How can you optimize cost with cross-platform app development?

cross platform app development

Cross-platform app development is the industry’s most prominent mobile app development model nowadays. Its ability to run on multiple platforms allows new businesses to save costs and reduce development time. In this blog, we will be going to have insights into – what is cross-platform app development? And how using it helps in optimizing the cost of development.

What is cross-platform app development?

Cross-platform app development refers to building applications to function for multiple mobile platforms. Applications developed using a cross-platform app development framework works (compatible) with more than one operating system such as IOSAndroidMicrosoft WindowsLinuxmacOS. Thus, removes the need for developers to build separate versions of apps for different operating systems.

Cross-platform app development allows developers to create applications that run on different platforms with one single code base and programming language. This enables the company to release the product faster and with better quality. Since it is compatible with a different operating system, the application can reach a broader audience.

Thus its fast development, turnaround time, and cost-effective quality make it an appropriate choice for all businesses, including SMEs and startups.

How can you optimize cost with cross-platform app development?

Building an application from scratch or rebuilding an existing app can be pretty costly & time-consuming. A business needs to make a clever decision to develop an application that increases productivity with a better-quality and is cost-effective.

Cross-platform app development has emerged as a solution to many SME’s and startups with budget constraints. It helps them to reduce costs, provides quick delivery, and ensures maximum reach in a short period. Moreover, cross-platform app development provides you with the native app at an affordable price compared to a platform specifically designed to build native apps. You can consult a reputable cross-platform app development company in India like our kanhasoft to develop a well-performing application according to your business needs.

Still, In 2021, the statistics advocate the popularity of cross-platform app development among industries. You can see this from search queries by looking at google trends indicator from 2009 to 2021.

Source – google trends

So, these statistics show that cross-platform app development (hybrid app development) has always been in demand for the past few years.

The flexibility and versatility of cross-platform app development is the main reason for its popularity among developers, major tech giants, and businesses. Now that cross-platform development has provided us with the best solution for developing native apps. So, there is no need to make two separate versions for iPhone application development and android application development.

Further, we will look after the excellent advantages this platform offers that lead to cost optimization while developing a full-fledged application.

Cross-platform app development – Benefits

1.  It offers Cost-effective app development

Cross-platform applications can be built & deployed across multiple platforms by writing one code base, saving more time and money and thus increasing business revenue.

It eliminates the need for separate teams to maintain each platform’s version of an app and thereby reducing operational costs.

Moreover, it quickly adds additional features and enhancements, and the developer doesn’t have to wait for other teams and can work with the same platform without any hindrance.

2.  Provide high-speed performance

Native apps are said to have set a high bar in terms of speed and performance. However, when it comes to cross-platform application development, speed is not an issue. Cross-platform apps are practically faster than mobile web app or responsive websites.

A cross-platform app runs swiftly on the device screen, even when there are several users, as they don’t rely much on network communications.

The Twitter app manages an extensive amount of traffic at all times. It provides a perfect example of how cross-platform app development exceeds performance.

3.  Maintenance Is easy with cross-platform app development

Maintenance of an app is necessary to ensure that an app receives the required updates to meet with the latest advancements in technology.

On the other hand, a native application requires a new version for every update, and the app itself needs to be upgradation with every new version. Therefore maintenance cost increases with iPhone application development and android application development.

With the cross-platform application, the maintenance process is easy compared to native apps. Also, it improves the user experience & satisfaction by eliminating the need to update the app constantly. Thus, reduces the maintenance cost.

4. Enhanced UX/UI design

The two characteristics of app that attract users are– consistent experience and impressive designs. With cross-platform app development, you can assure that your mobile app offer users with enhanced UI experience & incredible performance. Cross-platform apps are easy to accept by the app stores compared to other mobile apps for their uncompromised operation & appearance on each platform.

Users with cross-platform apps encounter fewer complications of low performance or loading time when using it on multiple operating systems.

5.  Integration is easy with cross-platform app development

Users may find it exhausting to integrate in corresponding with other apps as native applications run on the same OS. There will be negligible inter-app communication. On the other hand, cross-platform apps avoid such complications.

Cross-platform apps can smoothly interact with other apps. It is beneficial for cross-platform app developers who otherwise would have to put in a lot of effort to integrate.

Cross-platform application users will not encounter any friction while using the application. It seamlessly connects with the device’s operating conditions, much like native operations. It also allows easy integration for iPhone application development and Android application development.

6.  Code reusability

The main advantage of the cross-platform app development framework is the code reusability feature. This feature allows developers to code once, and again the codebase reuses to deploy the applications to multiple platforms. This concept is popularly known as “Write once run anywhere.”

Hence, it eliminates repetition and saves operational costs. Moreover, you can add another platform at a later point without too much effort.

It is the main reason most developers, popular companies, and tech giants use cross-platform app development to reach a wider audience at the same time. To name a few:

Also, you can have a look at the data from Statista. It highlights the most used programming language in 2021. And the cross-platform application development programming languages lead the chart. It indicates the popularity of cross-platform development worldwide.

popularity of cross-platform development worldwide

Source – Statista

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7.  The cross-platform app provides offline support

The other, advantage of cross-platform application development is its ability to work offline. The apps build from the cross-platform development process have online-offline switching abilities and can work effectively without an internet connection.

Moreover, saving offline data is available with cross-platform applications, which improves the app loading speed. Thus, help the users to access the information or data while offline. Users can also save specific data locally as offline storage in cross-platform apps with the device’s API. And which is handy for people who constantly lose coverage.

8. Cross-platform app development provides multiplatform support

Cross-platform apps have no limit to how much they can expand. And can support almost all platforms. There are various powerful technologies for cross-platform application development in the market. The selection of the technology depends on the needs of the business.

Here I have placed the data from Statista to help you out and give you a clue of the trending technologies for cross-platform app development. Have a look,

trending technologies for cross-platform app development

Source – Statista

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Final thoughts

Cross-platform applications (hybrid applications) are gaining immense popularity among developers and businesses to make their presence speak online. Also, it provides compatibility and is less complicated to develop.

Cross-platform application development benefits SMEs and new businesses with immense benefits. It is a way to engage businesses with more customers, expand their reach in the marketplace, optimize cost and time spent on marketplace campaigns.

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