Discover the Reasons to Use Node.js by Most Companies

Node JS Application Development in India

In the present technological era, Node.js is developing at a rapid pace and the developers are learning new ways of using this technology. It is mainly a platform that is built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime and all the applications of Node.js are written in JavaScript. The nature of Node.js is open source and it offers cross-platform runtime environment. Moreover, scalability of an application can be optimized by using the non-blocking I/O API feature. Mostly, it is used in the United States along with the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Australia, Germany, Spain, India, Brazil, and the Netherlands. All over the world a total of 31,034 companies are using this new technology for their growth and development.

The Node.js development companies in India are using this server-side framework because of the ease of development and other performance features. The open source cross-platform runtime environment of Node.js is helping with the development of real-time apps. It is a popular choice amongst the web application developers as it is filled up with features that can help with the web application development. Therefore, most of the mobile and web application development companies of India hire Node.js developers for the development of the applications. Here, we are going to discuss the reasons why Node.js is preferred by most companies:

Reduced Response Time and Development Speed

The runtime of Node.js is really fast as it uses Google’s v8 engine. It helps with the process acceleration and the running speed of the code is much faster. Simple deployment can be done by writing the codes as this ensures a faster response time. Also, the development speed can be improved as Node.js offers a range of great tools. These tools can be used for the creation of innovative features. Moreover, this platform has an NPM or node package manager that has supportive libraries so that the developers can add additional elements to their code.  


Most of the mobile software companies use Node.js for its scalability factor. With the help of this platform, many companies are able to get the high level of performance as it maintains live server-side connections and can support multiple services. Node.js can be used in various scalable networks like network applications, non-blocking operations, dynamic applications, real-time applications, JSON API server, Ajax-heavy applications and distributed single-purpose applications. A number of machines can be added when Node.js is in use as it has the power of horizontal scalability.  

Full Mobile Compatibility

The platform of Node.js is best suited for mobile platforms. The whole scene of Node.js web development in India is taken over by the platform of Node.js as the mobile web is gradually replaced by the mobile-specific old apps with high-speed web access. With the help of Node.js, the web application developers can develop an app within a few days. Node.js provides a quick solution to the server crashes caused by information complexity and high level of mobile traffic. The development process can be improved with the help of Node.js. It is because of this framework that a huge number of apps can be created in a short span of time.

Data Streaming

With the help of Node.js, web application developers can use data streaming to take advantage of the features like processing files during the time of upload. It is due to this feature that the entire processing time is reduced. The developers benefit a lot from this feature when they work on real-time video or audio encoding.

This platform of Node.js is largely popular among the mobile and web development companies as it has a famous runtime environment which is used by the developers for the creation of incredible web apps. Also, this framework is made up of JavaScript which is easy to learn and is preferred by the new developers. It is a fast platform because of the innovative technologies of Google and it has multiple modules like NPM and Grunt. One of the most renowned Node.js development service providers of India is Kanhasoft. So feel free to contact us in case of development of Node.js web applications.