Things to Consider When Hiring a PHP Developer


Are you planning to set up a business? There may be a few issues in the web application development process you will be stressed of. The first step in this setting is to make an intense web app that is finished in all terms with vital features implemented into it. PHP is turning out as a solid and durable platform in the present field to make a great application. Better to hire an expert PHP developer which can deliver you a full-fledged application for a profitable business.

If you want a flawless result, here are some tips which you have to keep in mind while hiring PHP Web Developer

1) Category

As per the technical knowledge, PHP developers can be categorized in the 3 sections, Beginner, Mid-level, and Advanced.

  • Beginners are like startups. Who just came in the industry and still polishing their skills and works under the seniors’ guidance in PHP Web Application Development.
  • Mid-level PHP Web Developers are those who have worked for 10-15 projects and they are in developing phase.
  • Advance level PHP developers who are the on the top level in the industries and who have worked for many top clients and whose working level is on the top-notch.

2) Source

Skills, Experience and as well as Source of hiring also matters a lot. It should be reliable and affordable. From the wide options, better to get a reference from your industry people.  If you have the very limited budget you can go with freelancers but it is not at all preferable, because they can not meet with deadlines. To hire dedicated PHP developer from the reputed PHP Web Development Company is the better choice.

3) Model

You have two options for hiring the developers. Dedicated Model and Fixed Cost. In the dedicated model, you have to pay according to the number of hours invested in your projects while in fixed one you have to pay for the entire project’s quotation based.

4) Background

Have you checked what they have done in past? It is advisable that you go through the past projects they have done and how they achieve them. After seeing portfolio you can decide are they right for your project or not.

5) Testimonials

Go through the feedback and testimonials of the clients of PHP developer and ask those companies that this is genuine or not. Verbal feedback adds authenticity and credibility in decision making.

6) Communication

Share your ideas and requirement clearly to developers.  Discuss with them and you will have the better understanding that they understood your project and able to complete it or not.

7) Authenticity

Your application contains confidential business information which should be secured. Check your application is in the right hand or not.  Also, do contract with legal norms. Once you are sure about work and security you can proceed for web application development.

Avoid these Mistakes while Hiring the Php Programmer

  • Cost of the project is very important while hiring the PHP Web Development Company. To avoid any ambiguity you should be sure about how much you are going to invest in your project.
  • Before starting development check whether the company you are hiring is giving quick support and better communication channels for discussion.
  • Do not hire them without checking background and feedback. Otherwise, you might lose money as well as confidential business information.
  • Make sure the web application which they delivered, is easy to use and understand. Your application should be tested over various aspects.
Key Benefits of Outsourcing PHP Development to India
  • Affordable
  • Cost savings
  • Efforts Reduction
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Qualitative Work
  • 24/7 Support
  • Time Zone Preference Support

Before hiring any developer it is very much vital to have a clear-cut communication from both the side of client and developer. It is better to clearly understand all the terms and conditions in the initial stage before signing and going into a contract. Kanhasoft can be one-stop solution if you want to hire PHP developer for your project.