11 Keyword Research and SEO Tips for Amazon FBA Seller

Amazon SEO Services in India

Much like Google and Bing, Amazon has its own searching Algorithm called A9. It is very hard for Amazon seller to be on top in the product listing. In product listing keyword research and SEO are very important. In the USA, there are more than 480 millions of products are for sale. So you can think how much you have to struggle for reaching on number one and boost your sales. There are 4 primary content components for selling products via Amazon titles, bullet points, product description, and back-end search terms. Here are the 11 tips related to SEO and Keywords for optimizing your listing.

  • Primary Keywords

Optimizing your product listing and choosing the most relevant keywords is the bases of SEO. Collect the most relevant and important keywords and use them in title and description.

  • Competitor Analysis

If your product is not unique than it is really difficult to boost your sales. Another way for SEO is competitor analysis. See the strategies of competitors and learn how they are selling the products. Choose the keywords from their listing and apply them to your product listing. With help of custom Amazon Seller Tools for Bestseller rank, you can check the listing of the best seller in your product category.

  • Broad Keywords

For example, If you are selling smartwatches, then do not stick to keywords related to smartwatches, include keywords related to wrist watches also. However, both are so different but some of the characteristics are similar so you can add those keywords also.

  • Competitor Analysis from Other Site

You can do competitor analysis from another E-commerce site such as Jabong, eBay and Walmart. Most of the sites follow the same search algorithm pattern. Search your product on other websites and get an idea from their product listings. Once you find new keywords add them to you Amazon MWS Solution for the seller.

  • Title and Description

Most of the seller thinks that the weight of Title is more than Description, so the use of primary keyword should be both in title and description. But you are wrong here. Amazon search engine focuses on both title and description. So do not occupy space with repetition the keywords.

  • Amazon’s Search Bar

Go to the homepage of Amazon and search for your similar type product. The search engine automatically shows some keywords based on the popular search terms. Yet this is not the much effective way but you will definitely take some inspiration.

  • Get Help form Related Searches

Take a help from the related searches feature on the home page. This is the tricky way of adding those keywords and related searches to your product listing.

  • Use of Different Words

Amazon focuses on the individual word rather than the whole phrase. So use as many varieties in your listing as possible. So do not use repetitive words in a listing.

  • Stemming

Starting from the basic and root word, you can broad your keyword search. Suppose your product is related to ‘diet’. Then start searching from diet than dieting, dietitian.

  • Do not Copy

To maintain originality and reputation, you should only take keywords of the competitors’ product listings. Adding other brand’s name to your keyword is not good practice. You may mislead the customers and this may lead to account suspensions and complaints.

  • Engagement

Do not focus on keywords only. Your product listing should be engaging as well as. Use of effective images and up to the mark and interesting description engage your clients.

Tips for Creating Converting SEO friendly Product Titles

  • Use the “Title Case” for Title of the Listing
  • Numbers should be numerals which save your characters
  • Ampersands should not be used unless it is a part of your brand name
  • If size doesn’t matter then do not use it in Title
  • If the product is in single color then do not use color in Title
  • Measure words should be spelled out like cm, inch, pound and etc
  • Avoid these in Title
    • Price and Quantity
    • Seller Information
    • Promotional words like the sale, best, free shipping
    • Symbols like $, !, ?
    • Suggestive commentary such as “Best Seller”

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