PHP Vs. Asp.Net? What to Choose as Right Development Partner

PHP Vs ASP.NET Development in India

Choosing a programming language is just like buying a gadget. You have to go through different choices and select the one that is the most suitable for you. Just like that, you have to decide between and PHP for enterprise web application development. No programming language is better than the other. PHP is exclusively an open source server-side scripting language, while ASP.Net is a paid Microsoft platform.

Enterprise custom web applications are so essential to all companies from around the globe that they are expected to spend around $391 billion on the software in 2018. Most of these companies are from the United States, India, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

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Confused which language you should choose or PHP custom web application development? Here are five differences that will help you decide:

Speed and Performance

Applications created in both the languages are quick and scale ahead in execution. In this way, there is basically no distinction on the off chance that you pick .NET over PHP or the other way around as far as execution. There are a ton of myths that the applications that utilize PHP are slower in execution and speed. Yet, this isn’t the situation; renowned applications like Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Yahoo are largely standing cases for the execution rendered by PHP. So, there is no doubt that PHP is no less than .NET when it comes to performance.


Scalability and simplicity of support have nothing to do with whether you select PHP or Web Application scalability and simplicity of support principally rely upon:

  • Programmer’s Experience
  • Coding Practice
  • Framework
  • Programming Guidelines and Standards


Technology has developed hugely and it’s getting hard and difficult to fit in. PHP is the most popular language and do you know the purpose of this achievement?

LAMP is an open source platform and subsequently, it gets enormous help from its huge network of PHP developers. As it is gaining steady ground through the commitments from its steadfast network, there is no real way to restrict it from becoming anymore.

Conflictingly, is encountering a moderate development design regarding upgrades and updates as it depends on a predetermined number of developers at Microsoft. This is the motivation behind why we see an immense blossom in PHP web development.


Cost is the real driving variable for ventures of various extents. PHP is unmistakably advantageous over ASP.Net with regards to cost. ASP.Net being a Microsoft product has some cost related to it. PHP is free, open source and compatible with all the OS — Windows, Mac, and Linux. With the advent of ASP.Net Core, however, open source and cross-platform capabilities have been inculcated into the ASP.Net framework. The improvement condition for ASP.Net is Visual Studio. Despite the fact that Microsoft offers a free Express form, it is appropriate for beginners, not for experts.

Decision: PHP Web Development wins on the off chance that we are just thinking about cost. In the event that an application assembled can fill an indistinguishable need with PHP from it can present with ASP.Net Web Development, PHP is unquestionably prone to be chosen over ASP.Net.


Flexibility is a major preferred standpoint with ASP.Net. The .NET Framework and CLR offer the consistent interface with other programming languages, for example, Visual Basic.NET, C++, and C#. This has straightforward implications that the programming language of an undertaking can be changed mid-route over the span of a task without the need to modify everything. It additionally implies a few designers can take a shot at a similar task utilizing diverse languages, for example, Visual Basic.NET, C++ or C#. PHP works inconsistency with HTML and is incorporated into numerous stages, for example, LAMP, WAMP, XAMP. ASP.Net is a winner here since PHP does not dive this deep with regards to flexibility.

The real conclusion, however, is that the choice between PHP and ASP.Net is highly dependent on your development requirements and the kind of the project suitable for a platform. Kanhasoft is a leading enterprise web application developer in India. Our team of experts can develop the application in either PHP or .NET, whichever fits your choice the best.