Benefits and Use Cases of Custom ERP Software

Benefits and Use Cases of

If you go for custom ERP software development with the proper planning and strategy, it can help you to streamline and automate the business. And thus, properly built ERP system can increase the growth. Randomly chosen ERP can waste your money without boosting the business. How Scalable Custom ERP Web Application Boost Your Business

Basically, the ERP system is a data management tool that can help you in sharing and optimizing data to automate business operations. The common myth in Entrepreneurs is that the ERP can benefit only to large scale business. ERP solution can help small size to large scale businesses. ERP software development company develop such ERP which can be customized as your business grows.

Due to the structure of organization and interconnections between the departments, it may be hard to gather and organize the data. ERP allows to collect, manage and translate the data between various departments.

Here are the departments where Custom ERP Software can be Helpful:

  • Supply Chain
  • Human Resources
  • Inventory
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Purchase
  • Customer Relation and Support

This statistic shows the global revenue for enterprise resource planning (ERP) software from 2011 to 2013, and a forecast for 2017.

Advantages of Custom ERP Solution in Your Business

  • Automate some of the parts of employee’s manual work.
  • Compensate for the disadvantages of the single-purpose system.
  • Ensure security of data because all are at single place.
  • Manage and maintain a single system.
  • Simplify inventory tracking
  • Create a bridge between employees and various departments.

Common Mistakes when Choosing ERP software

  • Lack of Proper Strategy

Before contacting any custom ERP system development company, your business requirements should be clear. Be aligned with your business goals and strategies. You can go for the ERP solution development from the scratch and separate the modules department wise. It is very crucial to be clear about the benefits of that ERP system will bring because it will play a key role in business prospects.   

  • Focus on Short term Advantageous Features

Rather than implementing temporal features which may be or may not be advantages in future, focus on those features that will guarantee competitive advantages in the market. Implementing automatic information gathering, analytics and sales reports and chatbots are good examples of that.

  • Use of Demo Version

Most of the ERP software vendors only demonstrate you the good parts of their systems. Every ERP software development companies use different methods and technologies to build custom applications. That’s why comparing them is pretty difficult. You should focus on how well the developed ERP solution meets your business needs.

  • Focus on Cost Instead of Advantages

Every client wants their ERP solution in a specified time and budget. Touching these lines considered as an actual success. Instead of focusing on how much ERP software development will cost, focus on the long-term benefits such a system can give.

Benefits of Custom ERP Software Development
  1. Reduction in Additional Expense

    The main advantage of custom-made ERP solutions is that software development companies create such apps from the bottom up fully accordance together with your needs. These companies create decent efforts to grasp every distinctive side of your business, like the industry you serve, your audience and the behavior of the data. Such an approach will guarantee that the ultimate software can implement solutions to your business problems without disturbing native laws such as storage of private data.

  2. No Changes in Workflow

    Sometimes implementing the ERP system in business means that employees have to change their workflow accordingly to the software and these may reduce the performance and efficiency of the employees. Choosing a custom ERP solution can solve this scenario. Such software is made according to the specific needs of your business, so it can automate business operations without changing the way of doing things.

  3. Performance and Availability Improvement

    Developing Custom ERP software from scratch and keeping it scalable, you can change modules as your requirement changes. Employees can handle a large amount of data and retrieve them at a single click.  Visual and customized reports allow complex data interpretation easily.

  4. UI Improvement

    Analyzing complex data is not easy without the proper user interface. The employee should easily understand the data displayed and what is the purpose of all the features and controls. Since the custom ERP application is developed to meet the needs of the company, you can be assured that the development company will work to give the best user experience.

  5. Automated Sales Reporting

    ERP solution provides complete information about the business processes in departments like HR, finance, supply chain, manufacture, production, sales and marketing. Management can monitor all the activities from the single system and data-driven decisions can be made easily.

Why Should You Choose Kanhasoft as Your Development Partner?

At Kanhasoft, we provide Custom ERP Software for global clients which suits a variety of business processes, requirements and employee strengths. We carry out exhaustive study and interactions with the client company in order to make ERP solution hassle-free, effective and affordable for small to large scale businesses.


Q: What is ERP software?
A: ERP software stands for Enterprise Resource Planning software. It is a type of business management software that helps organizations manage their day-to-day activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, and supply chain operations.

Q: What are the benefits of custom ERP software?
A: Custom ERP software offers several benefits such as improved efficiency, streamlined operations, better decision making, scalability, and enhanced security. It can be tailored to meet specific business needs, resulting in improved business outcomes.

Q: What are some use cases of custom ERP software?
A: Custom ERP software can be used in various industries, such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and finance, to manage their operations efficiently. It can be used to automate business processes, manage inventory, monitor employee productivity, and provide real-time data analytics.

Q: How is custom ERP software different from off-the-shelf ERP software?
A: Custom ERP software is designed to meet specific business needs, whereas off-the-shelf ERP software is a pre-built solution that may not meet all business requirements. Custom ERP software offers greater flexibility and can be easily modified as business needs change.

Q: What factors should be considered before implementing custom ERP software?
A: Some factors to consider before implementing custom ERP software include business goals, budget, scalability, security requirements, and vendor reputation. It is important to conduct a thorough analysis of business needs before selecting a vendor and implementing the software.