All About Yii PHP Framework and Why it is Best

YII App Development

PHP and its frameworks never fail to impress. Each one of them is proving its worth best than the other with every update. Their functionality and usability are such that picking between them itself becomes challenging. If Yii is on your mind for your project, here’s all that you need to know about Yii framework.

Meet Yii Framework

Pronounced as “Yee or Ji” in Chinese, Yii i.e. YES IT IS, is an open-source PHP framework that revolutionized the development of modern web applications with its impressive abilities.

Yii is the most secured, higher and fast performing PHP framework which is designed with the dependency manager that handles PHP codes very efficiently. The Yii framework developers can also modify the code as per requirement like it can be shortened, cleaned or even reused in Yii framework. It provides an easy interface with third-party applications and codes and can be combined with other frameworks too.

Yii Framework Development services can create robust projects rapidly and very professionally. It has a powerful cache collection ability and inbuilt support for Ajax and is built around the Model-View-Controller composite pattern.

Why Yii Framework is Considered the Best Among Other Frameworks?

  1. it provides faster operations than the other frameworks and hence is used for real-time application development
  2. It is very easy to edit YII based application due to simple code structure.
  3. It has a better template system than other frameworks
  4. It includes on the spot error flow detection and handling features
  5. It has Inbuilt support for Ajax, hence no need for additional downloads
  6. It is an MVC framework
  7. It has good community support for e-learning and for acquiring knowledge about website programming and development
Reasons You Must Think of Yii Application Development

Its installation is no pain – Yii is easy to install and configure without much hassle.

Safety at its best – You don’t have to worry about the security of web applications developed using Yii framework as it comes with high-security features like password hashing, password validation and random key generation.

Reduced development time – The less it takes to install, the lesser it takes to develop as it prevents the repetition of tasks and thus saves the time. Plus, it uses “Gii” tool which is a web-based code scaffolding tool that is used to create code quickly for models, controllers, forums, modules, extensions, CRUD controlled actions and views.

Easy Data Migration – It is very important to keep the history of structural database changes. If the source code and the database are not in synchronization, the whole system may break. For this reason, Yii provides a database migration tool that can keep track of database migration history, apply new migrations, or revert existing ones easily.

Uses the best and the latest technologies – Your Yii web development will turn out to be the best in the crowd as the Yii framework uses PHP’s more advanced features, including late static binding, SPL classes and interfaces, and anonymous functions while developing things and is a pure OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) framework.

Other goodies in it – It is highly extensible, performs amazingly well, takes necessary procedures to handle the errors, and comes with a directory of themes that has layouts files, JavaScript file and CSS files, image files, resource files and much more.


Now that you know all about the Yii framework and its ease of use, it is advisable to approach a Yii framework development company like us, Kanhasoft who can help you develop your web applications the way you want, by doing all the heavy tasks for you, quick and easy.