code more predictable and maintainable. Also, it possesses many modern tools that equip angular apps with seamless navigation and easy refactoring.

6.   Declarative UI

The main advantage of using angular for web development is its declarative UI. In angular, you do not require JavaScript to define the UI of your web app. Instead, you can use HTML, which is less complex than JavaScript.

HTML also offers declarative and intuitive properties to the UI components of angular JS apps. Hence, you don’t have to build program flows manually. You just have to define the page & the path where the data goes, Angular JS declarative UI will automatically load components according to the layout. Thus, angular saves you a big chunk of front-end development effort & time.

7.   Angular Universal

Angular universal service allows angular to render your web app on the server-side instead of the client-side. It is very advantageous in the case of web apps, especially for improving its SEO  performance.

Angular universal offers your applications with web crawlers that contribute to your apps search engine rankings. It also carries a major role in reducing the load time of your web application pages while also improving its mobile performance.

In short, angular universal is great for making your web app more attractive & easier to use for the users.

8.   Angular Material

The widely known design guidelines of google are very useful while designing the UI of applications. Therefore, angular recognized the usefulness of these guidelines too and updated the development framework using material design components.

Angular Material is the commonly used UI framework for angular. Also, it includes an exhaustive library of attractive & easy to navigate reusable UI components. Moreover, Angular Material is the latest version along with angular CDK internally adopted SaaS’s new model framework. In addition, its components now have harnesses.

Hence, Angular Material is a complete UI solution that allows you to develop a fully functional, consistent, and beautiful UI.

9.   Google support with detailed documentation

Google has officially declared its long-term support for angular at the ng conference in 2017. Google’s support towards angular for website development proves the stability of the framework to the developers.

In addition, Google provides the angular community with detailed documentation on how to use different tools of angular to develop functionalities & resolve issues. Hence, for any issue that arises, there will always be a solution available either in the documentation or in the online community forums.

So, Angular gets an advantage over the newer front-end development frameworks like Vue.js

10.   Huge Ecosystem

Since angular is a mature language that is around there for so many years, there is a big ecosystem of third-party integrations for angular. Angular resources consist of a variety of tools, plugins, packages, and add-ons that are beneficial in developing advanced features. It also, which includes IDEs, analytics tools, data libraries, and cross-platform development tools.

In short, these tools and integrations go a long way in easing some burden off the development team.

11.   POJO

Angular does not need any extra getter and setter functions. It is because of the POJO  (plain old JavaScript object) that angular uses for enabling object manipulation by providing all the conventional JavaScript functionalities. Also, you can add or eliminate properties from the objects, while looping over these objects when required.

12.  PWA and SPA

Angular progressive web apps (PWA) are a budget-friendly solution that enables websites to act as mobile apps. Also, it decreases the dependency on the network which improves the user experience of the website.

Moreover, caching in PWA works effectively and conserves bandwidth whenever possible. Thus, minimizing the risk of serving outdated content. Also, it helps in SEO.

It also facilitates the development of SPA which offers server-side rendering capabilities for boosting SEO rankings. Also, it quickly loads the first page & improves website performance on mobile & low-powered devices.

13.  Simplified MVC pattern

The Angular JS development framework is embedded with the original MVC (model-view-controller) software architectural setup. However, it is not as per the established standards and does not require developers to split an app into various MVC components and create a code that could unite them.

Rather, it asks to divide the app and take care of everything else. Hence, Angular JS and MVVM  design patterns are quite similar.

Angular JS removes the need for unnecessary code and ensures easy development. Also, it has a simplified MVC architecture, which makes writing getters and setters needless. In addition, directives are managed by some other team as these are not part of the application code.

In short, developers have to code less along with lighter and faster apps.

Wrapping up

So, here we summed up Top Angular JS development trends in 2022 to watch out for. Angular JS is a combination of popular technology and practical features, which makes the framework perfect for developers looking to develop next-gen projects.

Kanhasoft provides efficient Angular JS app development in India  that can help you with any of your angular development, migration, and upgradation needs to ensure robust, responsive, and modern applications. To know more about our Angular JS app development services, just drop a line at [email protected] and we will take it from there.