Guide: Why To Use a PHP Framework & When?

When and Why should use PHP Frameworks

It is hard to imagine today, how a web application development would have been possible without a framework and how long it might have taken to build one. Thanks to the one who thought of inventing the frameworks.

Laravel, Phalcon, CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, Angular Js, Ruby on Rails, the list is endless, but it’s the PHP frameworks that have won hearts across the globe and is killing the web development process with their mind-blowing features.

PHP framework is a platform that helps developers to create web applications with speed and ease. Using them, you will end up saving loads of time, reducing the need to produce repetitive codes, and building more stable applications. PHP web frameworks are breaking the stereotypical coding patterns with its quick and effective features, making PHP web application development, full of fun and an informative one. Let us know why PHP web framework is so popular?

PHP Web Application Development Company uses it for varied reasons but, the first and the foremost reason is that it promotes Rapid Application Development (RAD). They prove to be of great help to the beginners in building stable apps by ensuring proper database interaction and coding on the presentation layer, allowing them to fully focus on creating an actual web application, instead of spending time writing repetitive codes.

  • Form validation, database abstraction, input/output filtering, session and cookie handling, email, calendar, pagination and what not, PHP frameworks make all this possible in no time.
  • The MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture Pattern in it is apt for building PHP web applications as it helps to break up the development process, making it easier for a developer to work on individual elements without affecting others.
  • Security is another big reason for picking PHP frameworks. Its extra layers of security will keep your site secured from any inner or outer attacks.
  • A vast number of tools, extensive libraries and great active community support is all you need for PHP web app development.
  • Stability and its availability are the other two reasons why PHP is the top favorite scripting language for developers. Yii, CakePHP, Zend, Symfony, its options itself are competitive. Choosing the right and best framework is very important for the successful development of the projects. Keep in mind the purpose of the site, your goal, type of site, its environment, the expertise of the developer in a particular framework and then fix upon a framework accordingly.

When to Nod Yes to PHP Framework?

Tight deadlines, complex or huge projects, a fresher in coding or developing, are some of the reasons why PHP framework is having a huge fan-following today.

Some of The Points to Ponder Before Choosing a Framework:

After you have decided your purpose, check whether the framework is providing you with the functionality and features and meeting your requirements.

  1. Is there anything new to learn from it?
  2. Whether the framework is providing you with short or long-term support?
  3. Does the PHP framework development website have an updated forum to help its user with the difficulties?
  4. Does it allow you to expand or compress it to the limit as you wish or combine different modules?
  5. Does it gives regular updates and is regularly maintained?
  6. How secure is it and how much does it cost you?

Wrapping up: Get a Help from PHP Application Development Company to Choose The Right Framework

Deciding in between PHP frameworks is a no easy nut to crack. As each offers the ease of use, rapid development/performance, strong features, good support/forums and are popular amongst the developers in their own way. Remember, each project is different and so the framework will work its magic accordingly. To pick the right one, always seek the help of experienced PHP web application developers who can make the job of picking and developing, both easy. And who can be the best assistance that Kanhasoft in doing so?