Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App in 2021?

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According to Statista (a German consumer data provider), there are more than 3.8 billion active Android users across the globe and approximately 1.5 billion million active iPhone users worldwide; and this is the solid reason why your business needs mobile application development in 2021. Within a span of no time, a mobile application can drastically increase your business reach from local to global. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic when the entire world was at the standstill, a global surge in the number of app downloads/users was observed by the play store and app store.

Whether you are a startup, SMBs, or SMEs; here are few reasons to help you decide, why your business needs a mobile application, and they are:

  1. Enhanced Brand Awareness: The first and the foremost benefit of owning a mobile app for your business is that it enhances your brand’s presence in the targeted market. Moreover, a mobile app ensures your brand stays alive and visible in the senses of your targeted audiences; thereby, increasing the chances of conversion. Thus, if you want to convert your business into a brand, then you must start looking for a mobile app development company in India.
  1. Direct Marketing Channel: In the age of the smartphone, traditional marketing methods are not to help your business reach your targeted audiences. You have to upgrade your marketing strategies and target your customers where they spend most of their time – their smartphones. Whenever you are launching new services, new products, new offers, or anything special; you don’t have to book an appointment because a simple push notification message will work for you. A push notification will make your customers aware of your offerings and services, and also save you thousands of dollars that you were supposed to spend behind the traditional marketing methods. If you want to learn how push notification works, please contact a mobile app development company in India, today!
  1. Better Customer Service: Numbers speak for themselves, and according to a report from Dimensional Research, a whopping 52% of customers said that they made an additional purchase from the company after a positive customer service experience. A mobile application allows you to immediately resolve your customer’s concern or query without wasting any time. Moreover, in-app features such as one-touch-call back and chat support can enhance your brand’s credibility. Mobile app development services in India can offer you an app with all these features and functionalities.

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, a mobile app also benefits your business in a number of ways such as offering a better user experience, 24*7 availability of your services & products, competitive edge in the industry, and customer loyalty to name a few. If you want your business to stand over the ordinary, then it’s time to go for mobile app development services in India.

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